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Join the Farming Craze: Start your Own Dinosaur Farm with ARK: Survival Evolved

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With the hustle and bustle of modern civilization, many people have been yearning for a return to a simpler life. Far away from wi-fi, smartphones, and modern conveniences, the more old-fashioned way of living off the land through farming seems like a distant dream escape for those tired of the distractions of today.


No better example of this is the resurgence of farm-centric simulation games that have been rising in popularity. Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and to a lesser extent, Animal Crossing, have seen a huge rise in sales recently, offering those trapped in the modern rat race a convenient break from everyday life in the form of a virtual escape down on the "farm". Players will build, sow, and harvest and in turn, receive the equal return of their labor unlike the convoluted commodity-driven industries we see today. For those looking for a more challenging, prehistoric twist, ARK: Survival Evolved offers something no other game can provide, an opportunity to dial the time machine way back and start your very own dinosaur farm.


In ARK, players are dropped into a virtual world teeming with dinosaurs with only their survival skills to rely on. They will have to not only coincide with these massive and often hostile creatures but also the harsh environment which does not even provide for their basic needs of food, water and shelter. Rudimentary tools will offer basic conveniences in the beginning but in a few hours, these survivors will be able to manufacture all the necessary elements to start their very own dinosaur farm. One skilled enough, farming crops is a rewarding venture with all the processes seen normally in starting a farm. Creating plots, fertilizing, sowing, watering, and harvesting are all necessary to generate lasting resources that can sustain the growing tribe. Once stabilized, the more adventurous can move on to an even more challenging task, taming and breeding the titans of the past.


Nearly all dinosaurs are tameable and slightly fewer are breedable, offering nearly a hundred options for the fledgling farmer. The majority of breeding these creatures will first require taming a male and female pairing of the desired dinosaur. To tame, some may be as simple as offering a few berries while others may require more intricate and time-consuming plans of capturing and domesticating the more ferocious of creatures. Once the pairing is safe on the farm, eggs will be soon to follow. Each type of dinosaur lays a unique egg with specific needs and vigilant care. Not only do eggs require specific conditions to hatch, but each baby will require steadfast tending to ensure the best features possible. These dinosaurs may be used around the farm, traded to other players, or even kept to foster a line of future dinosaurs with similar traits. Dinosaur farming is a difficult but rewarding experience that all can enjoy.

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