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Incursion 2 - The Artifact walkthrough, Part Eight: Auryg Peak

Incursion 2: The Artifact is copyright booblyc and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Incursion 2: The Artifact is copyright booblyc and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Well, shoot. Garga may have helped out the Strygweers with their problems, but not even Malar's willing to come along for the ride. A shame, too, as they could probably come in handy in the frozen wastes of Auryg Peak…

Featuring a return to your normal troops - albeit with some upgraded classes! - Auryg Peak is a left-to-right brawl against a plethora of creatures, both icy and otherwise. Enemies spawn from three places: two in the west, one in the south. There are two potential places for the enemies to slip through, but it's easy enough to guard both sides from the central tower on the eastern edge of the map.


You'll face a few new monsters here that can make your life painful:

  • Mok. These burly ice creatures will freeze your units with their attacks. It's these guys alone that make the use of melee units inadvisable.
  • Yeti. As straightforward as you can get. Yetis are beefy maulers. Bring them down with a slew of arrows or a ton of magic. (Like, a ton. Hopefully you can stall if you're relying on magic alone.)
  • Lokyn. As soon as you see these icy fliers appear, go lightly on the fast forward button. They're capable of casting an ice attack that will temporarily freeze units caught inside the circle he generates - and he can create it anywhere on the battlefield. Move your troops aside and bring him down.
  • Great Ice Elemental. When you hit the last wave you'll have to face off against this mighty ice abomination. It's like a more widespread version of a Lokyrn, as its ice attacks will freeze larger areas, but it moves very slowly. Setting it on fire is extremely effective and should be done as soon as possible, and stalling it with Garga's summons isn't a bad idea.

Because freezing attacks are so prevalent in Auryg Peak, it isn't a great idea to depend on melee troops. Even if you manage to move out of the way of the attacks of the Lokyns before they land, the Moks will constantly freeze your troops with their sword strokes. Let Garga alone handle any melee blocking.

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Removing melee units leaves two options: ranged or magic. Both are feasible, though it's wise to incorporate both into your team as you battle.

  • Though the ranged fighters are good against most of the enemies here, they serve two purposes best: pummelling the Yetis early, perhaps poisoning or setting them on fire, and wiping out the Lokyns before they can use their magic. For this purpose it's smart to set up ranged units on the island on the west side of the map. From this vantage point they can hit most of the units spawned, and do so early. This is also a good spot to put Garga if he's not needed to block elsewhere.
  • The rest of the baddies should be handled by your mages. Set up three mages in the barracks on the eastern side of the map early on and put priority on upgrading at least one of them to the point that they can use Chain Lightning. Send Garga over to the adjacent paths to keep enemies from slipping through as necessary.

Though the Great Ice Elemental is indeed painful, the primary enemies here are the Lokyns and the Moks, with the Yetis providing substantial backup. Watch the big fighters carefully and you shouldn't have much trouble preventing anything from slipping through.


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