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Indiana Jones - Lego Sets and the Video Game

Stephanie is a child at heart! She loves classic books and toys and will spend hours building lego creations with her kids

The History of Legos: From Blocks to Blockbusters

The blockbuster movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, is brought to life for children, and kids at heart, in the popular LEGO series and video games based thereon. There are a number of LEGO sets based on the Indiana Jones films that can be used to re-enact thrilling scenes from the archaeologist's 2008 return to the silver screen! If you are wondering about a gift for a child ages 6-16 (or older!) look no further.

This is a super idea for a birthday party. I've watched my husband spend an hour or two putting together any number of unique LEGO sets for my sons, including Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Batman and more. My kids and their friends play with the LEGO sets creations for days... coming up with their own story lines and role play.

LEGOs have been around since 1932, when a man named Kirk Christiansen founded a toy company in Denmark that made wooden toys, among other goods. The brand "LEGO" was established in 1934 from the Danish words "LEg GOdt," which mean "play well." In Latin, Lego also means "I go together." Brilliant marketing for this young corporation!

By 1951, the products produced by LEGO were predominantly plastic, as opposed to wooden. LEGO toys consist primarily of interlocking, small blocks: on one side there are raised bumps, on the opposite side, indentations into which other blocks can be snapped. There are many sizes and shapes of the blocks (long, thin, short, fat, etc.) that can be used to create a variety of structures. By 1967, LEGO was a very well-known brand, world-wide. It was found in toy stores everywhere and it was highly popular with parents and children alike, both of whom appreciated the safe, creative toys. Over time, the company added wheels, windows, doors and other accessories that could be snapped onto basic blocks, allowing for greater creativity and range. LEGO people also came into existence, with feet that could be fastened onto other LEGO creations.

Twenty years later, LEGO started expanded into the franchises of Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter, Spongebob Squarepants, and more. Of course, with the latest Indiana Jones movie, strong demand for LEGOs based on this franchise has sprung to life! Although there are LEGO sets from prior Indy movies, the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sets are top sellers in this series.

Indiana Jones!

Indiana Jones!

LEGO Pieces and Instructions

The amazing creativity behind the LEGO sets goes beyond just putting a number of blocks together to build realistic scenes from the movies. Some of the medium to large boxed sets are actually dynamic! That is, a sleight of hand, or a step on the wrong block, and the building could come crumbling down - just like in the movie! My children have the Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark set, pictured to the right. The two statues on either side of the temple will crash down and back panels of the temple will collapse as they play with the set-up. It is very ingenious and, of course, great fun!

Each set of LEGOs comes with a suggested age range. This is based on the difficulty of putting the creation together (NOTE: Children under 3 should not play with, or have access to these sets due to many small pieces on which they could choke!) Detailed instructions and diagrams are always included with the sets and are relatively easy to follow. Don't worry if your child accidentally loses the instructions. You can find new ones quite easily online at LEGO, or at Brickfactory.

Also included with the LEGO sets are at least one character. Check the back side of the box for a list of LEGO men (and/or women) that may be part of the set so that you or your child is not otherwise disappointed.

The LEGO Video Game

If your children love video games (and whose kid doesn't?), then they will probably beg you for the LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure game. You can play this on Xbox 360, PlayStation2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii, Nintendo NS, Microsoft Windows - any current gaming platform. Click on the previous link to try a demo of the game.

If the popularity of the LEGO Star Wars video games is any indicator, then the new Indiana Jones LEGO game is also a blockbuster. The game characters are LEGO men and women. They move in a manner similar to actual LEGO figures, but they have facial expressions that change as appropriate. Indy even uses his whip to move him through the jungle and to do battle!

The game allows players to go through all 3 original Indiana Jones films. Most certainly, there will be another game based on the new Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie. The objective is to get your player to the end, while collecting "LEGO studs" along the way, trying to earn the title of "True Adventurer." You can also play by trying to find 10 treasure chests and the "red package." Play is drop in/out and cooperative.

