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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Fourteen: Astronaughty

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Chase McCain has infiltrated LEGO City's Space Center. Why? Because Chan Chuang wants a moon buggy. He hasn't said why, and Chase hasn't asked. The plot just gets weirder and weirder…

The first thing you'll want to do is hop on the toy rocket ride to your left. Doing this will get you a Police Shield Piece. Run to the middle of the room and beat up the security guards, then solve the space crate puzzle to create a Teleporter. Hop on after assembling it to jump to the top-right platform.

Run down the stairs here to activate a control panel that will open the door back up to the bottom floor. That done, bash the equipment on the second floor to get bricks for assembly. The bricks closest to the railing will assemble into a picture that counts for one of three, as will another set closer to the back wall. A third bundle turns into a rocket that will bring down a space crate. Solve the puzzle to teleport in a Green Color Swapper.


Return to the bottom floor with your Green Color Gun and blast the light in the bottom-left corner of the room. This will open up the door beside the panel. There's a third picture to assemble at the top of the stairs; assembling all three will get you another Police Shield Piece. Near the machine on this platform is a grapple point on the wall. Use it to lug a hunk of wall decoration down, then assemble what's left to create a stable floor across which you can push the giant battery. This will create dynamite on the machine.

Hop to the bottom floor and use the dynamite on the shining barrier to blast through. Use the elevator inside to reach the top floor of the control center. Beat up the security guards and take a moment to both trash the place (one piece of equipment hides a Scan Spot) and pry open the three lockers in the area. By doing this you'll find two plugs that you'll have to assemble. Look for a third out by yanking it out of the machine in the top-left corner of the area. Plug the three into the indicated machine on the right (you'll have to jump on top to plug them in) and step on the platform that drops down as an Astronaut to teleport up to even higher walkways.

Jump on the platform up here and hit the switch. The platform will zip to the opposite side of a hanging constellation. Hit the switch over here to bring the constellation flying down. Jump to the ground, check the item that hit the ground here for the Space Scientist collectible, and climb the chain.

You're now in the hangar. Start by hitting the switch in the top-right corner of the pit you're in. It will show you the sequence of floor panels you need to walk along to get out of here: top left, middle left, middle, bottom middle, bottom right. This will reveal a Silver Colour Swapper. Use your Color Gun to hit the reflecting dish above the pit on the right side (hold down the Y button to aim manually) and climb the ladder that extends. Take out the guards that rush you.

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You're now at the foot of the rocket. There are several things to do here.

  • There's a laser beam projecting out of the left wall. Shoot the dish it's being stopped at to make it reflective.
  • Assemble the space crate on the floor to make a reflecting dish. Shoot it to redirect the laser into the base of the rocket.
  • There's a track to the right of where you come up. Bash the crate on it and assemble what's left into a reflecting dish. Shoot the dish to make it reflective.
  • There are crates blocking the right laser. Bash them out of existence.
  • A crate beside the rocket can be reformed into a Red Color Swapper. Swap colors and blast the light high on the right wall. This will bring down parts for another reflective dish you can assemble and set to work with a silver blast. This last will reveal the Moon Buggy, but it will also bring guards down an elevator to the right. Take them out.
  • Check the left side of the room for a machine you can bash which counts as one of five. There's another in the top-left, past the laser beam.

After the elevator has descended, go up to the catwalks above. Make your way along the platforms here (don't forget to bash the machine for three of five on the way) until you find an office you can break into. Infiltrate the vault inside and grab the key card. Use it on the machine just outside the office. It will let you get to the space shuttle, which, when fiddled with, will promptly drop the Moon Buggy. Nertz. Reassemble the buggy at the bottom and drive it onto the big red panel to your right. Getaway!

This will end Astronaughty, and you'll get a Gold Brick for completing the mission. You're not done yet, though, as Chan's men aren't waiting at the dock for you. You'll have to dodge Apollo Island security for about a minute while waiting. This is harder than it seems, as the security forces have much better vehicles, and the Buggy's handling is poor. Stick to straightaways and wait out the minute while avoiding the bigger vehicles. The long stretches of concrete near the Space Center are good places to avoid enemies.

Take the Buggy to the docks after dodging your foes. Chan's men will make off with the prize, and the chapter will come to a close as Chief Dunby calls in a dire new mission: Forrest Blackwell is in trouble. Get to him on the double!


Back to the Space Centre! After you have all of the outfits you can return here and get the remaining collectibles in this section.

  • There's a crate for Rex Fury to bust open on the third level of the first area inside the Space Centre. Inside is the Space Villain collectible.
  • To the left of the space shuttle is a dig point. Inside is the L.E.R.V. collectible.
  • In the top-left corner of the hangar is a fuse box. Use it to bring down an elevator. At the top is a dynamite vending machine, and, at the south end of the platform, another space vehicle to demolish. You'll need the Jet Pack to get to it. Smash it for a Police Shield Piece.
  • Use the dynamite on a vent back on the hangar floor. It will open the way to another space vehicle and a teleporter that will zip you to the top of the hangar. In the room up here is a Red Brick.
  • Complete the puzzle where you entered the hangar. This will stop the fuse box inside the room to the right, the one where you found the teleporter, from fritzing uncontrollably. Use it to reset the puzzle to a new pattern. Complete the puzzle with this new hopping pattern to get a Police Shield Piece.
  • Atop the elevator up to the space shuttle is the Gerrano collectible. You can shut down a fuse box to get to it... or, if you have the Jet Pack, you can simply jet up to it.

All done. With a sufficient infusion of studs and the four Police Shield Pieces you'll get two Gold Bricks.

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