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Importance of a Hobby for Adults

Tricia Deed writes about hobbies and leisure activities. Let's talk about a budget for our entertainment.

Hand Sculpturing

A pair of hands sculpting clay for pottery.

A pair of hands sculpting clay for pottery.

Personal Leisure Choices

As you take a moment to review family interests in your home you discover that each family member has a different interest to occupy their personal time. One person likes to sew, another enjoys building models. The children are entertained for hours with electronic games, another enjoys gardening, and one other person enjoys reading mystery novels.

Some people have so many interests that they fear lack of time to get it all done. And then there are those individuals that have difficulty finding a hobby or any leisure interest.

Hobby Choices

Adults need time to relax and refuel their mind and body. Enjoying a hobby or a passionate interest is vital.

What is causing the difficulty in selecting a hobby or an interest?

  1. Too many hobbies to choose from and cannot decide on one project
  2. Too tired and lacking energy after a day of employment
  3. Extremely creative and imaginative causing indecision
  4. Negative thinking against any selected project
  5. Lack of monies to invest in a hobby
  6. Lack of time or cannot find the time for leisure relaxation
  7. Don't know

My Bucket List

A memo pad with the words "My Bucket List".

A memo pad with the words "My Bucket List".

How to Choose a Hobby

There are hundreds of hobbies to select. People have assorted interests and where to start can be puzzling. The easiest method to find a hobby is to list what you like to do.

Review the list noting that there can be sub-categories to the main description. For example, the word gardening. This list will expand into different types of gardening; earth, water, chemical, hydroponics, aquatic, hydroponics, miniature, stone, flower, vegetables, exotic plants, butterfly, and other specialties. These terms can be broken down into further groupings.

If this list does not give you an answer, review your child hobbies and interests, review former hobbies, ask friends and family, or research online or your local library. After doing this particular exercise you may find you enjoy reading, listening, and investigating.

Through the years some hobbies remain the same. However, with changes in technology, supplies, and techniques there can be renewed excitement to participate.

For example, perhaps you had an interest in making balsa wood airplanes in youth. After many years people now build electronic model planes which may be flown by remote control. Operating drones has become a popular recreational vehicle to fly or to take aerial photographs.

Drone Aerial Photo

A drone with camera (in flight) to take photos.

A drone with camera (in flight) to take photos.

Finding a Unique Hobby

Locating that unique hobby or finding your passion is in truth discovering your identity. With the passage of time; we change. Changes bring about exploration and discovering the new person that you have become. Most people become very bored with life because they keep doing the same things repeatedly or they lack participating in a pleasurable activity.

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Having a hobby renews our spirit for living an enjoyable and fun life. Every decade is a start for something new or different. Exploring for new ideas is an adventure in observation and experiences.

It is not a waste of time to make several changes when selecting a hobby. It just means that you have not discovered your new self. It takes time and patience to find a new passion, hobby, or interest. Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open to new opportunities.

Starting Over:

  • Ask yourself what is pleasurable or fun to do.
  • What type of hobby is worth your time, creativity, and investment?
  • Are you able to manage the new hobby?
  • Is the new hobby rewarding or benefiting to your quality of life.
  • Does your new hobby tap into your creativity?
  • Are you learning new skills?
  • Are you discovering other mysteries about yourself?
  • Is the new hobby meeting your expectations for a social life?
  • Is the new interest holding your attention for hours?
  • Do you like your new hobby?

Artists and Craftsmen are Creative and Imaginative

A stone teddy bear wearing a hand knitted sweater.

A stone teddy bear wearing a hand knitted sweater.

Creativity and Imagination

Creative adults want to do everything and have a problem starting with one. Write all hobby interests on small slips of paper. Place them into a container and shake well. Remove one, two, or three slips of paper. This will be your starting point.

Depending on what has been withdrawn from the container you may wish to return one or two of these suggestions. Make a decision and follow it to completion. For example, you may have drawn "candle making". Complete the candle you wish to make. After doing so return to the pot and select another slip or two and pursue the next project. Returning to the pot for ideas will stop when you find your passion.

Ballroom Dancing

A couple doing ballroom dancing.

A couple doing ballroom dancing.

Negative Thinking

Another problem which some people have is to self-sabotage. Sometimes the reason for not doing a hobby is reasonable. For instance, running may not be possible because of a severely injured knee which is unable to keep the pace. Reading is a good hobby. But you complain about eye fatigue; visit the eye doctor. Corrective lenses or contact lenses will be the remedy which allows you to read without difficulties.

Some people need other people to keep them motivated in an interest. Join a group with similar interests. Selecting group activities or club memberships will encourage and maintain a positive and stimulating environment. Group activities are just as numerous as singular ones.

It is important to have a mental, physical, or spiritual activity which gives meaning and purpose to your life and a feeling of well-being. . Life is to be lived with a variety of experiences including those which are fun and enjoyable..

Yoga Meditation

A group of women practicing yoga meditation at the beach.

A group of women practicing yoga meditation at the beach.

Health Benefits

Hobbies and our passionate interests keep us alive and invigorated with enthusiasm for life. There is always room in a 24-hour day to relish in our favorite pastimes to satisfy our motivations for living with an assortment of life's experiences.

Benefits of Participating in Hobbies and Interests:

  1. Mental distraction from worries; build self-esteem and self worth
  2. Relieve stress and tension; develop a healthy mind and body
  3. Socializing with family and friends; heartfelt importance and happiness
  4. Developing new talents and skills; it may become a new career
  5. Improving memory and mental skills; our brain needs exercises
  6. Nurturing creativity and imagination; helps to think out-of-the-box
  7. Building a strong and healthy body; maintaining peak performance
  8. Developing positive attitudes; negative thinking is undesirable waste

Hobbies To Try in 2019

Hobby Choices

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