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Destiny 2, worth getting into or no?

I am a writer that will try to impart to you a entertaining story I hope that you will enjoy.

So is that a yes or a no??

I will say that if you legit try to make yourself better by watching what the top players do or playing with people who are better than you in private matches and practicing. Anyone can do well in crucible or PVE. I would say that you need to be flexible and don't let the losses get to you, its all a mindset issue more than anything else.

But if you put in the work, you would be surprised how well you do.

see the minigun? Its amazing.

see the minigun? Its amazing.

Some basic tips and tricks that I personally use and have seen streamers use.

I usually follow patty cakes gaming on youtube as well as Destiny Fun police. They are exceptional players and I cannot recommend them enough.

  • Repeat after me, stay with your team! Do not stick to close so that the whole team gets dunked on. But close enough to team shoot as that is the best way to take down enemy guardians.
  • This follows the previous tip, go for the objective! I cannot tell you how many times people just leave the control points after capturing them. Its capture and CONTROL them. Hence the name of the mode, nothing is more frustrating the rest of your team sucking and running around like a chicken with their head cut off.
  • This tip may seem like common sense in a FPS but lead with your cross hair. I don't know why people do this, but they always look with there cross hair at the ground. Then when you see a enemy, you have to correct it and then fire. Whereas you wont have to do that if you already have it where it should be.
  • Always watch radar, get used to this. The opacity of the red on the radar and how big it is will show you how close and or if they are above you or not.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice. pick a gun that you like, and stick with it! nothing worse than switching guns halfway through a match and having to get used to that gun mid match is rough.
  • lastly? Have fun! Its a game, don't take it so serious that you don't have fun. Play with friends and have a good time!
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Clan Schman

I will say that joining a active clan is a good thing to do. You get extra rewards, you get people to play with and not only that but its satisfying to level up your clan and work together with your friends to advance it and get more rewards. Its a win win win.

Classes and what they excel at.



Void hunter is excellent for support and crowd control. Excluding middle tree which is best for single target damage. I would say give this a try if you are on a team and are having trouble with bosses or large groups of enemies. Try orpeheus rigs for extra orb generation when using bottom tree void bow. The middle tree is great for being sneaky and for pvp.

Solar hunter is best for single target damage for golden gun and really rewards you for precision damage or knife kills. The exclusion for this is the middle tree solar hunter which excels at crowd control and burn damage.

Arc hunter. Arc hunter is kind of a jack of all trades, but really master of none. It can do some decent crowd control, and decent boss damage. But honestly? This is best used in pvp, usually if we are running a raid or nightfall. I always see hunters using solar, or void or even stasis. That being said, Arc is a great subclass and has great neutral game.

What can I say about the hunter stasis super? Except I hate facing it in PVP. But that just goes to show how good of a super it is. Great for crowd control and boss damage and has one of the best neutral games in the game for the hunter mainly because you can build it however you want with the aspects and fragments to fit your play style.


Okay, Void subclass for the warlock is amazing. I am not a huge fan of middle tree, but both top and bottom have great utility and neutral game. Top tree makes everything explode and your nova bomb tracks and lets off little seekers which will seek and kill your enemies. Bottom tree is about staying alive and killing. You can kill a enemy with your melee to proc devour and as long as you keep getting kills? You keep healing. You can also eat your grenade and proc devour as well. Middle tree is a good middle ground. It definitely has more PVP leanings however and you can super charge your grenade with the handheld supernova and one hit kill people with certain gear.

Solar warlock is also a bit of jack of all trades. The top and bottom tree is best for single target damage and honestly? One of the best PVP subclasses for the warlock. The top streamers that play warlock usually play top tree, it has the highest skill gap but if you master it? Not much can stop you. Bottom tree is similar but not as high of a skill gap. Middle tree is the perfect support build. You get well of radiance, and healing and if you build into it with lumina ( the exotic healing handcannon) plus if you have those new boots the boots of the assembler you can be the best healer possible for your team.

Arc warlock is really really good. Storm trance is really good at crowd control and slaying out in crucible. But honestly? Both pale in comparison to Chaos reach. Its single target damage is top notch, you can flick between multiple targets and instantly melt them so it works for crowd control as well. Not only that but it is still one of the best PVP supers for the warlock. Not just because how good it is, but because it is still bugged and can kill people through walls. ( fix this bungie!)

Stasis warlock is really annoying to play against. It can freeze people and enemies through walls, and then put out a pulse that shatters them. Their melee is really good and similar to celestial fire ( top tree solar's melee) for the range. Not only that, but again the most customizable subclass as you can change it with aspects and fragments to fit your play style. This subclass is really good in PVP and excels at crowd control. Sucks at single target damage though.


Void Titan is basically the Titans support class, Top tree is the defender titan from d1 and they upgraded the bubble and if someone masters this class, they can single handidly turn the tide of battle with a well placed suppressor grenade or defensive strike and lets not even talk about the bubble of doom. Middle tree is a hybrid class I feel like. It heals with kills with your abilities or kills with the detonators that your abilities spawn on enemies. Plus recharges your abilities for each kill with your abilities and that is team wide. I would say that this class is good in pvp, but you have to learn your lane and stay in them and play to your strengths.

Oh, solar Titan... I love you. Bottom tree is amazing for crowd control and healing... those sunspots are amazing. Middle tree is also really really good for crowd control and boss damage especially with the roaring flames skill. Lastly, top tree is also a good all rounder with the explosive hammers and hammer strike which will debuff enemies stuck by it to take more damage. All of these are really good in pvp. Especially middle and bottom tree though.

Arc Titan, bottom tree is really really good in pvp and excels at crowd control. The super lasts longer for each kill you get, and you heal for any arc melee kill. It also has one of the best neutral games in the game. Top tree is decent, I never really see it in pvp though. Great at crowd control and your grenade game. Lastly missile titan. This thing is a boss damage machine, plus super great in pvp especially if someone has worked on mastering it.

Stasis Titan, so even after the nerf Behemoth Titan is really good. You just have to play smart and defensive, similar to Void Titan. But again, you can customize it to your play style. I would say it is really good in pvp and crowd control and decent boss damage. But my one tip for this class is regarding its melee ability "Shiver strike" Never never never hold the button. Always tap it, you fly like a hippo through molasses if you hold it, whereas you tap it and you do a short burst of speed and a decent knock back. I think this class needs to be dialed back up a bit to match the other stasis subclasses. It was left behind by its nerf.

hunter with a awesome bowstaff.

hunter with a awesome bowstaff.

I mean all this is cool and all, but who are you??

Excellent question! My name is Jason, newer writer on this platform. But I have been playing this game for years at this point, with thousands of hours under my belt since the beta of Destiny 1. I have played all of the classes to learn there in's and out's and where they excel. When I thought of how much knowledge I have on this game I wanted to put something out to help others. If you have any questions or would like information on a certain topic. Hit me up and I will do my best to write a good and informative article for you.

All 3 classes together, hunter up front. warlock to the left. Titan in the back

All 3 classes together, hunter up front. warlock to the left. Titan in the back

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