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It's Confirmed: "The Sims 5" Is in Production!

Kenzie needed a quick escape from real-life pressures, and found "The Sims 4." She now enjoys playing, writing, and YouTubing the game.

Is "The Sims 5" Coming?

Since The Sims was first released in 2000, a new version has come out every four years or so. The Sims 4, the most recent version of the game, came out in 2014. Naturally, by 2018, fans began to wonder if "The Sims 5" would happen, and if so—when?

Electronic Arts (EA), the game publishers, added fuel to the rumors when they opened a new studio in Texas for Maxis, game developers of The Sims. A new Maxis team has been working on an unnamed title in this studio.

It's not a rumor anymore—The Sims 5 is going to happen. Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed a new version of the game is currently in production. While he didn't give much information yet about the new version, he did tease that fans are in store for some exciting things.

"The Sims 5" Is Coming

"The Sims 5" finally confirmed by game maker.

"The Sims 5" finally confirmed by game maker.

"The Sims 5" Release Date and Trailers

If you ever look for news about The Sims online, you might have noticed a lot of articles and videos telling you that the fifth version of the game is coming. There are many videos on YouTube claiming to be the "official trailer" for The Sims 5, and many fan websites estimate the new version will be released in 2020 or early 2021. Don't get too excited.

As of the time of this writing, there is no confirmation of a release date. The publishers have not released anything to hint at the art style or features. It's all just clickbait and wishful thinking.

When official announcements or sneak peeks are made available by EA or Maxis, I'll update this article. Until then, it's all just speculation and should be taken with a large grain of salt.

EA Is Still Keeping a Tight Lid on "The Sims 5"

So far, though there is a lot of speculating, there is little information.

So far, though there is a lot of speculating, there is little information.

What We Know About "The Sims 5"

Very little has been confirmed, but some statements made by Wilson in the phone call have hinted at what fans can expect.

Wilson says that The Sims has previously focused on "fulfilling the motivations of inspiration, escape, creation, self-improvement" but that the game did not focus enough on "social interaction and competition." With the growth of The Sims community and expansion of social media platforms, the next version of the game will likely be available across multiple platforms in a "cloud-enabled world."

These comments point to the strong suggestion that The Sims 5 could be an online, interactive game. Considering in the same phone call Wilson talked about expanding subscription-based games, it's possible this could apply to The Sims 5 as well.

This wouldn't be the first time EA tried to do this. In 2002, the publisher released The Sims Online, later rebranded as EA-Land, a multiplayer online game. Players subscribed to the game for $9.99 per month, but it never fully lived up to the expectations. At the time, not a lot of people had broadband, and the game had a lot of lag. You could only control one Sim (your avatar), and the focus of the game was on watching your Sim gain skills and earn money. There was not enough creativity, and may players felt it wasn't interesting enough to be worth the price. The game ended in 2008, and EA decided to move forward with other projects.

Technology has come a long way since 2002-2008, though, so it's possible that an online Sims game in this decade could be a lot more interesting than one that was designed almost 20 years ago.

Fans Seem More Worried Than Excited Right Now

Naturally, a lot of fans are excited about a new version of The Sims. Some look forward to the game having a more social and competitive aspect—there are even mods available to turn "The Sims 4" into multi-player games because there is some demand for it within the community.

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Not everyone is on board with the idea of a multiplayer game, or on a new version of The Sims coming out yet. A lot of fans feel Maxis should focus on their plans to improve and expand on The Sims 4 before working on a new version.

Mostly, fans are concerned about how The Sims 5 will be executed. Here are just a few questions the community is pondering:

  • Will the game be public only, forcing all Sim fans to play together in one giant sandbox? Or can small communities create their own private group games? Will fans who prefer individual games be able to play alone?
  • Will fans be able to have different games with different characters, and keep separate save files for them? What happens to your Sims in a multiplayer game when you're not around to participate?
  • Will the number of Sims we create or play in a game be limited? How much control will players have over their own Sims? How much autonomy will Sims have? How much will other players be able to affect our own Sims?
  • How much will a subscription service cost? Will all expansions and additional content be included in a subscription, or will fans have to purchase content in addition to a subscription? Will EA nickel and dime fans with microtransactions using real-world money?
  • Will players be able to merge and split households, and household funds? How will that work?
  • How much creativity will players have in building their homes or customizing their Sims?
  • Will it still be possible to use mods?

While they're all reasonable concerns, at this point, it's futile to speculate or worry because we have so little information. Hopefully, EA and Maxis, when ready to make announcements and throw out teasers, will listen to fans about what they want.

Your Opinion

What About "The Sims 4?"

Lovers of The Sims 4, don't despair—EA is not done with this version yet. Shortly before the 20th anniversary this month, Maxis representatives announced that they have a lot of new and exciting content coming out. In addition, the game makers have been polling fans about what features they would most like to see added or changed to improve gameplay.

I wrote more in-depth about these teasers and polls in this article here. If you are still happy with The Sims 4, you can look forward to a lot more new content and fun times.

No matter what your favorite version of The Sims is, it's good to know the game is still thriving and that it will be around for a long time to come.

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Rachelle Williams from Tempe, AZ on February 27, 2020:

As a Simmer from way back to the first game, I was happy to see EA is finally confirming The Sims 5 is a "thing." I have mixed feelings about the multi-player aspect, I think they'll use it to nickel and dime us to death - or, at least try to. Who knows? But, I can't wait for the fame to drop, I'll be among the first to snap it up.

Kenzie Cartwright (author) from San Myshuno on February 18, 2020:

They have a big community of Sims fans, so I think they can probably withstand the competition at first because so many people will try it just because it's Sims. Whether they can keep their audience or generate enough excitement to draw new players I guess will come down to if they give fans what they want or not. For me, microtransactions would be a total dealbreaker. Thanks for commenting!

Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on February 17, 2020:

An online version of Fallout turned out to be a terrible idea, but I wonder how The Sims would fare? There are already many online avatar games they'd have to compete with. The idea is fascinating though, I think I would actually try it.

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