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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Nineteen: The Colossal Fossil Hurtle

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Still not so big on the whole stopping crime thing, Chase McCain is once again breaking into a city establishment and robbing it blind. This time he's infiltrated the LEGO City Museum, and he's on the hunt for no less than a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Daring! And perhaps stupid!

After trouncing a lone guard you'll have your run of the place. Have a look at the displays, water the flowers near the fish tank to get one of five of an upcoming item (wanna guess it's part of Police Shield?) and break into the gift shop to get a handle. Use this handle to open up the display of the racing car on the left wall. Lug the car off of its display and it will crash into the right wall.

Beat up the guards that appear and turn the wrecked car into a dynamite vending machine. Grab some of the explosives and use them on the crystalline sculpture in front of the train. Use the remains to get the train going. Bust up the display that's been uncovered and make a mine cart from the pieces, then push the mine cart onto the big red button. Bust up the display this unveils to make a ladder on top of the mine cart. Push the cart to the right, grab the wheel from the next display up, and use it to extend the ladder. Hop up to the second level.

Water the plants up here, then bash up the two engines in the middle of the floor. You can reassemble them into a Green Color Swapper. Shoot the red light nearby to reveal two new displays. Grab the crystal from the right display and hop back down to the first floor. Put it in the white-and-aqua machine to make a key. Use this on the door next to it to get a Super Brick.


Return to the upper level and grab the box of pieces from the left display. Take it to the pump at the left end and use the pieces to set it in motion. Hop on the water spurt it creates to get to the third level.

Run to the left here to find a crane poised over the aquarium. Follow the prompts to send a sub into the water that can pick up and bring the Super Block at the bottom back to you. That done, run up the stairs to the upper level displays. There's a Super Brick at the end of the hall labelled 'T-Rex'. Grab it and you'll have at least enough bricks to create the Super Build in front of the space exhibit. The plane will blow the ship over to the crane. (While you're here you should also water the two sets of plants, one by either exhibit.)

Run over to the ship that moved. Get up beside the cannon and use it to smash the wall and find the Ancestor collectible. Then climb to the crow's nest. It will allow you to hop off onto the uppermost walkways and get to the last set of plants, granting you a Police Shield Piece. Make your way right, along the flagpoles, and drop into the space exhibit through the hole in the ceiling. Search for clues very briefly to find a weight you can drop into the astronaut's bucket. This will bring down the pieces of a Teleporter. It will send you to the opposite exhibit of a mad scientist. Pull the switch in here to reveal a Red Color Swapper, and perform the air pressure mini game to get out of the display. Swap colours and hop down to the laser-protected door to deactivate it with your gun.

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You're now in the dinosaur exhibit. Run around the hall, beat up the guards, and check the far end. The stupid T-Rex hasn't even been built yet. Great. You'll need to save up 30,000 bricks to get the job done. If you don't already have the bricks, there are a few ways to get more.

Start by busting up the pterodactyl egg on the right exhibit. You'll find a Scan Point that will lead you to a feather. Use this feather on the stegosaurus and it will bash open the security office behind it. Take down the guard who comes out and steal the dynamite inside. Use it on the second security office on the other side, beat up the second guard, and hit the switch inside to open all of the exhibits on the second floor.

  • Bash up the caveman diorama and assemble a new caveman. Use the panel outside the display to bash the spinning rock into a wheel by chipping away the four pieces. This will earn you a Super Brick.
  • Bash up the medieval exhibit to create an archer. Use the control panel here to target the moving bullseye with an arrow. This will create another Super Brick.
  • Bash up the Egyptian exhibit. Use the control panel to activate a small timed minigame wherein you have to match the two symbols at the sides of the sphinx with the images on display overtop the two control panels. Do this in time to earn a third Super Brick.
  • Activate the panel in front of the Native American exhibit. If you match the spinning totems to the images on the back wall you'll get a bunch of studs. Match all three (hit the buttons once they're correct to make them stop spinning) to get a Super Brick.

That'll do it. Run to the Super Build and get that T-Rex built. You can then hop on and ride it out of the Museum to complete the assignment and earn yourself a Gold Brick. That's not the end of the heist, though, because now…

… you have to ride a T-Rex through LEGO City. As if you doubted it would happen. This part is goofy fun, so just enjoy demolishing police cars with roars as you stomp towards the waypoint. Once you get there you'll receive a new mission from Vinnie that should bring Chase one step closer to nabbing Rex Fury… hopefully.


Finished with the main game? You can return to this area with the rest of the outfits and find the rest of the collectibles in the Museum. There are plenty more to get.

  • There are five T-Rex posters on the walls of the first section of the Museum. One is on the wall of the gift shop; two are against the wall on the far side of the top of the aquarium; one is along the walkway at the top of the room after climbing the ladder of the ship; the last is above the mad scientist display. Get all five for a Police Shield Piece.
  • There's a fuse box on the second level of the first area of the Museum. Tinker with it to get to the Mummy collectible.
  • On the bottom floor of the dinosaur exhibit you'll find three orange handles that only Rex Fury can bust open. Assembling what you find in the crate (Nintendo!) will get you the Caveman, while yanking the skull offs of the north wall (both sides of the central window) will get you a Police Shield Piece.
  • The two skulls on the north wall will offer up bones when destroyed. Lower the glass on the displays and check the safe in the top-left display to find another bone. Use all three on the collapsed triceratops on the ground floor to get a Red Brick.
  • A fuse box on the second floor will activate a nearby teleporter. It will take you into the central display. Knock out the support under the fossil's neck to bring it down so you can climb onto its back. Grapple at the top of its spine to reach another fossil suspended from the roof. Hit the switch up here to bash open the glass display below to get to the Silversmith collectible.

Finishing off the Police Shield Pieces and getting enough studs will get you two final Gold Bricks.

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