Every character has unique powers. For example, one woman can double jump, and another man can solve glyph puzzles. Four characters may be visible on the screen, but only two players can interact at the same time.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull - LEGO sets

Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull - LEGO sets

Indiana Jones Legos

Lego Indiana Jones Video

Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indiana Jones Temple Escape

Indiana Jones Temple Escape

LEGO Indiana Jones Video Game Trailer

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Motorcycle Chase

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Motorcycle Chase

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How much do you love LEGOs? Looking for a unique theme park to go to with your children? LEGOLAND is found in four locations around the world: United States (California), United Kingdom (Windsor), Denmark (Billund) and Germany (Deutschland)! Each park includes over 50 rides, shows and other attractions, all based on the popular toy blocks. New attractions at the United States location near San Diego California include a "Land of Adventure" ride, based in 1920s Egypt, in which you explore temple ruins (much like Indiana Jones). There is also a daily show called "Journey to the Lost Temple," that features actors and also people from the audience, for the musical adventure.

The entire park is divided into "neighborhoods," much like Disneyland. You'll find Castle Hill, Pirate Shores, Fun Town, Dino Island, EXPLORE village, Miniland USA, and more! Of course, there are lots of opportunities for you to purchase LEGOs, as well. Among the popular sets, you can also request custom blocks in any size, shape or color. Perfect for completing a creation that needs a particular piece!

While you won't find specific Indiana Jones rides or shows at the park, you will definitely find attractions to feed your jungle/adventurer fever. More importantly, you can thoroughly explore the land of LEGOs, marvel at the possibilities of your own LEGO creations, and even stop by the LEGO store to pick up a set or two to complete at home.

But don't think that you have to go to LEGOLAND to buy LEGOs! You can find them all over the world, in stores and online. Your best bet may be the LEGO website, or LEGO stores, which can be located through its site. In addition, LEGOs are sold at, Target, major toy stores, and can also be found on eBay. Lots of great links are provided in this article. Pick up a box or two today and go back in time to your childhood. Your own kids will thank you!

Riding "LEGO" cars at LEGOLAND

Riding "LEGO" cars at LEGOLAND



New Orleans French Quarter at LEGOLAND

New Orleans French Quarter at LEGOLAND

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2008 Stephanie Marshall


Sandy from Corfu, New York on February 28, 2012:

I just got done checking this out with my 4 year old grandson. He loved it.

htodd from United States on January 28, 2012:

Thanks stephhicks for the nice reviews of Indiana jones

Wooden Toys on July 21, 2010:

Great article! Lego is indeed one of the all time classic toys that will never disappear. I hear that the lego company did have a dry period a while back but are back as strong as ever. I think their secret to longevity is by consistently reinventing themselves keeping up with trends and the latest film characters etc.

Truus on August 09, 2009:

Maybe for your blog. nice and fast download website. To upload your own LEGO instructions.


Gamer Steve on June 04, 2009:

I love playing lego games, got all of them :)

have you tried any of these games guys ?

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on March 18, 2009:

Hi xtine - try these:

xtine on March 18, 2009:

do u have links for indiana jones psp free downloads?


Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 29, 2008:

you're welcome

harrason ford on June 29, 2008:


Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 10, 2008:

GenuineH - Great question! At my house, we have a giant plastic tub in which all regular LEGO bricks must be placed. It fits under my sons' bunk beds. We also have another plastic bin for each of the specialty sets (we have Harry Potter, Batman and Indiana Jones LEGOs). It is up to my boys to keep them in the right place! Of course, sometimes Indy visits Batman and Harry Potter is quite magical... LOL

Genuine H on June 10, 2008:

My two sons love to play Lego bricks and games. These games keep them occupies but I am tired of cleaning up the leftover lego pieces which are not at its place. How you can you endure this?

Care to vist my hubs too.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 09, 2008:

Thanks LdsNana! Kids gravitate towards Legos! During my twins' swimming lessons, there is a big box of LEGOs, and my older boys play with them to entertain themselves. The blocks never break, and the bright colors are so engaging.

At Legoland, they do have a new area that is very much Indiana-Jones themed! You should not be disappointed. And I understand that the LEGO store at the park is one of the best! Perhaps if they are extra good, they can bring home some fun souveniers?

Kathryn Skaggs from Southern California on June 09, 2008:

Wow Steph, I love this hub.

