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"I.B. ~ The Future Destined by Unsociable Me" (Visual Novel) Game Walkthrough

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The Game

I.B. ~The Future, Destined by Unsociable Me is a visual novel game made by Entabridge Co., Ltd. (creator of Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors). It’s a visual novel that is especially made for smartphone users. It is one of the very popular series with over 500,000 downloads.

It’s a science-fiction youth story with a visual novel game style, where the untalkative main character and a little-off lady deal with various incidents. The full version is 100% complementary. It’s easy, smooth and comfortable to read.



“Kazuto Sorai” is a genius hacker boy, who by the trigger of one incident develops a communication support AI, and applies for an App Development Contest. That app gained massive attention from the company which hosted the contest, and one day a lady who works at the company visited him.

What is the mysterious project for “PEACE”? What is their ideal future?



Kazuto Sorai

“What you’re doing is a crime, you know?”

  • He is an 11th-grade high-school boy. He became super untalkative by the trigger of one incident. He aims at winning the App Development Contest.

Rin Kikuchi

“Oh? Kazuto Kun, don't ignore that one~”

  • She is a member of the recruitment acting committee for the App Development Contest. She is so self-assertive and really doesn’t listen to what others say. However, Rin is a good person at heart.


“I.B. wants to look more toned~”

  • A communication AI, which Kazuto created. I.B. is smart, cute and a bit off.

Chapter 1: Encounter

Accept the coverage?

  • Yes

What are you gonna do?

  • Together go to the area

What are you gonna do?

  • Look for her, without calling her name

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Chapter 2: Infatuation and Love

  • (Answer the phone)

What should you do?

  • Change the ads and...
  • (Answer the phone)

What should you do?

  • Head for the airport

Chapter 3: Boss and Subordinate

What are the keywords for searching?

  • Otsukaresama desu (Great work!)

Makino San...

  • Doesn't want Demizu San to die

What are you gonna do?

  • Don't go home

Chapter 4: Malice

What should you do?

  • Look for a chat log

What am I gonna do?

  • Go poke around with Rin

What are you gonna do?

  • Cover and save Saya

What am I gonna do?

  • Bring my cellphone

What are we gonna do?

  • Run away together

Chapter 5: The Past

This is a give-away chapter. You don't have to make any choices to complete the story. Simply read, complete and enjoy it to get a good ending.

Chapter 6: The Future

What should I do?

  • Talk to Rin again

What is Rin thinking?

  • Still thinking

Chapter 7: Final

I will

  • Initialize I.B.

How to Unlock the Bonus Chapter

If you complete all the chapters with a 100% achievement rate, you will see the special chapter. Each chapter has subchapters. Go back to the ones where you have to select an option that doesn't give you the good ending to acquire the bad and other endings. After completion of all the endings (good and bad), you will be able to unlock the bonus chapter.

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