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3 Effective Ways to Increase Fps - League of Legends

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Who Am I?

Hello everyone. The Summoner name I chose for League Of Legends is Fl1pz. I am currently sitting in the rank Platinum V and have been playing this game since Season 4.

Although I have had many bad experiences with playing this game, I also have lots of good ones. My most played / favorite Champions to play on the Rift are, Yasuo, Riven, Twitch and Lucian.

The reason I like these Champions are because they are very flexible and you can do so much with them. Other than playing League, I also enjoy reading and writing.

Honestly, I have no idea why reading and writing makes me happy, but it does. It is a great way to kill time for me. Do not forget to check out "Part 2 On How To Instantly Boost Your FPS." Also, check this for more great and informative gaming information. Anyways, now that you know some things about me, let us get straight into the guide on "How To Increase FPS."


Custom Map

Did you know that you are able to install Custom Maps in your League Of Legends game? Not only that, but you can also install Custom Champion Skins, Custom Minion Skins and even Custom Monster Skins if you desire. The first effective method to increase the FPS in your League Of Legends game is to install a Custom Summoners Rift Skin. You probably already know that the Summoners Rift map takes a heavy toll on your computer / laptop, therefor decreasing your FPS by a lot. Even if you put the Video Settings to "Very Low," there are still many things that decrease your frames. This is why you need a Custom Low Definition Summoners Rift Map! Let us now start with the first method.

Firstly, you will need to download a program called Wooxy. Do not worry, Wooxy is a completely free program and it obviously does not come with viruses. I would never ever suggest anyone a program that I have not tried myself. After downloading the program, you can open it up and play with it a little bit. There are options that you can fiddle with. Once you have gotten the gist of the program, you can go over to the second step.

Now, go to whatever search engine you are using. For me, I use Google. Then type in "raise your performance map" and enter. Click the first link you see at the top of the screen and you should arrive at a site called MapSkins. Afterwards, scroll down until you see two download options. One should say "Low Definition Summoners Rift" and the other "Extreme Low Definition Summoners Rift." Now, this all depends on your preferences. If you utterly do not care at all on how bad your Summoners Rift Map looks like and you just care about your FPS, go download the "Extreme Low Definition Summoners Rift." If you want some details left over in your map so it does not look too bad, download the "Low Definition Summoners Rift" option.

Lastly, after downloading the Custom Map Skin to your liking, open up Wooxy. Now, find the "Import Skin" option in the bottom right corner and click on it. Then locate where you have kept your Custom Summoners Rift Skin and choose it. It should take awhile for the files to be added into your game. Next, you can name your Custom Map Skin so you can identify it in the future. Name it whatever you want, it does not matter. You are now finished with the first method in making your FPS higher in League Of Legends!



Did you know that In your League Of Legends folder, inside there is a game.cfg that you can edit to your liking. If you understand everything shown within the game.cfg file, you can make League Of Legends look better or look worse. You can also increase your FPS if you tweak the game.cfg file correctly. This second method is very important and you have to follow these steps very carefully. If you happen to damage your League Of Legends game for some reason, I will take no responsibility for your actions. But you can always contact me if you meet with an obstacle or if you want me to guide you through the process. Let us now start with the second method of this guide.

Firstly, you will need to locate your "League Of Legends" folder that is inside a "Riot Games" folder. Then click the first folder which should say "Config" and you should be able to locate the game.cfg file. Find the file and right-click it. Next, choose "Edit." Afterwards, scroll down until you see the section "Performance." Replace the text you see there with the text right below.


I got this idea from a YouTube video created by the YouTuber known as: Eelay Insay. Check him out!

Tweak Settings

I am pretty sure that most of you already know that you can adjust your League Of Legends settings to suite your needs. Most of you, if not all of you have probably already done this step. But wait! Do not go to the second method just yet. Do you know exactly what you tweaked? Did you tweak every single option the game has to offer? Unless you are fully sure, do not skip this step. Just in case you did not know, not only adjusting the Video Settings can you boost your FPS. But, by tweaking the Interface of your game, it can boost your FPS also! In addition, in some cases disabling all the sounds can also improve frames.

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Here are my suggested settings to use. It does not look terrible to the point where you want to stop playing and it also increases your FPS by a huge amount. This is definitely a must when you want to easily and quickly have more frames by several folds.


This is the bottom half of the Video Settings. In this part, if you want to make your FPS stop jumping, you can set the cap. I always set my cap to 80, but you can increase it or decrease it to wherever. Make sure Character Inking, Anti-Aliasing and Wait for Vertical Sync are turned off.


Here is how I suggest you put your Interface options, but you can tweak the options yourself. Just make sure, you atleast have "Enable HUD Animations" turned off.


Here is the bottom half of the Interface options. This is how I suggest you do it, but as I said before, just do whatever you want.


Here are the Sound options where you are able to disable the sounds you do not like. In some cases disabling all the sounds can improve your FPS, but it does not for me. You can try it out yourself and see if it works though.


Okay guys and gals, those are three very effective methods that I highly suggest doing in order to increase your FPS in League Of Legends by several folds. Also, I have many other guides that might be able to interest you somewhat. Make sure to look below and give my other Hubs a chance! Thank you once again and have a wonderful day.

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