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How to Play Gods Unchained and Earn Crypto


Gods Unchained is a Play to Earn, so you may play the game and earn rewards. In this case, rewards are not only cosmetics but also Cryptos. $Gods to be precise, based on the Ethereum Blockchain. To be able to gather those rewards, you will need a Digital Wallet like Metamask. The game is a Freemium so you can play for free and you can only buy cosmetic items or cards if you deem it necessary.

Gods Unchained is a Trading Card Game that let you play as one of the six Gods available. Each God focuses on a different sphere of influence or a different side of things.

The Gods are:

  • Ludia, Goddess of Deception
  • Malissus, Goddess of Death
  • Thaeriel, God of Light
  • Elyrian, God of Magic
  • Aeona, Goddess of Nature
  • Auros, God of War

To make the gameplay different, each divinity has three special power. At the beginning of each match, you can choose one from them to use in that battle.

Brief descriptions of the deities.

Brief descriptions of the deities.

How to Play

Starting the game you will receive a Starter Deck for each God. So you can start playing right away for Free.

The starter decks and each deck you will create must follow some simple rules:

  • Must be a 30-card deck.
  • Can only contain cards aligned with the God you are impersonating and "Neutral" Cards.

The Neutral cards are cards not aligned to a specific God and so are available in every deck.

You may learn the game basics playing solo or jumping in the competitive scene in ranked mode.

To play your cards you will need mana. At the beginning of your turn, you will receive mana. The Amount of max mana available depends on the specific turn you are playing.

In the first five turns, you will receive the same mana amount as the turn you are playing. So, Turn One - One Mana, Turn Two - Two mana, and so on up to Turn Five - Five mana. Then the increase will slow down and you will receive the sixth mana on turn seven and the seventh mana on turn nine. The eighth mana will be available starting on turn twelve. And the ninth mana will be available from turn fifteen. For this reason, when building decks, it is important not to include too many high-cost cards.

Tips and Tricks

Playing Gods Unchained it's not so difficult if you already know some other card game. The developer behind the game come from other card games like MTG: Arena. Often the game mechanics are similar but with a different name. Void is the name of the Graveyard, Obliterate is the Exile Zone, and so on.


Differently from other games, in Gods Unchained you can also gain Favor. Favor let you buy cards during the matches and adds them to your hand. The Sanctum is available during matches on the right side of the Interface. The Price ranges from thirteen to seventeen. Those cards will be available only for the matches you buy them and will disappear at the end of the game. Unused Flavor will disappear too.

This can become useful as a way of gaining Card Advantage over the opponent. Or as a way to recover if we fall behind during the game. Many new players are unaware of this.

Mana Fragments

The second trick is how to use mana fragments. At the start of the game, we receive one or three fragments (depending on whether we start On the draw or On the play.)

As previously noted, mana production slows down after the fifth turn.
By playing a fragment at the right time we could access the sixth mana before the opponent. The same can be done for any other higher mana like seventh, eighth, or ninth.
This gives you an advantage by being able to cast the most powerful cards in our deck in advance.

Or we can simply use them early in the game to cast two low-cost spells.

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The choice depends on the type of game we want to set up with our deck and the cards we have in hand at the moment.

In this image you can see the Sanctum tab open with the options to buy with the Favor.

In this image you can see the Sanctum tab open with the options to buy with the Favor.

How to collect Crypto

By playing the Game you can collect Crypto in two different ways:

  • Forging high-quality cards and selling them as NFT on Immutable X
  • Gaining $Gods via ranked special events and Claim your rewards

The Simplest way of collecting Crypto is by playing Ranked Events.

At the moment of this writing, you can participate in weekend events with payments in $Gods and Card packs.

To be eligible for the weekly Rewards you must participate in ranked mode and play up to 25 matches.

The better your win rate, the better the rewards in card packs.
Some may directly contain NFTs that can be directly placed on the secondary market if not needed for our decks.

The reward in $ Gods is instead linked to the number of active players participating in the event.

The developers have announced their willingness to switch to a daily reward, which is currently in development.

In this image you can see how the Forge of cards at various quality works.

In this image you can see how the Forge of cards at various quality works.

How to Forge NFT

To be able to Forge NFTs you will need the following materials:

  • Flux
  • $Gods
  • Duplicate cards

Flux is one of the rewards of playing in Ranked Events, so it will be fairly easy to collect.

You can Claim $Gods participating and winning Ranked Events in specific Events. Don't forget to Claim them on the Gods Unchained Site. (This reward is not automatically redeemed or added to our Account.)

Playing the game you will get many cards so running into multiple is quite easy.

Forge will destroy the cards and create one card of the same type but with an enchanted quality. You can also Forge enchanted quality cards to increase the quality over and over again.

The quality ranking is as follow:

  • Plain Cards
  • Meteorite Cards
  • Shadow Cards
  • Gold Cards
  • Diamond Cards

Forging high-quality cards requires more materials. The same happens with high rarity cards compared to low rarity cards.
Forging new cards is only the beginning. To gain some extra money for our hard work we need to sell the cards on Immutable X.To do so we need to link our Digital Wallet ( like Metamask) both to Gods Unchained and Immutable X.We will find our NFT under the inventory folder on Immutable X and we need to put the cards on the market. We will set a price and hope for the best.

At the moment it is only possible to forge cards up to the meteorite rarity.

Is Gods Unchained Legit?

Currently, the Play to Earn scene is rich and booming but not all of its members are 100% legit.
Some of them require special investments before you can start playing while others "force" players to pay to avoid long Grind sessions. Or they are voted for Whales without rewarding Free players.
Gods Unchained on the other hand does not require an initial investment, Grind is not that excessive and can be a good pastime.
Of course, it is easy to get overtaken by players who invest a lot (this also happens in MTG or other card games) but with the rewards in $ GODS, we can increase our collection for free or invest them differently if necessary.
Gods Unchained is 100% Legit.
I can say this as I went through the whole process as Player, Smith and Vendor.
I never paid to play Gods Unchained but managed to sell some unused cards for Ethereum. The Gas Fees to transfer our Etherium / $ Gods from Immutable X to our Wallet is quite expensive, so limit the number of operations to avoid excessive costs.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Christian Allasia

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