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Is Hetsu's Gift Really That Bad?

Let me begin

often times when people are talking about the worst prizes in video games Hetsu's gift in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild comes right up in there and understandably so, it doesn't do anything and even in the description it says it smalls bad, but could it really be that bad.

Oh, perhaps I should talk a little more about it for those who haven't played the game yet or are considering obtaining the legendary gift of Hetsu.

Well what are we talking about

Ladies and gentlemen Hetsu.

Ladies and gentlemen Hetsu.

Hetsu is a giant Korok a race of mostly child sized forest like creatures found all throughout Hyrule. In the game you will probably find one of these things early on and he will tell you that he and his friends are playing a extreme game of hide and seek with Hetsu, and give you a korok seed for finding him. Later you will find Hetsu and he will tell you that not only is he bad at hide and seek but the more seeds you give him the more he can expand ether your melee, bow or shield stash.

Not bad really, so help him with his game and he will help you with your inventory so how many are there?

There are 900

The vast land of Hyrule

The vast land of Hyrule

Yes you read that right, there 900 of these things in this big open world and some of them are pretty well hidden. Some koroks can be found under rocks or by completing the symbol and some require you popping a balloon or reaching a goal in time, none of the korok puzzles are hard but keeping an eye out for these things that can be easily missed is a challenge. After a while you can't increase inventory space, so then there must be a grand prize for collecting them all right?

Enter Hetsu's gift a smelly item given to you for collecting all 900 korok seeds, as I had stated above, it doesn't do anything like increase attack power nor indeed does give you a alternate ending it's literally just a big waste of time, or is it?

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Well is it?



If you are looking a purpose to the item itself then yes, Hetsu's gift does nothing but then you are missing the point, the reason for 900 hundred koroks with easy puzzles has nothing to do with a grand prize, it's about exploring and continuing the game and making and having your own adventures beyond what the lackluster story provides heck that is exactly why the story is so simple and so hollow by comparison to other Zelda games, it is all about going out there and making your own adventure.

Kilton, a salesmen you meet at night will give a similar quest after beating Gannon the first time to which he will task you with finding and beating every giant monster across the land, after completing this task he will give Link a medal for the three classes of monsters respectively. They don't anything for you just like Hetsu's gift.

So why all the hate?

This would be my response learning the truth

This would be my response learning the truth

In truth it really doesn't do anything but we aren't supposed to know that before hand. When the game hit the shelves it didn't take long before people started to data mine the daylights out of it before some of us even had a chance to buy the bloody thing. there, the information was then being uploaded in YouTube videos and articles before you knew it there was know way for to romaine spoiler free and thusly players who haven't even reached 900 korok seeds were calling it a waste of time and didn't even bother with the challenge.

Yes I blame spoilers, the game is about going out there and making your own adventure. Hetsu's gift is no better than any of Kilton's medals, none of them do anything for Link but give him an excuse to go out there take a breath of the wild.

I like Hetsu and his gift but what do you guys think let me know below, I'm Wanderin Jim and I hope you all have a super happy day.

Play The Game And See For Yourself

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