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How to reach master division in Call Of Duty league play

The different divisons of league play


How the league play ranking system works.

Firstly I will try to explain how the ranking system for league play works as allot of players seem to have misleading idea about how they are ranked/ how they promoted up divisions.
Once you have played five games and the “awaiting placement” message has gone you are given a division, which can be anything from the following:

  • Iron division ( Bottom twenty percent of players)
  • Bronze division (Next 20 percent)
  • Silver division(Next 20 percent of players)
  • Gold division(Next 20 percent of players)
  • Platinum division(Next 18 percent of players)
  • Master division(Top 2 percent of players)


Within a division you are given a number or ‘rank’ as it’s known. This number tells you where you are in relation to other players in your division and it can range from ’1′ to ’200′. This is because each division contains 200 players. Climbing the ranks is done by winning games and earning points for doing so. The more points you have versus other players, the higher your rank will get.

As you rank up, your division emblem may change in appearance. This is because subdivisions have their own variations on each division’s emblem.

Rank 101 to 200 = Bog-standard emblem version
Rank 51 to 100 = Slightly more intricate version
Rank 26 to 50 = Yet more detail
Rank 11 to 25 = Even more detail
Rank 10 to 1 = The best version of all

Rising up the ranks

Although Treyarch has yet to release exact details on the points and ranking system and probably never will, winning a game nets you a certain amount of points from 10 to 150 plus a daily bonus of 100 if you have any daily points left. 200 points are added daily to restock your daily bonus.

Losing a game usually results in the subtraction of points but sometimes you may just see “0″ points lost. Therefore winning games is the key, not how well you or your teammates do in any given game. However, a number of players suggest score per minute (SPM) has a bearing on your ability to get into the Masters Division (and perhaps Platinum, too). This would backup claims that playing for the objective in the Championship Series helps your chance of gaining a higher rank because doing so gives you added points.

My divison rank as of May2013

My divison rank as of May2013

Step 1 : Maximise your placement games.

Although not the be all and end regarding your position in the league(s) the placements game are undeniably very important to your future in the leagues, you should always attempt to make to the most of them by playing at a time when you are confident you wont have to leave early or disconnect from any of the 5 games as forfeiting even one of them could be the difference between you being placed in different divisions e.g silver or gold. Although no one is entirely sure how these placement games works what we do know is , that by winning four of these games you will be placed in the gold division and depending on the skill of the players you won against possibly even higher. It is rare to be put in the master division straight from the placement games, the much more common scenario is you are placed in the platinum division and then after winning a couple of games you are then promoted to the top division.


Step 2: Find teammates !

Although not always suited to people who struggle to find people to play with or simply prefter to play alone undoubtedly teams are a great way to reach higher ranks. By playing in a team you reduce the risk of being placed in a team with people who could drag down your score by playing poorly or quitting early (putting you at huge disadvantage as no compensation is given). If your looking for people to game with I would recommend visiting the forums on or similar websites like and posting in the cod black ops 2 section as it always features people searching for people to play with. Playing in teams can be extremely helpful especially in gamemodes like search and destroy where the communication can make winning the game a lot easier than if you were playing by yourself as everyone has a role e.g taking the bomb and planting etc.

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Fariko gaming one of the most successful call of duty teams.


Step 3: Use the correct class!

Many newer players have one class that they use no matter what, this is an extremely poor idea when trying to win games as each map/gametype calls for a different class e.g smgs for hardpoint.I found the thing that worked best for me was having 5 very different classes one was an smg for hardpoint, an assualt rifle which could be used for any gametype and then a sniper rifle for search and destroy etc. Players looking to reach any divisons above silver should definitely use suitable classes for each different gametype / map some of which can be found in the video I have linked below!

On a side note: An example of a class I would use for ctf would be :

m8a1 ( Red dot, stock)

Kap 40


Toughness- Scavenger


Trophy system

Class set up video.

Step 4: Don't leave games!

We don't know much about the scoring system for league play but what we know for sure is by leaving you suffer the maximum score loss of 150 points and also the prospect of probation time. If you are losing you should try play on as all it takes is one big play or scorestreaks to turn the whole game round but if you really feel like you have no chance then find a spot where you can camp without being killed to much so you don't have to suffer the penalties of quitting early.

Step 5: Play with friends in low divisons

This trick wont always work but when it does it's a gem and particular favourite of mine. Say for example your in gold division trying to reach platinum but can't seem to win many games against the people in your division find a friend who say is in bronze division and let them host a game. Then let allow them search with you in their party and in theory (usually but doesn't always work) you will find a game against people who are similarly ranked to them this should result in you being able to win games with much more ease and generate more score.

Here we see a platinum player matched with bronze competitors as a result of who he searched with!


Step 6: When it comes to playing against teams go hard!

Unbeknownst to many people treyarch give huge bonuses when you beat ranked teams of four people while playing by yourself or with just one other person. These bonuses come in the form of division jumps which basically allow you move up whole divisons bypassing all the people who may have more score than you simply because you beat these teams who in theory you should have been beaten by. So when you come up against teams of 4 people don't be tempted to leave or disconnect stay in and try to beat them to earn big! This was particularly helpful as one win versus a master team took me for gold rank 47 to platinum rank 18.

A quick synopsis on how to improve your chances of winning!

  • Use conservative Killstreaks you can get relatively easily and ones that benefit the whole team, such as a sentry gun in capture-based games or a Counter-UAV to block out enemy radar.
  • Play with friends: A solo player can team up with two friends, while a team needs a minimum of four. A good team of players lessens the chance of being lumbered with players who die a lot and contribute little to the team.
  • Use the guns you are best with: A challenge is fun but if you want to rank up there’s no point in making life more difficult. As much as it hurts to say, there’s a valid reason why people love using the AN-94 and light machine guns with the Target Painter.
  • Refrain from running into the open: Regardless of whether playing League Play or not, running into an open part of a map is unlikely to end well.
  • Communicate: If you have just been killed, let your team know where and how many players you saw. Extra information will benefit the rest of your tea.
  • Make use of cover: If you know an enemy is coming or have a gut feeling they will, get behind some cover or go prone.
  • Concussion grenades are evil. Not only do they make life difficult for a player who has just been hit by one, it gives you a clue where a player or players are via a hit-marker.

Best of luck and enjoy!



Aidan Mc Donnell (author) from Ireland on August 24, 2013:

Yeah I guess that could work too, but when anchoring I always seem to be running low on ammo.

Haj on August 23, 2013:

Very informative, although I don't see why you would run scavenger over fast hands for your 2nd perk, to each their own.

Aidan Mc Donnell (author) from Ireland on August 01, 2013:

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion but I'd love if you could give me a reason why think that. So I can prove in the future!

CodisStupid on July 31, 2013:

this is bullshit

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