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Is Gaming Good or Bad for You?

I am a video game enthusiast with years of experience in the gaming world.

Gaming is a lot of fun!

Gaming is a lot of fun!

Positive effects of playing video games

Let's start to talk about some of those positives effects gaming has on us. In this article, even the negative effects of playing games will be mentioned and discussed. Have in mind though that the main focus here is on those positives aspects gaming gives us.


This is one of the most important elements when talking about positive effects regarding video games. They can learn you a lot of things. Of course, it does depend on the title itself and how serious it is. Strategy games are a potential leader when it comes to learning. Even genres like RPG, platform, racing, and sports do help you to learn and develop new skills. In strategy games, the economic and management side of the gameplay can give you a lot of new skills about structuring, planning, and organizing. In RPGs, it can be learning the strategic system of developing your character and navigate your path through the huge and often very dangerous worlds. When it comes to platform and puzzle games logical thinking and problem-solving will both be important assets for success. In racing and sports games, the reaction times are vital as well as good tactic planning and concentration on the top level in order to achieve great results.


In many games, you will get the freedom to choose your own style of playing and will be able to shape the experience to your liking. To make the most out of it, it is required of you to be highly creative. Crafting games like Minecraft and Terraria are great examples here. In these, you will find out how creative you really are. Creativity is even used in other types of games, for instance in racing games. Imagine you are racing in a long endurance race. In order to be fast, you need to navigate your way through traffic while still getting the best lap times possible on a continuous basis. You need to manage your tires well and save fuel to be able to fight for the win. You even need to nail the pitstops at the right time to not get stuck in too much traffic. You need to do all this whilst highly concentrating all the time to not crash into someone or drive off the optimal racing line.

There is one more genre where creativity is a tremendously important success factor. Yes, I am talking about ''souls games''. For those who do not know what I am talking about the ''souls games'' are extremely difficult games which require perfect timing and precision in order to beat the enemies. Here, even regular enemies will be a nailbiter and I am not talking about the huge over-skilled bosses themselves. These games play in a different league and will require a lot of creativity from your side to find your way through and achieve glory.

Career possibilities and the social side of gaming

This aspect of the gaming scene is highly evolving right now. The professional scene is rapidly increasing in the gaming world and some players can nowadays make an astonishing amount of money from playing their favorite game. Naturally in order to achieve that you first need to become exceptionally good within your specific game. Whilst you need to sacrifice a lot of time in order to get there, it definitely is an achievable task if you put a lot of effort into it. You may not make it to the top as the competition is extreme but the relationships you can build on the way can be highly beneficial for you, both in your career as well as your personal life. Many people find their friends through games so if you are looking for some new friends, the games can help you out with that.

Education should learn from the positive side of gaming - reward, accomplishment, and fun.

— Sebastian Thrun

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Are there any negative effects?

While games are fantastic modern media through which you can create a unique lifestyle, there are some things to look out for. Nothing is only black or white and there are some negative behaviors that passionate gamers can easily fall into.


The most obvious one is addiction. Addiction can be experienced and developed through any activity you can think of. There is work addiction, addiction to alcohol, addiction to smoking et cetera. Basically explained, addiction is an activity that is no longer controllable by the affected individual. Addiction can have a light form or a destructive one where the individual struggles to function in his day-to-day life. Gaming is as well an activity through which many people have developed addictive behavior. It needs to be said that games are not at wrong here. Everyone, at least everyone over 18 years old, is personally responsible for his own health and wellbeing. If you find yourself addicted to a point where you cannot control your life anymore, it is crucial to find professional help as fast as possible.

Sitting lifestyle

Do not ignore this one. While gaming can be a physically demanding activity especially when talking about racing simulator games it does not replace the need to get your movement done. Try to find hobbies that do not involve sitting so that you are at least a little active every single day. It does not have to be much, a power walk, some exercises, and you are done for the day. Have in mind that if you play competitive games, having an active lifestyle will definitely help you out. A fresh mind and body can perform on a totally different level than a tired one.


When arriving at a conclusion, the positive effects of gaming cannot and should not be overlooked. While there are some negative effects as well - as with almost everything that is, it needs to be said that gaming is indeed a fantastic activity to pursue.

You can have a lot of fun with gaming while you at the same time will be learning and developing new skills that can help you in your life. Do never dismiss games and do not focus on the negative myths that mostly older generations try to spread around them wherever they go. Do as well not ignore if things are going the wrong way. Have always in mind that gaming should be a fun thing and a fantastic complement to your lifestyle.

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