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iMAgiNiff... Best Party Game!

iMAgiNiff is a great game for both friends and families.

iMAgiNiff is a great game for both friends and families.

iMAgiNiff is one of those fun party games that can be played by people of any age... even little ones!

Although the box states "ages 12+", I believe this game is suitable for children eight years and older... six years and up if they have an older sibling. You may have to read the cards to them, but what family wouldn't enjoy hearing silly descriptions of each other? As a family game, this is definitely lots of fun.

iMAgiNiff board, original version

iMAgiNiff board, original version

iMAgiNiff board, 10th anniversary version

iMAgiNiff board, 10th anniversary version

iMAgiNiff numbered player cards

iMAgiNiff numbered player cards

iMAgiNiff Game Rules

The point of the game is to match as many answers as possible with other players (in other words, choose the most popular answer).

  1. The board has eight spaces, so begin by filling those spaces with the names of the people playing. If fewer than eight people are in the game, write in other names... select from mutual friends, coworkers, someone famous, cartoon characters, whoever.
  2. Pick a token, and separate the numbered cards by color; give each player their corresponding numbered cards.
  3. The first player rolls the die and the gray (differently shaped) token that number of spaces in either direction around the outside of the board to find the "subject" of the round (i.e., Spiderman).
  4. That player takes a card and inserts Spiderman's name into the question: "If Spiderman were..." and the corresponding numbered answers. That player places the card face up for all players to see.
  5. Individually and without discussion, all players (including the one who rolled) choose the numbered answer they feel would most describe Spiderman. Those who have chosen the most popular answer move their tokens one space forward. The player who rolled the die moves forward two spaces if they chose the most popular answer.
  6. Play moves forward clockwise until someone reaches the center space and is deemed the winner!

In the event of a tie, the group plays a tiebreaker round and a singular winner is announced.

Bonus Cards

The player who has picked this card keeps it. At any time during the game, if the owner of the card feels especially confident of choosing the most popular answer, they can lay down the card along with their numbered card.

If they get the answer right, they move forward that number of spaces in addition to the regular scoring move!

iMAgiNiff Challenge Round

During a challenge round, the player who has arrived on the Challenge space announces their intention to challenge another player (hence, the name of the round). Players may not decline to participate, so get your game face on!

This type of round is played just like a regular round (rolling for a subject and reading a question) except if their answers match, they both move forward four spaces; differing answers mean they must both retreat two spaces.

Original iMAgiNiff vs. 10th Anniversary iMAgiNiff

In the anniversary edition of iMAgiNiff, a new type of round was introduced, called Pick-a-Player. New cards were brought in, whereby no die is rolled and the question corresponding to the color where his token is located is immediately read by the player. The possible answers to this question are he names on the board.

Playing iMAgiNiff with Children vs. Playing with Adults Only

Some of the questions could be considered risqué, although the major concern when playing with youngsters is dated answers, or various unusual topics! They will be probably be unfamiliar with:

  • Roadside billboards
  • The Artist Formerly Known as Prince
  • Frontal lobotomies
  • Forrest Gump
  • Hagar the Horrible

When playing with adults only, why not try adding the names of ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriends, and find out what your friends really thought about them?

iMAgiNiff sample question, 1998 version

iMAgiNiff sample question, 1998 version

iMAgiNiff sample questions, 2008 (10th Anniversary) version

iMAgiNiff sample questions, 2008 (10th Anniversary) version

Sample iMAgiNiff Pick-A-Player Questions

  • iMAgiNiff... we were trying to give something up, Which player would successfully go cold turkey?
  • iMAgiNiff... we were Hostess snack cakes. Which player would be a Twinkie?
  • iMAgiNiff... we were types of exercises. Which player would be a squat thrust?
  • iMAgiNiff... we were fancy cocktails. Which player would have an umbrella?
  • iMAgiNiff... we were investments. Which player would be a bunch of lottery tickets?
  • iMAgiNiff... we were on a sinking boat with only enough time to sabe one item. Which player would save a blow dryer?
  • iMAgiNiff... we were Muppets. Which player would be Kermit?
  • iMAgiNiff... we were vehicles. Which player would be a tank?
  • iMAgiNiff... we were ice cream cones. Which player would have rainbow sprinkles?
  • iMAgiNiff... we were trips. Which player would be a trip to the restroom?
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With 52 Pick-A-Player cards and three questions on each card, there are plenty more where these came from.

Sample iMAgiNiff Questions

iMAgiNiff... your brother was a toy. Which would he be?

  1. Barbie doll
  2. Chemistry set
  3. Teddy bear
  4. Magic set
  5. Transformer
  6. Play-Doh

iMAgiNiff... your mother stepped onto a bus and the only other passenger was her favorite TV star. What would she do?

  1. Ignore the star
  2. Politely say hello but respect their privacy
  3. Tell the star about a great creative idea
  4. Offer a critique of the star's work
  5. Nervously ask for an autograph
  6. Drop their jaw and scream, "I LOVE YOU!"

iMAgiNiff... your best friend were a weather forecast. Which would he/she do?

  1. Severe thunderstorms
  2. Partly cloudy
  3. Freezing rain
  4. Breezy
  5. Heat wave
  6. Fair and mild

iMAgiNiff... your father were a tool. Which would he be?

  1. Monkey wrench
  2. Shovel
  3. Vice
  4. Leaf blower
  5. Orbital sander
  6. Chainsaw

iMAgiNiff... your sister were a bad habit. Which would he/she be?

  1. Tailgating
  2. Interrupting
  3. Constant texting
  4. Thumb sucking
  5. Late night snacking
  6. Teeth grinding

There are 212 iMAgiNiff question cards, so that leaves plenty more to find out and laugh about with your friends, family members, work buddies, or whoever you feel like playing with!


Rachel Vega (author) from Massachusetts on June 17, 2012:

Thanks so much, Why!! (Apologies for the late response - I was traveling.)

It's so great to hear there are more Imaginiff fans out there. Thanks again for the comment and stopping by.

WhydThatHappen on June 16, 2012:

One of my favorite games to play! The answers are always fun to laugh about- especially when an answer hits the nail on the head. My favorite question has to be "If X was a construction worker, what would his/her job be?" the answers are something like Foreman- putting up traffic cones- architect - etc.

Rachel Vega (author) from Massachusetts on June 07, 2012:

If you ever get the chance to play, do try it! Thanks so much for stopping by, Christy. :^)

Christy Birmingham from British Columbia, Canada on June 07, 2012:

I had never heard of this game. Interesting. I used to play board games as a child and would love to start again.

Rachel Vega (author) from Massachusetts on May 31, 2012:

Thanks, teaches! I enjoy this game with kids because there's no skill involved. Thanks for commenting! :^)

Dianna Mendez on May 31, 2012:

Playing board games is a great option for kids and would get them away from the tech influence for awhile. The questions are challenging enough to keep them intereted. Thanksf or sharing.

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