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Compy - One of the Most Curious Creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved

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As intelligent creatures, humans are curious about everything in the world, but in fact, animals are no exception, even if they do not possess such a developed intelligence, they also spy and are curious about everything around them. This curiosity is further expressed in the survival sandbox game ARK: Survival Evolved with the Compsognathus. The "Compy" are small creatures that make their appearance on the map of The Island, they are so small that they are easily overlooked by the player as if there is no purpose for their existence.

Perhaps to attract attention, the Compy likes to follow survivors when they see them, watching everything they do. It's easy to let your guard down because of their slender body and innocent eyes, but still, be sure to keep an eye on how many of them are around.


The life expectancy of the Compy in ARK: Survival Evolved is not high, even if a larger number of Compys come around, they can be killed with a ranged attack, the use of weapons like spears to counterattack are also very necessary, in case we face a pack of Compys. There is a big difference between a wild Compy and a tamed one. Each one has a number on its head, the higher the number, the higher its movement speed and damage, so when you go out with a pack of them, it's quite an achievement. Compy cannot be ridden, but can only be shouldered and serve as a "backpack" as you can carry extra weight in their inventory.


Taming a Compy

Taming a Compy can be the easiest or the most terrifying thing a player can experience. A Compy takes very little time to defeat, however, it wakes up extremely quickly and will only eat prime meat during the taming process. Be careful if you have knocked several Compys unconscious, as they may wake up quickly and suddenly without warning, giving the others a chance to wake up while you are distracted. Finding a lone Compy or taking a smaller Carnivore to thin out larger packs is best when hunting Compys. Once you have a few Compys in your ranks, you can brag to your tribemates, as they look extremely cute!

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