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Ark Genesis: How to tame a Ferox?

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In today's article, we will analyze a creature that at first glance will cause us a feeling of indescribable tenderness, and will make us want to hug and squeeze it as if it were our real-life pet. Of course, we are talking about the great Ferox: one of the creatures available in the Ark: Survival Evolved Genesis expansion.


The Ferox is a curious creature by nature, it will approach any survivor it detects in its surroundings, only when they are walking on the ground and does not perceive the player as a threat. If you find yourself on the back of a creature, the Ferox will not approach. When near the player it will make a sniffing gesture towards him and if it has no Element with it, it will move away (although sometimes it may return). However, there is a remote possibility that it will show its other side, adopting a more aggressive approach. Either when consuming Element, or in rare situations, without consuming it. The Ferox will transform into a larger, more aggressive version of itself, with more wolf-like facial features and huge muscles. Both forms have six limbs, with the middle arms being slightly smaller than the upper arms. Under his giant mutated form, he will mercilessly kill anything he sees, until he reverts to his smaller form.


What are the roles that a Ferox can fulfill?

All-terrain mount: The Ferox, thanks to its ability to climb surfaces, great jumping ability and ability to transform between shoulder pet and mount, is an ideal candidate to become a perfect mount to make trips in areas with complex terrain. Remember, however, that it will not be able to climb on surfaces that are steeper than 90 degrees, and that it is a lousy swimmer. All this in conjunction with its high attack damage, its ability to throw rocks with devastating effects (even when hanging on a surface) or the ability to wear a helmet to reduce the damage it receives, are other reasons why this mount can become a great ally for your trip.

Pet: The Ferox can ride on the shoulders of a Survivor when in its small form. This, combined with its buff and cute appearance, makes the Ferox an ideal pet.

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Buffs: Like the Otter, the Ferox, whether large and mounted or on a Survivor's shoulder, will provide a buff of +225 hyperthermic protection and +225 hypothermic protection. This makes them an ideal mount to have in most cold or warm environments, such as the Arctic biome or the Volcano biome in Genesis: Part 1.

Assault Machine: When in its large form, the Ferox can throw rocks. This is very effective in PvP as it allows it to destroy stone structures. This, combined with a Tek Hover Skiff, creates a formidable Raid Machine, which is difficult to defend against. When using this strategy in PvP, stay out of range of enemy turrets, while throwing rocks with the Ferox.


How to tame a Ferox?

There is a fairly simple method to try to tame this angelic-faced beast, for this we must load up on Element to feed it, and plenty of hooks for our ever-reliable crossbow. The strategy is concise: head to the Arctic biome to meet a Ferox, feed it with Element to transform it, and move away to a high vantage point, using the crossbow hook, to prevent it from harming us. Since the Ferox in the wild cannot keep its aggressive form for a long time, we can simply wait for it to return to its small form, once this is achieved, we repeat the procedure again until we manage to sift our powerful Ferox.


The Ferox is a very fragile creature, it poses no danger unless it transforms. When the Ferox is in its aggressive form its stats increase exponentially, plus it can dismount players from their mounts, which can leave you vulnerable to a beating of epic proportions. Would you be up for taming this magnificent creature?

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