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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough: Apollo Island Collectibles

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

There are no side islands more important to the plot of LEGO City Undercover than Apollo Island, and as a straight location it's just plain fun to explore. Rockets? Always good. This article covers the collectibles of Apollo Island on the assumption that you have all of the outfits needed for full exploration.


  • Immediately after debarking you'll find a Tick Tock Trial waiting. Complete it for the Atlas collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • There's a silver container sitting off to the side, by a gas tank. It needs to be turned yellow. You can find three more of these spread about the island: one atop the giant hangar,
  • A Disguise Booth is waiting by the gate. Assemble it for the Brantford Cubbery collectible and a Gold Brick.


This section covers everything surrounding the Space Centre.

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  • Take a left from the bridge to the docks. Travel long enough along the dirt road and you'll find a large, painted door set into a dirt wall. Atop it is a Super Satellite Super Build. Build it for a Gold Brick and use the control panel at its base to make a teleporter appear. Use it to get to the Classic Alien collectible inside the underground bunker. Bash a crate in here to find another teleporter and use it to get to a dynamite vending machine. Use the dynamite on the shiny door by the buttons to get to a fuse box that will activate the button puzzle in the previous room. Complete it to open up the bunker and make a Tick Tock Trial appear back at the docks. It will unlock the Cocoon collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • There's a crate atop the bunker, by the teleporter, that contains pieces for a small satellite. Assemble it for one of three. The other two are
  • Off to the left side of the Space Centre is a small circus ground with a Spinning Shuttle Program Super Build. Set it up for a Gold Brick and the Dutch Danish collectible. To the side of the ride is a BBQ fire to extinguish for a Gold Brick.
  • There's an orange-handled crate at the base of a giant tank out front of the Space Centre Rex Fury can break open. Behind it is a slide to get under the tank and nab the Forrest Blackwell collectible. Ooo, villainous.
  • At the base of the launch pad where you can access the final special assignment is another container to turn yellow. Across the field, overlooking the docks and the south of the island, is a Call-in Point Super Build you can set up for the Wanderer collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • On the other side of the island is a long landing strip. In the middle of it is a Loop De Loop Super Build. Construct it for a Gold Brick and use it to get the Wash Wagon collectible. At the far end of the strip is a Stunt Ramp Super Build which will net you the Chat Show Host and a Gold Brick when built.
  • You can use the Ramp to reach a small, outlying island. Step on the four buttons surrounding the stone portal set into the ground to find a Red Brick at the bottom of a pit. Bash up the rocks here to find a boulder to mash for a Gold Brick, then use the teleporter to zip back to the Space Centre.
  • To the side of the previous landing strip are several buildings. You can break into the smaller sheds to find a Yellow Color Swapper and a coffee break spot where you'll earn a Gold Brick. There's another container to turn yellow at the side of one of them. At the back of the massive hangar is a Yellow Question Block. At the side is a drill point that will take you to the roof where you can find a Jet Pack spot leading to the Jonlan Regnix collectible and a pig that will get you a Gold Brick. Also up here is a Chicken Glide spot that will take you onto the sheds where you 'll find the Jenny Rathbone collectible.

Space Centre

  • In the room where you found the Astronaut outfit is a box with flowers to water for a Gold Brick.
  • Behind the stairs where you can start the special assignment for the Space Centre is a coffee break spot. Use it for a Gold Brick.
  • Down the alley near the coffee break point is the last container to point. It will get you the Garbage Man collectible.
  • Using your Jet Pack you can easily get up to the lower roof via wall jumps by the special assignment waypoint. Up here is a cat to rescue for a Gold Brick.
  • Up here is a Free Run medallion which will unlock the Bud Hawkins collectible, a fuse box to activate a Drill Thrill challenge for a Gold Brick, a Districts Conquered flag that earns you a Gold Brick, the third satellite which gets you the Radio DJ collectible, a space crate that will bring in an alien to catch for a Gold Brick and a Helipad Super Build that will get you the UFO collectible and a Gold Brick. Use the catapult to launch on top of the water tank where you'll find a Scan Point and ID a gang. Stop them to get a Gold Brick.


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