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Kids Cotton Candy Maker

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Kids Cotton Candy Maker

You can now make a delicious batch of cotton candy at home with ease any time you want. Your kids will love the kids cotton candy candy maker. You and your kids can make cotton candy out of floss sugar, hard candy, sugar free candy, and even white sugar cane sugar right from the store.

All you have to do is place your choice of candy or sugar inside the kids cotton candy maker and let the machine go to work for you. Use cotton candy cones to collect the cotton candy as the kids cotton candy maker spins it out for you.

Clean up is a breeze too. You will not have to soak or scrub the kids cotton candy maker. Just use hot water and the mess flows away.

Kids Cotton Candy Makers For Sale

Using Floss Sugar In The Kids Cotton Candy Maker

When you buy the Nostalgia Electric cotton candy maker for kids you can use hard candy, white sugar cane sugar, or floss sugar. Floss sugar will give you the best high fluff yield. You will get a full cone of cotton candy that is light and fluffy just like you get at your yearly fair.

All you have to do is heat up the kids cotton candy maker for 5 to 10 minutes. Then shut it off and wait for it to stop spinning or you will have a mess. Using the included measuring spoon add one spoon of the sugar and turn back on. In a minute or so it will start spinning out your cotton candy.

Use Hard Candy In The Kids Cotton Candy Maker

You can use hard candy in the kids cotton candy maker for convenience and fun. Mix and match flavors to come up with unique cotton candy flavors. Whatever your candy tastes like is what your cotton candy will taste like. So if your candy has a strong flavor so will your cotton candy.

The directions say that you can add 2 pieces of candy directly to the center of the kids cotton candy maker and it will make cotton candy. And it will, but it will make a fuller fluffier cotton candy if you take those 2 candies and crush them first. Just put them in a bag and use your meat mallet to crush them.

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As candy is heavier than sugar you will get a denser cotton candy when you use candy. But you will also get a full flavored cotton candy. What ever your candy tastes like so will the cotton candy.

After you have made a couple of candy batches you can add some plain white sugar and spin up a cone of cotton candy and it will have a light candy flavor too. Great for those that do not want a strong tasting cotton candy.

Turn your machine on empty for 5 to 10 minutes to let it get warmed up. Then shut it off and wait until the middle stops spinning. Add 2 whole pieces of candy or add your crushed candy and turn the machine back on. Your cotton candy will being making in a few seconds.

Use Sugar Free Candy To Make Cotton Candy

People on restricted diets can also enjoy a nice tasty cone of cotton candy. Just like with the hard candy above if you crush the candy first you will get a fluffier cotton candy. And since the cotton candy is not so dense when crushed you will get more out of it than 2 whole candies.

You can mix and match candies inside the kids cotton candy maker to get fun flavors and colors.

Turn on the machine to let it warm up for 5 to 10 minutes. While waiting crush your two sugar free candies or add them to the center whole. Turn on the machine and it will start making your sugar free cotton candy in seconds.

The Kids Cotton Candy Maker Will Not Work With:

  • Skittles, Lemonheads or Boston Baked Beans
  • Hot Tamales or Ike & Mikes
  • Gummy Bears or Worms
  • Gumballs or Round Candy
  • Citrus Slices or Starburst
  • Anything chewy, gummy or with too much cream
  • Anything with peanut butter, caramel, or cream on the inside
  • Any hard candy that has filling

The candy needs to be a hard candy with unfilled centers.

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