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4 Playable Indigenous Americans in Video Games

Wanderin Jim is reader of comics, novels, a player of many video games and a watcher of many shows and he has some opinions to share.

Before we begin

The Native People of the Americas are prude and extremely interesting with each tribe offering there own unique language and customs. Unfortunately many of these tribes have been lost or are on the verge of going extinct with their culture and ways sure to follow. While most will never get to experience some of this in real life there are a few video games that allow us to play as some of these unspoken warriors. I should say now this is in fact not a definitive list but just something I have a small amount of experience with, and with that out of the way let us begin.

1: Assassins Creed 3 Conner Kenway


What can I say about Assassins Creed 3 that hasn't already been said? Assassins Creed 3 is a huge game with many things to do and see, but mainly and why it is one this list is because throughout most of this game like 90% of it you play has Ratonhnhaké:ton better known has Conner Kenway a strong Mohawk warrior out on a quest for vengeance and knowledge. The amount of attention and effort on Ubisoft's part to portray the Mohawk People with the utmost respect is staggering. there a few moments in the game in which they are even speaking their native tongue and it is really cool this is probably as close as you could get to actually living as a tribe member.unless of course you are real life member in which case good for you.

Want to play it here it is

2: Turok


Most of the Turok game allow you to play as an Indigenous Americans but for the sakes of this list we are going to talk about the most relevant and recent release which is also the first and second games Turok Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2 Seeds of Evil. in the first game you play as Tall'Set a strong Saquin warrior who got pulled into the land of the lost and now defends it from a variety of evil things. Both games are kind of off the walls with the story but they are a lot of fun and are currently available on modern console, unfortunately the Saquin Nation are a fictitious heavily inspired by Athabascan People of alaska.

3: Mulaka


Mulaka is a action-adventure game the closely follows the myths and legends of the Tarahumara people as you play as a medicine man, there are plenty of videos high lighting the amount of effort and care the developers Lienzo put into this game, if you are reading this then you should really check those out, they are really interesting. another thing Ilike about this game is that it sheds some light on a tribe I feel doesn't get allot of attention for whatever reason which is awesome. Every monster you face in the game comes from the Tarahumara and ther is a data section that you can read that tells you more about these things that you are fighting which is great.

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4: Mortal Kombat Nightwolf


So Nightwolf in many previous games Nightwolf was practically unwritten and may be even a little offensive but when they rebooted the franchise, they did a better job presenting the native people. Nightwolf belongs to the fictious Makota Tribe which was inspired by the real-world Lakota Tribe. I am not sure how faithful to the Lakota people Nightwolf is but none the less it is still pretty awesome playing a native character in a big-name fighting game.

Final thoughts

There is so much untapped writing potential between all of these tribes it's a shame that even to this day we don't get a lot of stories that take advantage of these mythical characters and creatures but of course many tribes don't want that kind of attention and that's fine, but I am sure many others probably wouldn't mind. I just wished we saw more stuff like these 4 games. The more games, movies and just stories in general we have like this the more it brings these great tribes and nations to mind and that's never a bad thing. But what do you think please leave me a comment in the section below I am Wanderin Jim and I hope you have a super happy day.

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