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How to get into Assetto Corsa mods

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Assetto Corsa is a simulator made by Kunos Simulazioni. Released in 2014, the simulator attempts to recreate real-life driving experience in virtual environment.

While the game is geared towards hardcore simracers, Assetto Corsa manages to gain playerbase outside the group. This is due to the fact that the simulator is mod-supported, enabling players to make and put mods into the game as many as they wish.

Ever wondered how does it feel to cruise on the highway of Tokyo in car of your dreams? How does it feel to drive Takumi Fujiwara’s AE86 Trueno from Initial D on mountain roads? That is possible with mods and that is what Assetto Corsa is known for.

Assetto Corsa in its vanilla base is a well-made simulator. However, if you’re into more intense driving experience, the only means to achieve it is through mods. These mods, circulating on the internet, come in form of additional vehicles, tracks, and game-enhancing apps. Keep in mind, some of them require in-game DLC in order to run them.

If you are interested to get into Assetto Corsa modding scene, don’t worry I’ve got you. Here are some protips for you.


Get the PC version

As of now, Assetto Corsa is available for PC and consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). In contrast with the PC version, the console versions are not moddable.

If you’re into modding the game, make sure you have the PC version. Unless you are already satisfied with the simulator experience offered by the console versions, of course.

Get Content Manager

Should you already have Assetto Corsa installed on PC, you want to install Content Manager (CM). Content Manager allows you to run Assetto Corsa in more convenient way. The launcher also has extended features and plugins that will increase gameplay and playability of the game.

Content Manager also enables you to install mods without hassle, simply by dragging the mod files (in either .zip and .rar format) into it. Additional features in Content Manager are but not limited to: mod management and custom shaders patch (CSP).

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You can get the launcher here. There are two versions: lite version and full version, the latter which you can get by making a donation to the developers. While the lite version already has plenty of features, the full version gives you exclusive access to pre-release contents and the ability to set up your own server.


Get Sol, Custom Shaders Patch, & Filter

If you’re into in-game photography, you’re going to need these additional apps: Sol, Custom Shaders Patch (CSP), & PP filter.

Using Sol & CSP allows you to boost graphics, making Assetto Corsa graphically more realistic. They not only offer graphic enhancement but also special effects such as weather and particles FX, creating more dynamic environment. You can also enable car extensions such as turning signals and working odometers.

PP filter, on the other hand, allows you to enhance the the photographic shots you take. Some filters enable you to take photorealistic shots. One of my recommended filter is Immersive Filter. You can download the filter here

Where Can I Get One?

Wondering where you can get all the mods? Fortunately, you can get one in either online forums or websites. But I still got you, here are my recommended websites to download mods available:

1. Race Deparment:

2. AC Drifting Pro:

3. AC Mods:

4. Assetto Corsa Club:

Edit note: Assettoland is excluded due to the website is no longer available

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