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Interesting Facts About Fidget Spinners That You Probably Did Not Know

Five-sided Fidget Spinner

Five-sided Fidget Spinner

The Fidget Spinners

The latest trend to take the world is here. It is breaking the Internet as these can be found over YouTube, Instagram and all the places that you can imagine. It is a small toy that you can spin around and it is claimed to reduce stress and anxiety among people.

Not only the kids are fascinated with this spinning toy but it has become popular among adults as well. The name comes for a reason and apparently is distracts you, thus making you stop fidgeting.

Here are some interesting facts about fidget spinners.

Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner

Banned in Many Schools

Because it is believed to cause a lot of distraction among kids, it is actually banned in several schools. It is an ironic situation, as many people claim that it is supposed to help concentrate.

The Inventor Herself is Not Getting Any Royalty

A woman named Catherine Hettingeris, who is Florida-based, is said to have invented this popular toy and had applied for a patent in the year 1993. She even went on to pitch the idea to toy manufacturers, but unfortunately did not get the approval. The patent lapsed in the year 2005 and she was unable to renew it due to high fees.

No Proof of Health Benefits

Fidget spinner manufacturing companies claim that these can help people deal with stress and some disorders such as ADHD, autism etc.

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But according to several experts, there are no researches that prove any of these claims. It seems that this is nothing more than a marketing gimmick and companies are making false claims to sell their products.

So, one can only hope for the toy to reduce the stress but there is no proof to proove these statements.

Top Searched on Amazon and Mass Online Merchants in 2017

The fidget spinners became the top searched items on Amazon and other Mass Online Merchants in 2017 (, leaving behind items like laptops and tv.

Top Searched on Amazon and Mass Online Merchants in 2017

Top Searched on Amazon and Mass Online Merchants in 2017

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