My grand-kids are all coming for a visit this week, six of them. Papa and Nana are taking them all to Lego Land! We are so excited... All of my own children were raised on Legos. I still have a big box of them that I pull out for my older grandchildren when they come to my house. They are now converts.

Ethan, my 7-year-old cutie is going to go nuts over these Indian Jones Legos. I am so glad that you wrote this article, because I am now informed as to what is hot in Legos. Perhaps they will have an Indian Jones Lego display at Lego Land? I hope so!



Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 09, 2008:

My sons would agree that I have earned that title, since I am constantly picking up those little Lego pieces all over the house - LOL!

In The Doghouse from California on June 09, 2008:


Thanks so much... I am going to call you the Lego Queen! lol

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 09, 2008:

In the Doghouse, on eBay, starting bids for Legos by the Pound (and by the way, that is a searchable term on Google that will take you straight to eBay) is $7.99, with a Buy-it-Now price of $13.99. Great deal for basic LEGO blocks. Some even include LEGO people. You can definitely add to your specialty sets like Indiana Jones LEGOs, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc. If you want specific pieces, though, you will have to buy the boxed LEGO sets.

In The Doghouse from California on June 09, 2008:


Wow! reading through these comments on legos... Funnebone gave cool info....Legos sold by the pound on E-bay... you could add such great things to your Indiana Jones Legos I imagine pretty reasonably... anybody know how cost effective that option is?

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 09, 2008:

gbgbusiness - thank you! Your son is not alone in wanting these LEGO sets! :-) Fortunately, they are always in stock online.

esocial - the LEGO creations are so cute when they are all put together. They just make you want to play with them. My sons enjoy hours of creative play with the little LEGO people! Thanks for the comments!

esocial from California on June 09, 2008:

Cute hub! We used to get our little tyke all the latest Lego sets. They are cute :)

gbgbusiness from Franklin, IN on June 09, 2008:

Thank you for this hub! My son has been asking about this oVER AND OVER AGAIN...I will be returning and buying!

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 08, 2008:

Good luck with your bargain shopping, Robie! At least you know you'll always have a market for any LEGOs you pick up. :-) And remember, they make great birthday gifts!

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 08, 2008:

Funnebone - yes, LEGOs are so popular, I am not surprised that they sell by the pound on eBay like that! Get a bunch of starter blocks, then you can really add on nicely with the specialty sets like Indiana Jones, Star Wars and more!

Roberta Kyle from Central New Jersey on June 08, 2008:

Great thing to know,funnebone, I'm a big fleamarket and yardsale fan and I have an ebay account--so I'll keep my eye out for LEGOS. Thanks.

funnebone from Philadelphia Pa on June 08, 2008:

Did you know legos are sold by the pound on ebay? If you ever see old legos at a yard sale buy them up. They sell for more per pound thn iron!

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 08, 2008:

Truly, LEGOs know no boundaries! Just see the photo of the Lego Store in Moscow in my hub! They are popular all over the world! I am sure that the blocks will be bringing joy to children (and adults!) for many years to come.

solarshingles from london on June 08, 2008:

Thank you very much for your very imaginative explanation about LEGO blocks. I think that these little blocks are a kind of a world phenomenon of our childhood. To whichever country you may travel there are LEGO blocks present and children so happy to play with them.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 07, 2008:

Solarshingles, I think one way to encourage your children to play with LEGOs is to work with them in putting together some of the more complicated structures. Be patient and work slowly with them. I am sorry to hear that no one did that with you. Even though the new LEGO sets have instructions to build certain creations, there is really no "right or wrong" way to play with LEGOs. Now that my sons have created one Indiana Jones temple as shown on the box, they have recreated their own structures with their own ideas. Its all about imagination! Remember, though, that not all children may enjoy playing with LEGOs, just as not all girls love to play with dolls. But usually some of the disinterest can be helped by working with your child to help them learn and get over the fear of putting the LEGO bricks together "wrong." It is all fun - no matter how the pieces go together.

solarshingles from london on June 07, 2008:

Stephanie, how do you encourage your children to play with LEGO blocs and especially with more complicated structures? I remember how I was very slow in learning to design and create and nobody had been encouraged me at home, while my younger brother was just amazing designer who didn't need any help at all.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 07, 2008:

Karen, you're right! I'm about that age - and I remember the basic lego sets. It was super cool to add windows, doors and more to make houses and other buildings. You might think that you don't need as much imagination these days with the new sets. The blocks are all still mix and match and you can rearrange them to create new space ships, temples and more!

