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Who Is More Powerful, Kratos from God of War or the Hulk?

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God of War Trailer for PC:

First off, great news! God of War is coming to PC on January 14, 2022!

So, to answer this question, one must know about Kratos, so that one can scale him for the Marvel Universe.

1. This is Kratos when we last left him in Greece:


At this point, he has killed the entire Greek Pantheon. His murders include:

Zeus - Only in the God of War Games, not in the comics

I may have missed some but those are the main Gods he has slain by the end of his time in Greece killing Olympians.

He also killed Titans, the titans he killed are as follows:


2. Here is Kratos where we last left him in Midgard having slain:


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He is much older, and wiser at this point. He is not as quick to anger, and really only rages to protect his family. Based on feats, I’m going to be assuming Old Kratos is the one we’re talking about. (Simply because he has all of their feats combined, rather than removing any of his feats from the newest game.


Zeus in God of War was shown to be fairly weak. He only had super strength, the ability to throw lightning bolts, and shapeshift. This is much weaker than the comic book version who is capable of stealing people’s strength, and removing their healing factors. He’s a monster and the GOW Zeus pales by comparison.

Hercules was only shown to be extremely strong, and he seemed to rely on his weapons, the Nemean Guantlets, for some of his strength.

So to say that Kratos is immediately at Sky Father Tier because he has defeated Zeus in his games, would be folly. While he may be near that level, we can’t immediately assume this.

3. Kratos VS Marvel Heroes/Villains


So we need to look at some of the upper level feats that Kratos has exhibited so that we can properly rate him. (We’re going to use the stats that Marvel rates their characters with)

  • Durability: Another of his best showings - 6 or 7
  • Having tanked lightning bolts from Zeus, survived in the River Styx, and climbed back from hades, he seems to be unkillable. He impaled himself with the Blade of Olympus, leaving a gnarly scar in his stomach once the giant hole had healed, and yet he didn’t die.
    In his battle with Baldr, first battle, he was punched several meters into the sky at times and knocked through stone, beaten and bloodied, but healed within a matter of seconds when given a chance to recover.
  • This would suggest a healing factor that rivals Wolverine’s but is slightly below, given that he needs some time where he’s not receiving injuries for his healing factor to kick in.
  • Energy: Fairly High - 4 or 5
  • Capable of using various magic abilities, his most famous being his Spartan Rage which seems to make him invulnerable and much stronger for a period of time.
  • Fire of Ares, Ice of Poseidon, Lightning of Zeus, Soul of Hades - all various spells that are used offensively
  • Access to Runic Magic based on what runes he outfits his shield talisman with varying from fire blasts, to ice spikes, to advanced healing
  • Fighting Skills: Skilled warrior - 7
  • Kratos is a trained spartan warrior, one of the best of Sparta which is what initially drew the God of War, Ares, attention to him. Couple this with the skills he learned on his adventures, the various fighting combos he learns as he goes, and he’s definitely a skilled warrior.
  • I’d put him on the same level as The Punisher or Captain America in terms of fighting skills. He’s skilled with a bow, knives, chained weapons, axes, swords, fisticuffs.
  • Intelligence: Pretty high - 6
  • Kratos solves many puzzles on his journeys from simple shape matching puzzles, to advanced puzzles involving the moving of mirrors to force light to a location, or solving labyrinths.
  • Certainly not the most intelligent individual, but certainly wise and not at all stupid
  • Speed: No truly great showings - 2 (I’m giving him the same as Cap)
  • Seems to sprint at similar speeds to any normal human. The boots of Hermes certainly allow bursts of speed, but they don’t seem to be much more than around 30mph(Please correct me if I’m wrong)
  • Strength: Probably his best showing. - 7
  • Preventing Atlas, who holds the earth eternally, from crushing him with his hand.
  • Grip strength and lifting strength are not the same thing, as we all know. But, Atlas surely has a grip strength far beyond what any mortal can fathom. Likely several thousand tons, if not hundreds of thousands of tons of grip pressure. And Kratos was able to prevent him from fully closing his hand.
  • Lifting the Hammer of Thrym off of it’s resting point to knock it to the ground. Leverage of course helped, but that’s still thousands of tons of rock that he was able to lift.
  • Flipping the temple of Tyr which is the point that all 9 realms are tied to

So, Kratos is pretty high tier if we take his scores as:
Durability 6, Energy 4, Fighting Skills 7, Intelligence 6, Speed 2, Strength 7


By Comparison the Hulk is scored by marvel as:

Durability 7, Energy 5, Fighting Skills 4, Intelligence 6, Speed 3, Strength 7

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