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How to raise you SPM / Score Per Minute on Call of Duty Black Ops 2 ( BO2 )



In this guide I will talk about things that you can do to raise your score per minute. This includes tricks to use, weapons, game modes, and what your overall strategy should be to raise a number that to most is more important than your K/D ratio on Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

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What is SPM Score per minute

Score per minute is a newer feature to the Call of Duty games in which it highlights your effectiveness in games. This is what most clans, and teams, and people consider the new KD Ratio. This is because anyone could potentially have a good kill to death ratio simply by camping. BUT to have a good score per minute you need to actually be active on your team, help your team, and not camp. You essentially must be good at the game modes you play. Good score per minutes are usually based on anything above 200.. Anything above 200 means you are on good progress to build your stats, and make the most out of your gameplay. When you are playing you should do a number of things to increase your score within the game to make the best score per minute possible.

What Game modes to play..

Typically the best game modes to play are objective based games. This is preventing campers, and will give you more than just kills as a way to earn points. Typically core is better than hardcore, but my team only plays hardcore capture the flag typically and we maintain a good score per minute. With that being said, we also play nuketown, and similar game modes which really allows for one to have a high score per minute. This will typically allow for people to boost their numbers higher and the games are usually short.

When choosing a game mode, choose one that will allow you to use your strengths. Also remember that camping will usually KILL your score per minute, and allow other people to have a significantly higher score per minute than you.


This is and will always be a big part of any success guide I write. These are extremely crucial as well to have a high score per minute. When you throw an EMP Grenade for any equipment it takes out you receive 50 points, which on objective games can usually mean 100+ points between betty's and shock charges on the objective point. Not to mention you get 50 points for an assist for every player it hits, which in some game modes like kill confirmed is the same points you get for getting a kill. AND finally you get 125 points for every score streak you take out with an EMP grenade. This also provides good use.. Essentially you can have more points from just your EMP grenades than kills and objectives in a game. This will greatly increase your SPM.

Guns to use..

When you are trying to raise your score per minute the best thing to do is use your best guns. Although this may be tough if a LMG gun or sniper rifle is your best gun, but whatever gets your kills is the best gun to use. I suggest using a sub machine gun or assault rifle. Solely for the mobility. This will allow you to move a lot, and to have the best success when you are playing the game. When you are choosing the gun, also choose the right attachments for the game mode.. For instance in hardcore I may do a sub machine gun with a laser and silencer, but in core will use FMJ's and a silencer. Those allow me the best success when I am trying to play either game mode.

Strategy to follow.

The best strategy I can usually suggest is sneaking into their area to get the objective, and getting as many kills as possible. FOR INSTANCE. On capture the flag, I will usually grab the flag, stay in their spawn, and take as many out as possible before running back with the flag. I can usually get a stealth chopper or better each time I run the flag back. Overall your goal should be to get kills near objectives. Unless you are playing team deathmatch, there is always something your team is trying to achieve, and those who are attempting that get rewarded with more points. And since the score per minute is your total score for that game divided by the time, then you want to max out your points each game. This means you should always be around objectives helping your team get that win.


The most important thing to remember is practice. Practice makes perfect and over time you will notice that you get better, learn the spawns and secrets, and allow you to do better each game. Over time this will make you a better teammate, better player, and have more fun. But overall don't stress out to much because your stats can be reset at any time once you get good, and you will be able to reset those stats that are so important to you.

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So to raise your score per minute remember to throw EMP grenades, get the objective, be in their area, use an effective gun, and have fun. Remember this is just a game, and at any time you can reset your stats with a prestige token, and be able to reset your stats. This will allow you to be the most effective, and get that ratio up that to some is more important than a win ratio or kd ratio.


ch on September 21, 2015:

No I would rather not cheat

TooManyPotatoes on December 13, 2013:

My score per minute is reaching 700 and I average between 4000-7000 points per game and on my really good games, I break 8000 points. The gametype I always play is Hardcore Kill Confirmed because there is just so many chances to get points. I try my best to play on smaller maps like Hijacked and Nuketown and I make sure to play on the highest sensitivity to keep my reaction time as quick as possible. I rush and pick up tags and it works for me. If you're trying to get a high score per minute, I suggest trying out Hardcore Kill Confirmed if you haven't already, good luck!

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on April 30, 2013:

Yes this is true.. Although I think certain weapons are effective on certain game modes.. For instance.. A LOT of core players jump onto hardcore when doing their semi automatic sniper rifles to make doing their diamond snipers easier to get.

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Wraith on April 29, 2013:

Multi-Team is a little like Faceoff from MW3. It's a LOT better when you're partied up with two of your friends. I'd imagine it's also a pretty good gametype for challenge grinding some of your less preferred weapons.

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on April 25, 2013:

I haven't really ever played multi team.. I think I did it once when the game first came out, but I focus strongly on Hardcore, especially since the release of domination a couple weeks ago. I think this is a good step treyarch has made for Hardcore players, and I will be addicted to that until a newer game mode comes out, more zombies, or modern warfare 4 comes out.

Wraith on April 10, 2013:

Oh, recently, a few friends and I played a few rounds of multi-team. First, let me point out that I rarely break 3000 points in any game type, and I rarely break 2000 in most of them. However, I scored 3500 points minimum in the three or so games of multi-team, and even got 4500 in one of them. Of course, I'm not a big fan of multi-team unless I'm playing with a few friends. It just feels rather wrong, IMHO.

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on March 31, 2013:

I mean, personally I like the nuketown/bonus game modes.. free for all is okay, but honestly any game mode can boost your SPM but search and destroy, and party games, it just depends on the player.

MajorNaise on March 20, 2013:

In my oppinion, free for all is the best game mode to boost your spm. My one is 540 and im not the best player, you just can kill ANYONE in the lobby what is really fun ;D

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on March 05, 2013:

Yes they do away with Nuketown 24/7 but give it back to us at least on Xbox 360 for each of the double xp weekends.. Haha and yes nuketown hardpoint is BEAST

Wraith on February 26, 2013:

Unfortunately, AFAIK, on the PC, they've done away with the Nuketown 24/7 playlist in favor of the typical Chaos Moshpit. Map rotation? All the standard maps + Nuketown. So annoying... I JUST WANT NUKETOWN HARDPOINT!!!!

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on February 25, 2013:

Sadly I am maxed out on prestige, which I sent an email explaining to Treyarch how a majority of us are now maxed out and it would be nice if they added more prestiges for the double xp weekend, but no response, and no fix. Either way, I spent my time playing Nuketown.. Whole bunch of inexperienced players there, and was averaging 400-500 score per minute each game even on kill confirmed.. I am always happy when they bring in Nuketown 24/7 haha

Wraith on February 24, 2013:

My younger (well, youngest) brother just brought up an interesting point. Sharpshooter on a Double XP weekend. Think about it. Quick matches, score bonuses, and the double points kill 'streak' and last weapon.

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on February 04, 2013:

Nice, yes hardpoint is an excellent way to get points.. I personally do not like domination because I have had bad experiences with it, but think that's not a bad game mode either under certain circumstances.. Like... if they put hardcore domination in the game like they've supposed to for a while now...

Wraith on February 02, 2013:

Hardpoint and Domination are 2 good gametypes for getting lots of points (in my experience). And while I will certainly agree that using a lighter weapon will most likely help, I got my first quad feed (and frenzy kill) in Hardpoint on Nuketown with a QBB (blindsided the ENTIRE enemy team in the green building (I entered through the garage) and just held down the trigger, didn't bother with ADS). Oh, and that's "first quad feed in ANY game, BTW. :D

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