Karen Ellis from Central Oregon on June 07, 2008:

Wow, legos have come a long way. I remember years ago how my son used to love his legos and I was always astounded at what his imagination could build with them. They were just your basic legos back in those days as my son is 34 now. Time flies.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 07, 2008:

@pjdscott - yes, there is no limit to imagination with Legos! I really enjoy seeing some of the amazing huge creations put together with the blocks.

@IntheDoghouse - oh yes! Excellent gift idea! The sets are all compatible (the only blocks/pieces that do not interlock are they toddler "Duplo" blocks that are much larger). My kids, ages 8 and 10 have been playing the Star Wars Lego video game for the past year or two. Frankly I think that 6 is a bit on the young side, but the game is definitely appropriate for kids 8 and up. It is not so violent that younger children cannot watch and enjoy the play, as well.

In The Doghouse from California on June 07, 2008:


Also, what is the age appropriate range for the video game?

In The Doghouse from California on June 07, 2008:


I had to purchase a gift for my nephew and thought of checking out this Hub! He is all about Indiana Jones legos. lol With three little boys, they have legos all over the place! Legos are a great for children to not only show their own creativity, but a great way to interact with each other. Do you know if the other sets are compatible with this one?

pjdscott from Durham, UK on June 06, 2008:

Lego enabled me to appreciate construction, design and engineering - it is a wonderful medium for children and adults! Great hub.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 06, 2008:

Smallbizpro - thank you for the great comment! I can't wait to play the Lego Indiana Jones Game! My children have all the Lego Star Wars Games and love them! It looks to be a fantastic addition to everyone's game collection. If you play it, please stop by and leave another comment - thanks! Steph

smallbizpro from Toronto, ON on June 06, 2008:


What a fantastic hub!!!

I played the Lego Star Wars game, and it truly is a game for all ages - the kids will love the look and feel of it, while the adults will get all the cool in-jokes. I'm sure Lego Indy will be the same!!

Fantastic Hub!!

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 06, 2008:

Thanks Julie! The Indiana Jones movie is great! I took my four kids and they loved it! Legoland at the Mall of America? I didn't know one was there! Thanks for the tip and the comment. :-)

Julie A. Johnson from Duluth, MN on June 06, 2008:


Cool idea for a hub, my son loved it. A neat place to visit is Legoland at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN. We plan to go to Indiana Jones soon-- my husband has been patiently waiting for it. Great hub, Thanks!


Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 06, 2008:

Hi Zimbra- thanks! I think I am going to get it for my boys this weekend. I'll have to update my hub with a review of the Lego Indiana Jones game. Yes - Lego Batman is sure to be a hit too!

zimbra on June 06, 2008:

Excellent Hub. Haven't played the game yet, but if it's as good as Lego Star Wars it'll be fantastic. Can't wait for the Lego Batman game either!

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 06, 2008:

Sweetie Pie - thank you so much for finding that coupon for Lego Land!

SLAiPS - I am happy to hear that your child enjoys this Hub!

SLAiPS on June 06, 2008:

thank you! My child very pleased!

SweetiePie from Southern California, USA on June 05, 2008:

I found the coupon for Lego Land for you. It is good until 12-31-2008

SweetiePie from Southern California, USA on June 05, 2008:


If you do go to Lego Land check out any subway in Southern California on your trip down there because they were displaying a coupon for a discount on admission.  Have not been to subway in awhile, but I saw these about a month ago.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 05, 2008:

Jacobworld and Uninvited Writer, sounds like I struck a great nostalgia chord here! :-)

Gregorythompson - isn't it wonderful to find out the background of your favorite toys? I figured that LEGOs would have some great background given their popularity and endurance.

Gregorythompson from Illinois on June 05, 2008:

I enjoyed the history lesson. I didn't know the history Legos have had.

