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Idle Heroes Guide: Campaign Tips and Tricks!

Kristian has always played games and insists that he will never grow out of it! His dream is to play with a pro gamer one day.


This Idle Heroes guide has been created to help those who are stuck on the campaign; at any level. It shows the free and easy steps to make sure that you are overcoming the campaign at any level you are struggling with and how to do it quickly and effectively.


Try and Try Again

The first point in this Idle Heroes guide is to be persistent because of the luck mechanic (or RNG).

As there is a large amount of calculations going on in the background to calculate if your heroes have hit and if so how much damage is done or if it is a critical hit.

Sometimes it pays to just run the battle several times. You will be surprised how often you can "luck" your way through a round.

You just have to pray to the Idle Heroes gods that you stun an enemy hero at the right time or land that clutch critical hit!

Identify Your Key Heroes

Look at which of your characters is most important for your success. This can be down to:

  • the type of damage they are putting out
  • the de-buffs they apply
  • their ability to crowd control (stun)
  • the healing
  • the single burst damage they put down
  • or many more

Each round can be hard for different reasons. For example if they have a team heavily based around healing, a few well timed stuns can be crucial to ensure you are killing their heroes before they can heal back up. If this is the case, your CC (crowd control) heroes are vital for passing the campaign round.

Once you know who is the most important for your Idle Heroes progression, you can focus your changes on this character to improve your odds of success. This is a key step for many of the next steps.


Level Up your Heroes

This is probably the most obvious one in this Idle Heroes guide. A lot of the time you just need to be patient to gather coins and green orbs to level up your hero. This point is particularly prevalent if you haven't "max'ed" out your heroes levels. The difference a few levels can make is pretty huge, so make sure that you are claiming from the idle farming of the campaign often to access the resources required to level up your hero.

If you are looking to beat a level quickly, consider other methods to gather resources to level up your Idle Heroes such as the marketplace, tavern quests or the Tower of Oblivion.

Once you have these resources, ensure that you are focusing your resources into your key heroes. For example, if your back line is dying quickly you probably don't need to upgrade your tank / warrior in the front line.

Evolve Your Heroes

The term "evolve" is used in this Idle Heroes Guide to mean level up your Idle Hero past their current level cap using purple orbs.

Always upgrade your heroes in order to make them stronger and increase the level cap of your hero. Even if you can level them up any further, just evolving them unlocks new abilities and upgrades the stats significantly enough to make a massive difference.

If you heroes aren't max'ed out or fully evolved then it is a case of finding the resources and upgrading your hero. Although always consider your long term plan. There may be certain heroes which you do not plan to use for very long, therefore consider taking the longer route to upgrade heroes that are higher star rated in order to improve your team overall.

An example would be a 4 star hero at level 70 vs a 5 star hero at level 50. You may decide that it is a better investment to improve your 5 star hero as they can exceed the level 80 cap of the 4 star hero.

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Re-Position Your Heroes

If you are stuck on a particularly tricky campaign stage, consider why your team is losing. The first place to look which of your heroes is dying first; is it your key hero?

Rotate your heroes around to try and place your key heroes in the best possible position to help you out. If their enemy team is putting out heavy back-line damage, consider moving your key hero into the second spot of the front line to avoid some of the high AoE (area of effect) damage that mages can put out.

Upgrade Your Items

This can be costly, but can make all the difference particularly when you have hit the level cap for your Idle Heroes.

The items have a significant impact on your Idle Heroes overall stats; don't neglect to keep their items upgraded. Many of the reward loot items from the campaign are items, which can be crafted and accumulated into better items.

You can also pursue items through different means, such as through the Brave Trials or through you guild.

Upgrade Artefacts and Allocate Efficiently

Artefacts are unlocked partially through the campaign. They are essentially items that you allocate to your Idle Heroes that buff their stats. They can be made stronger by combining artefacts that can be farmed through the campaign.

Particularly for later levels, this can be a really key tweek that can have a large impact. Artefacts will offer bonus damage to certain classes. Ensure that you key damage hero has the best artefact that you have access to, considering the class that you are struggling against in the campaign battle.

For example, if the enemy have a lot of priests that are healing obnoxiously, place an artefact with % bonus damage against priest on your assassin to increase your chances of killing one off quickly.

An artefact with benefits this good would be wasted on your tank or worse, not used at all!


Upgrade Crystal Stones

The crystal stones on your hero are unlocked once they reach level 40. They provide a variety of benefits and can be upgraded using dust obtained through the campaign, market place etc.

If you are struggling to get passed a campaign level, upgrading these can be a simple way to power up your team.

Align Crystal Stone Stats

Similarly to the artefact items, always ensure that the stats that you are allocating to your Idle Heroes are relevant to what you want them to achieve.

As the crystal stone stats are fairly random when upgrading, considering spending some extra crystals to ensure that you are getting stats which are useful. For example you want to give HP to you tanks and damage to your damage dealers.

It can be a quick fix if you have inefficient stats on your team due to the crystal stones not being properly managed.

Guild Tech

Within the guild menu there is a tech option. This allows you to boost the stats of your hero classes, through spending gold and guild coins.

This is a more costly way and usually inefficient at lower levels, but when your heroes are getting towards being max'ed out this is a excellent way to ensure that your team is still improving.

It is always recommended to spend your guild coins on stronger heroes before upgrading the tech though, so bear this in mind as it is really cost inefficient at low levels. This is exacerbated by the fact that it is all percentage based so unless your heroes are already strong you won't get much benefit.

For example:

  • 1% of 100 is 1
  • 1% of 10000 is 100

This is probably the only point in this Idle Heroes guide which isn't recommended for everyone!

Good Luck!

This just about sums up this Idle Hero guide for overcoming the campaign if you are stuck. There are many things that you can fiddle with in order to improve your chances.

Most of the time the best option is bide your time and upgrade your heroes, although as you get towards maxing out 5 star heroes this becomes harder.

With the tweaks advised above, with trial and with patience you will eventually overcome the campaign!

I have included a few references below which you may also find useful for further information:

© 2017 Kristian Howe

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