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How to Get Famous in "The Sims Superstar"

Metromain is a seasoned gamer in everything from The Sims and Minecraft to Grand Theft Auto and Silent Hill to Gran Turismo and Burnout.


(In 2003) there was a new expansion pack for The Sims in town. The Sims Superstar, which meant that your sims could be somebody. Or just hang out with the stars. The expansion pack opened the gate to "Studio Town", the "The Sims Hollywood copy".

In the Studio Town you could get fame in acting, modeling or music. And this article will tell you all about becoming a star in any category. And the way to do it is to get you out there. You have to fight for your fame, it won't come to you by itself. Get your name known in "SimCity Talent Agency", then get to work.


The Studio Town

It is the place who the sims, that are "in", hangs out in. And it can be the place that you gain your fame in. But right now it is just the place you go just to stare. Or to get soaked in mud at a spa.

Anyone can visit the Studio Town and take part in the activity. Anyone can shop at the trendy boutiques, munch dietary sushi or relax at the spas. Anyone can try the parachute simulator. And anyone is welcome at the parties.

But if you ever try to take part in any filming scene, catwalk, recording studio or photo shoot, you will be removed, harshly.


The fame factor

Being a celebrity count as having an occupation, and are rated as such. Zero stars and you are a nobody, but five stars and everybody that don't know you are a nobody.

To raise the level, you got to work. And to work you got to have talent. And the talent that counts are skills in Creativity, Charisma and having a ripped body.


The gossip rag

Your journey starts here with "Studio Town Insider", the gossip rag that violate your mailbox daily.

It is with this that you find your agency and find out who is "in" and "out". Sign up to SimCity Talent Agency" and give them a call. Maybe they are looking for somebody like you?

Then you call a taxi to the Studio Town and find that there isn't a fee anymore. The agency gets the word that you are out an about and send one of their cars, starting with a VW Golf.


Fame objects

So you have an agency and are at Studio Town...great. Now you need to get your name known.

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You can't just walk up to the scene and instinctively play the lead. You will get dragged out and everybody will hate you. You have to start at the bottom. And the bottom is the open mic. So raise that charisma with the mirror so you don't make a fool out of yourself. Then show the crowd who's the (wo)man.

And later when you have some stars in the fame factor, you can move on to bigger gigs.

Photo-shoot (Modeling)

  • Print ad - 0,5 stars - If being a model is your goal, you only needs to be on that open mic enough to get some known. 0,5 star is enough to being seen in magazines
  • Model - 2 stars - Being a photo-model might be a kids dream, but you may dreams of the catwalk. But being a photo-model isn't that bad. You will get featured on the big prints and gets §100 per shoot.

Recording Studio (Music)

  • Jingle - 1 star - If music is your thing, the world is your scene. Or at least the open mic scene is your starting scene. Do some karaoke till you gets recognized as someone worthy 1 star of fame and you will be making some jingles.
  • Album - 3 stars - Your first album release is something big. It's the first time that you will feel success. You are maybe thinking album isn't that big of a deal as some garage punk band can land a release thru some dodgy underground labels. But this label isn't "Sewer Sounds" or "Rapist Records", this is the real deal.

The TV-set (Acting)

  • TV Commercial - 1,5 stars - If you shoot for being an actor, you have to raise that fame factor up to at least 1,5, then you get to make commercials for the television.
  • Soap opera - 2,5 stars - When you are done with commercials, you get to do the telenovela kind of scenes. It's not the worst thing to do. Sure, you might shoot for the top and make movies with the big league. Be in movies that everybody had heard of. But think of it this way. You may never had heard of "The Hospitail at Frostreet Ossie", but if you play in it, you gain §150 per gig.

Fashion Runway (Modeling top)

To be on your very top as a model, you only needs 3.5 stars. And now you are in the big league, wearing those secret undergarment and Mauritz latest collection.

You are playing your game and you can hear them say...

She is looking good, for beauty we will pay.

Music Video Set (Music top)

Your video release will be your very best, and 4 stars is what you need. An album release can be given out to anyone with a particular sound, but a video is for those great individuals. Join Avril Lavigne and Christina Aguilera and bask in the starlight.


The movie set (Acting top)

When you are in the big boys league you get to make movie-scenes, and you only need 4,5 star. this is where you make those grand hit movies like the "Specter's Graveyard" and "S.Goth Gone".

When you are let in to the movie set, you are only one half of a star from the top. So you are almost there, but have so far to fall.


Celebrity Awards

If you get your act together and do it well, you will get awarded for it. And if you don't plan to waste your time with music and modeling, there is three prices for a fine actor like you will become:

  • The Canister - The award for the specially good actors. It comes in gold, silver and bronze and will be delivered after a good job in Studio Town by the generic Award Presenter.
  • The Twang - The award for the specially good musicians. It comes in gold, silver and bronze and will be delivered after a good job in Studio Town by the generic Award Presenter.
  • The Figure - The award for the specially good models. It comes in gold, silver and bronze and will be delivered after a good job in Studio Town by the generic Award Presenter.
  • The Simmy Award - The award for the sims with incredible fame factor. It gets delivered to the sims home personally by Marilyn Monroe.
  • The Sim Choice Award - The award for the sims that got a high relationship with their fans, specifically the townies with the last name "Anybody".


  • Don't act poorly.
  • Don't ignore your fans.
  • Don't not make friends.
  • Don't disregard the feedback.
  • Don't under-perform.
  • Don't throw the Insider magazine away before reading.
  • Don't deny autographs and photos.

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