Susan Keeping from Kitchener, Ontario on June 05, 2008:

Great hub. I loved Lego as a kid...

Jakub Wawrzyniak from Ireland on June 05, 2008:

cheers mate its a nice one . Brings back memories

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 05, 2008:

Thank you! I really can't wait. Lego Land.... here we come!

In The Doghouse from California on June 05, 2008:


Hope you get to enjoy the adventure to Lego Land and So. Cal soon... the weather is fantastic and your children will love it.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 05, 2008:

@Sweetie Pie, I remember loving babysitting as I got older because then I could still play with LEGOs! :-)

@Doghouse, I totally agree. These toys are so cool in real life. The photos hardly do the LEGO sets justice. But to answer your question about Lego Land... NO!! I'm dying to go! We are a 12-hour car trip away to the north. With 4 kids and airfare through the roof (not to mention gas prices), I've been wanting to plan a trip to SoCal for Disney, Legoland and SeaWorld for quite some time. Thanks for the great comments!

In The Doghouse from California on June 05, 2008:


This is so cool. I just saw the new Indiana Jones flick and loved it. What a winning combination, Indiana Jones and LEGOS! Lego toys are classic, even though my children are grown, I remember them playing with them for hours. They were simply the classic lego creations that were made back then, nothing like the Indiana Jones Lego adventures! lol BTW, Lego Land is almost in my backyard! Have you been there before?

SweetiePie from Southern California, USA on June 05, 2008:

I remember when I received a big red bucket of legos for Christmas and how excited I was. It was so much fun to build the little lego houses and play house with the little lego people. My niece and nephew have been to lego land and the absolutely love it. Thanks for bringing back all the good memories regarding legos.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 05, 2008:

Hi Robie - thank you! Yes, I still vacuum them up sometimes... LOL!! This was really enjoyable. I got the idea after buying a third box of Indiana Jones LEGOS for one of my son's friend's birthday parties this weekend. Plus, we have the Temple of Doom set up in our kitchen. So it was kind of just staring me in the face. :-)

Roberta Kyle from Central New Jersey on June 05, 2008:

Wonderful new look at an iold classic-- I remember those little plastic legos from the '70's-- they were always under the couch and gumming up my vacuum cleaner LOL But they were and obviously still are a super kid pleaser. I found the complete Lego story very interesting too--good research good writing and a good read for me.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 05, 2008:

Thank you solarshingles, vrajavala and Amy! I have memories too (ironically), of fighting over LEGO blocks with my friends. They really are timeless toys. Now, my kids' bedrooms, my kitchen table and our playroom are covered with little pieces and also LEGO video game equipment. So much fun!

amy jane from Connecticut on June 05, 2008:

My kids fight over the lego pieces too. I prefer to buy the sets because they always include really clear instructions for those for us who never touched the things as kids. :) We have the Narnia sets...Indiana Jones will surely be next. :)

vrajavala from Port St. Lucie on June 05, 2008:

I know y little friend who has aperger's really likes these kinds of toys. thanks Steph

solarshingles from london on June 05, 2008:

Stephanie, simply gorgeous Indiana Jones LEGO hub! I still so vividly remember my LEGO set at my family's home. So many times I was fighting with my brothers for those little blocks. I hope your kids are better...

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 05, 2008:

Ha Ha Daniel! You are right... those little Lego blocks get into everything, don't they? The joys of parenting! :-) Steph

Daniel Pyle on June 05, 2008:

I wish they would have had the lego games when my girls were little it would have saved my feet some I have never figured out how the always ended up in my shoes....and not my ex-wifes...maybe she did it...ha ha ...Great hub Steph

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on June 05, 2008:

Thanks Whitney! I think it looks great! My kids play the Star Wars Lego games constantly! We have an old X-Box system, and need to upgrade to XBox 360. In the meantime, I'll probably just get them the PSP versions. :-)

Whitney from Georgia on June 05, 2008:

I saw this was released on the 3rd. I think i going to be a hit. Lego Star Wars is great. I know all the Lego video game fans will be on this one. I wouldn't doubt if my boyfriend buys/rents it. You better believe I'll be playing it, too. lol.

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