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How to increase blizzard downloader speed


If you are here, you are probably searching the internet because you are having slow speeds on your blizzard downloader.

There is good news though, you can possibly speed your blizzard downloader up by following some simple steps! That is what you are trying to do right? I recently ran into this problem while downloading the Diablo 3 client from the pre-sale and was getting right around 200kb/s. That was no good as it would have taken me about 12 hours to download the 7gb worth of files. So, this is what I did to my settings to speed things up a bit.

Getting speed like a closet junkie

Getting speed like a closet junkie

You can find below some simple steps and things to try to see what kind of results you get. Try these.

  • Check/Uncheck the "Don't throttle background download" box
  • Check/Uncheck the "Enable peer-to-peer transfer" box

If you see a speed increase after messing around with these, excellent! Both of those settings are checked for me.

Now the kicker for the article that most of you probably would have never thought to try.

  1. Open up internet explorer (not firefox) if you aren't already in it
  2. Go to tools (or settings) (might look like a cogwheel in the right-hand corner of the IE window)
  3. Go to "Internet Options"
  4. Click on the "Connections" tab
  5. Click on "Lan Settings" at the bottom
  6. Uncheck "Automatically detect settings"

My speeds went from about 200kb/s to around 2.8MB/s. That is a huge jump, and I'm sure you would agree. To get these kind of speeds, you need to make sure of what your internet speeds are to begin with. Go to to see what your speeds look like.

And that is all that I did to get my results. I downloaded the Diablo 3 client which was more than 7gb in under 30 minutes. That is the way Blizzard products should be downloaded.

I hope this helped your Blizzard downloader speed issue out. If you have any questions, thank you's, hate mail, or anything else, just leave it in the comments below.


runooh on July 14, 2019:


Cliff Beaver (author) from Murfreesboro, TN USA on August 25, 2013:

Yea D3 was kinda crappy

TheMurdered on August 25, 2013:

Thanks i thougth i needed wait these 8 hoursh now i simple had a 10min dowloade on diablo 2 (reinstalled diablo 3 is not my interrest)

notbad on February 01, 2013:

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it's... beautiful!

Cliff Beaver (author) from Murfreesboro, TN USA on January 20, 2013:

Maybe for you... But plenty of others have had success. To bad I guess?

Epic on January 17, 2013:

Doesn't work

Fel on September 23, 2012:

Thank you, you saved me!

Hagrid42 on September 08, 2012:

ill browse the forums many hours but only your "second step" was right. Thx man a lot

Cliff Beaver (author) from Murfreesboro, TN USA on August 15, 2012:

Your welcome.

Demiarc on August 15, 2012:

lol i didn't think this as gonna do shit but it worked thanks you saved me 149 hrs of downloading xD

Helluu on May 16, 2012:

I got the same question, why does this work?

What exactly happens when I uncheck that box?

Please answer, would be great to know what exactly I just did to my precious xD

Fuck yea on May 16, 2012:

why does this work??

Fagerli on May 16, 2012:

not sure why, but this doesn't seem to be working. shame really, have to plsy D3 soon...

dude23 on May 15, 2012:

Holy crap can't believe this worked. I love you man!

Cliff Beaver (author) from Murfreesboro, TN USA on May 15, 2012:

Help spread the word on this article on the Blizz forums :)

Mart on May 15, 2012:

Amazing! I am so happy I found this threat, I actually get to play soon :)

Cliff Beaver (author) from Murfreesboro, TN USA on May 14, 2012:

You are all quite welcome! I felt your pain. Trust me.

fred on May 14, 2012:

Thanks ! i up of 5.6Kbs :( to 950Kbs :D

Jordan on May 14, 2012:

Dude, thank you soooooo much :D from 200kb/s to 1.2MB/s in an instant!!!

rebjorn on May 14, 2012:

Uncheck "Automatically detect settings"

Boom, 3.4 mb/s


Kneerak on May 14, 2012:

You are a god among men, went from 299 hours to 20 mins

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