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How to Improve a Bent or Stretched Plastic Slinky Toy

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The Plastic Slinky Quick-Fix

Is your plastic slinky-type toy all bent out of shape and stretched out? Tangled or kinked? Bring new life to many such toys of all sizes and shapes: mini slinks, star-shaped slinks, whatever shape plastic slinky you've got.

First, untangle the slinky (if it is tangled). Then, spend a few minutes in the kitchen with a microwave and hot water and you'll be happy and springy again--and so will the kids! A neat trick, but it's only for grown-ups to do due to the use of the microwave oven and hot water.

A stretched-out plastic slinky-type toy.

Get More Play out of Your Kid's Plastic Slinky Toy

If your kids have one of those plastic slinky toys and it is all stretched out and bent out of shape, don't throw it away before trying this easy repair--you've got nothing to lose.

Note that this procedure only works with the PLASTIC slinkies, not with the metal ones.

  1. Locate a microwavable bowl that is large enough to hold the slinky toy.
  2. Fill the bowl with water deep enough to cover the top of the slinky.
  3. Microwave the bowl of water (without the slinky in it) until it is nearly boiling hot.
  4. Carefully take the bowl of water out of the microwave oven and place it on a heat-proof surface such as a hot pad.
  5. Using cooking tongs, a spoon, etc., carefully place the slinky in the water being very careful not to get burned by splashing water.
  6. After a few seconds in the heated water, use your tongs to quickly remove the slinky.
  7. Again being careful not to get burned, reshape the slinky by simply pressing the plastic back into its original shape and holding it there.
  8. Wait until the plastic cools down to room temperature before testing to see the results.


  • Repeat steps 5 - 8 if the slinky isn't in the correct shape.
  • If the slinky refuses to bend, either leave it in the hot water for a longer period of time or re-heat the water to a hotter temperature or both.

The slinky may not look brand-new when you are done, but this process should at least allow your kids to play with it again.

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DabHand on May 12, 2018:

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Wind the slinky around a pipe/wooden rod of near enough the right size or even marginally wider. Blu tac at the ends to squash and hold the slinky in the perfect compression. Then submerge it in the just boiled water. Wait 10 seconds, and then plunge it into another container of COLD water for 30 seconds.

Job done!

MP on January 14, 2018:

Don't do it!! Slinky went from slightly bent out of shape to a horrible bent stringy thing due to being melted.

trinity myers on May 26, 2017:

thank you

momoftwo on January 11, 2017:

This totally destroyed our slinky, which visibly melted and lost all shape almost instantaneously in "near boiling" water.

allison on October 05, 2016:

thanks alot

Arthur Pacheco on June 11, 2010:



i love slinkys and liz

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