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How to fix the PS3 Disk read error

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PS3 Disk Read Error

PS3 Unable to read disk

PS3 Unable to read disk


In this Section of Problems with the PS3 I want to discuss the PS3 Problem "PS3 DISK READ ERROR" I will discuss the cause, what happens and also the solutions to fix this Ps3 Problem

What is the PS3 disk read error?

There are many ways to find out you have the PS3 Disk read error, There will be an error message that pops up and states unable to read the disk. Also you may click on the game in the menu but nothing happens, of the play game option may be grayed out. either way you will struggle to play Games, dvd's and cd's. this is one on the many problems with the PS3 that can be resolved quite easily so don't worry.

A lot of people think this means your whole blue-ray drive needs replacing, This is a myth only 4% of the Time the whole drive will need replacing. The other 96% of the time its one of these error's listed below.

  • Dirty Disk
  • Scratched Disk
  • Dirty Lens
  • Laser is out of sync

All problems that can be easily solved without buying a whole new blue ray drive at a cost of around $90. We can help with problems with the PS3 please read on.

How Does this happen?

1. Dirty Disk - Unfortunately this down to ourselves and how we look after our disks. dirt will build up on our disks all the time just give it a good wipe in a circular motion with a soft cloth.

2. Scratched Disk - Again its down to how we look after our disks. try keep them in the box when not in use.

3. Dirty lens - it is pretty obvious on this one, keep your disks clean will keep your lens clean.

4. Laser out of Sync - This is a bit more complicated, if you read up on our Problems with the PS3 Yellow Light of death Section you will know about the motherboard over heating due to the two chips internally. Well with the heat build up this can cause the motherboard to arch, expand and shrink. with all this movement this can jilt the disk drive laser and this will cause disks to be unable to read. hence the error message "unable to read disk".

How Can we Fix the PS3 Disk Read Error?

Well the First thing we need to is find the cause so here at Problems with the PS3 we like to give solutions to all possible problems so here they are. We make this easy for you its Red for the Problem and Blue for the solutions.

  • Dirty Disk
  • Get a soft cloth used for dusting and wipe the disk in a circular motion trying not to scratch the disk.
  • Scratched Disk
  • You can take the disk to your local game store, they have disk repair drives which removes scratches. There free or in some cases a very small fee like $3
  • Dirty Lens
  • You can buy lens cleaners for dvd players for under $10 these days and they do the job for PS3's also, follow the instructions on the box and its fixed.
  • Laser is out of sync
  • This one involves opening your PS3 so you can either send the console to Sony but this will cost you $150 if you out of warranty. Or you can use a PS3 REPAIR GUIDE
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This is Basically an Ebook with the step by step instructions to fix all problems with the PS3. it will come with video's to make it even easier and also a great Technical support team so you cant go wrong. there the safest and cheapest way to fix your problems with the PS3.

Click Here to read the full review of the PS3 Repair guide I Recommend.

So there you have it the PS3 DISK READ ERROR, explained and answered so please feel free to browse around and if there is any problem with the PS3 that needs a solution just remember us, we will answer all PS3 problems.

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VeVA Flex on December 03, 2014:

my MW3 keeps on freezing what shall i do?

EDX on November 30, 2014:

My games keep freezing but ive repaired everything. Could it be something were the disk go?

Carnage on July 09, 2014:

My ps3 makes noise when I put the disc in some games work and some don't and there is a red light in back of game system

Angelo on January 23, 2014:

Help i have disc read error "file29" or 59 or another its chance constenly its start today when i wanne play cod ghost on the ps3 i have spend this day to searce for a solution but Nothing works i can play bf4 gta5 fifa 14 bo1 bo2 mw3 but i can not play cod ghost Every time i popt out and the error pops up help

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