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Humans + Minecraft Mod, Minecraft NPCs. Pirates, Elves, Hunters, Horses and Women!

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Is your Minecraft world lonely? Do you yearn for the company of other people? If so, the Humans + Minecraft world is a mod that will warm the coals of your blocky heart. Humans + works with Mo'Creatures, and it's a nice compliment to that mod too.

There are several different kinds of possible human spawns, each with an alignment (good or evil) and with interesting drops if you decide to go about slaughtering them. Let's explore some of the people you can expect to share your world with.


Pirates are evil and will spawn wherever a significant body of water lies. They spawn in boats, and if you have Mo'Creatures installed then they will also have a parrot on their shoulders. If you should slay a pirate, or if a pirate should meet his watery demise then he will leave behind a chest of loot. The life of pirate mostly consists of fishing on the high seas. Items obtained with the pirate's trusty fishing rod will be added to his inventory, and his chest should he pass away.

Pirates are more than capable of declaring war on other pirates. If a pirate loses his boat, he will attack another pirate in order to take his. If you happen to leave one of your own boats unattended, a pirate will have no compunction about stealing it from you.

If you are playing on peaceful you need not fear Pirates, but if you are playing on any other difficulty level, pirates will come after you.


The Rogue stalks the dark nights looking for prey. He is pure evil and will maim you without the slightest bit of guilt. In the day time he spawns in dark forests and in the night he spawns almost anywhere. The only advantage you have over this wily trickster is the fact that he moves slowly.

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The hunter is a noble soul and will not do you any harm. You, on the other hand, might want to do him some harm because he drops diamonds, redstone dust and iron ingots.


The knight is also a noble soul, but he has something of a Highlander complex and will attack other knights if he lays eyes on them.

Wild Horses

Wild horses have no particular allegiance but they will sometimes spawn with knights or hunters on them.


Poor fellows doing their best to get by in the world, Settlers are good mobs that don't drop much of any use to a high powered minecrafter. Still, if you have a hankering for sticks and bits of wood, or perhaps a bit of paper or coal if you're lucky, slay one.

These are but a few of the new inhabitants of your Minecraft world. If you want to discover more, why not download the mod and sally forth in your newly populated lands?


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