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How to get Vulpix in Let's Go Pikachu

Vulpix in Let's Go Pikachu


Ways to get Vulpix

If you are trying to complete your Pokédex in Let's Go Pikachu, then this is a new way to do it. Some of the Pokemon like Vulpix, Ninetails, Pinsir, Bellsprout, and Weepinbell do not appear in the Routes in Let's Go Pikachu. These steps will let you get Vulpix. Remember, you can do the same thing with the other Pokemon that doesn't appear in any routes. I only found two ways to get Vulpix or any other Pokemon that is not in Let's Go Pikachu. If you have Let's Go Eevee, you have to follow these steps to get the Pokemon that's not in the game. You can either trade with other people online or transfer your Pokemon from Pokemon GO to your Nintendo Switch.

1. Trading

Trading with your friends on Let's go Pikachu is one way to get Vulpix. It could be hard to get Vulpix because it's kinda hard to trade with random people.

Steps on how to trade:

  1. Press X on your switch
  2. Go to "Communicate"
  3. Go to "Nearby Player" to trade locally or "Faraway Player" to trade on the internet. I recommend "Faraway Player"
  4. Go to "Link Trade"
  5. Enter the link codes, Use "Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu," or "Eevee Eevee Eevee," only for Faraway Players. When using Nearby Players, make sure you use the same code as your friend.
  6. Once the player is found, see if they can trade you the Pokemon you want. (They may not have it.)
  7. Once you get Vulpix, you're done! :)

2. Transfer from Pokemon Go!

The easiest way to get Vulpix on Let's go Pikachu is to transfer Vulpix from Pokemon Go to your switch.

Steps on how you transfer Vulpix to your switch:

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  1. Go to Pokemon Go and check if you have caught Vulpix.
  2. Go to the GO Park Complex, go to the front desk and go to "Bring Pokemon" and choose a GO Park.
  3. Connect Pokemon Go to your switch and when you open up "Pokemon," click on the Nintendo Switch icon and select Vulpix. (If you favorited Vulpix, it won't show. Make sure you don't favorite it)
  4. Once your Vulpix is transferred to the GO Park, go to the front desk again and choose "Enter a GO Park."
  5. Go to the GO Park where you transferred Vulpix.
  6. Find Vulpix in the GO Park
  7. Catch Vulpix
  8. Once you catch Vulpix, his data will be registered in the Pokédex and he will be placed in your box. And you're done!

Be sure to do the same thing when you are trying to compete your Pokédex! If you have any questions, let me know in advance. :)

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