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How to find the Star Coins of Meringue Clouds in New Super Mario Bros. U

It might be the second-to-last world in the game, but Meringue Clouds is a bit easier than some of the previous worlds when it comes to collecting Star Coins - so long as you don't mind a lot of high-jumping and bouncing cheery cumulus. Discover the locations of Meringue Cloud's elusive Star Coins below.

Land of Flying Blocks

  • The first Star Coin is in a red warp pipe beside a line of Piranha Plant-inhabited pipes. Use the Flying Squirrel Suit to fly up to it.
  • The second Star Coin is right outside the exit pipe from the first coin's area. Drop out and zip up to grab it, or use one of the Waddlewings flying nearby to boost up to it.
  • The third Star Coin is in the second area, and will be encased in bricks as you approach. Use a ground pound to get at it. Only a big Mario can get this coin.

Seesaw Shrooms

  • The first Star Coin is under a platform shortly after you start the course. You'll need Yoshi from a nearby block to flutter under the platform and get it.
  • The second Star Coin is in the middle of a group of circling coins past the halfway point of the level. You need to steal Lakitu's cloud to get it. The easiest way is to use the shell from the Koopa that's patrolling nearby to knock Lakitu out of his cloud.
  • The third Star Coin is in a green warp pipe about two patrolling Fuzzies on a track. Use Yoshi to get up to it and again to grab the coin in the pipe.

Switchback Hill

  • The first Star Coin is under an orange bridge shortly after you begin. Run to the right and ride the moving platform under the ground to the coin. Duck to avoid any incoming Bullet Bills.
  • The second Star Coin is near the first down platform you see. Jump on the platform and run to the right, then wall jump up into the small divot in the cliffside. This leads to a warp pipe with a small shooting gallery of Bullet Bills. Dodge them to get to the coin.
  • The third Star Coin is hidden in the sky. Proceed past the halfway point until you see a POW block. Use it and the coin will drop onto a right platform. Follow the platform through the swarms of Bullet Bills and wait for it to hit the cliff edge near the end of the stage. It will slide off; you can then jump up and catch it. Make sure you jump, as it will fall into a pit otherwise.

Slide Lift Tower

  • The first Star Coin is just before the second warp pipe in the tower. You'll need the Flying Squirrel Suit to break through the bricks and get at it.
  • The second Star Coin is in a hidden warp pipe. Keep an eye out for six orange bridges on the left side of your screen. Once you reach this area, check the wall of the right side. There are two small hidden areas; one contains the pipe to the coin. You can't get this coin without a Flying Squirrel suit.
  • The third Star Coin is in another hidden warp pipe beside the enormous fire chain a little ways past the second coin's pipe. Use hidden blocks along the right wall beneath the chain to get up and into the pipe.

Spinning Spirit House

  • The first Star Coin is in the left door of the second level. To get at it you must lure the Broozer on the elevator to slam through the blocks in front of the coin. Don't take the Broozer out until you get through.
  • The second Star Coin is in the right door on the top floor. Stay on the right side of the rising platform until it comes into view, then try to grab it. The coin will move to the other side. Try to rush past the ghosts before it leaves your sight; if you miss it, you can come through this door again and find it on the left side, and it won't move.
  • The third Star Coin is through a secret door on the second floor. Take the trampoline from the middle section and carry it under the top-left section of wall. Spring up through the fake floor here, then drop through the floor to the left to find a door. Go through and check the hidden passageway nearby for a P-Switch. Hit the switch, go down past the Boos, and check the right wall at the bottom for a hidden spot. Wait for the blocks to turn back to coins, then use the spring to grab the last coin.

After getting the last coin, take the door next to the wall out. You'll find a secret exit that activates a path straight to Ludwig's Clockwork Castle.

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Bouncy Cloud Boomerangs

  • The first Star Coin is just barely visible between two pipes as you make your way along. Rather than trying to get it yourself, go past the Boomerang Bro. on the next platform and grab a Koopa shell. Kick it down between the two pipes to collect the coin.
  • The second Star Coin is up a climbing vine. Wander along until you find a long line of brick blocks patrolled by Flying Koopas. Get rid of the Koopas first, then bust through the blocks to get at the bouncy clouds below. Hit the bricks between the question blocks until you find one that leads into the sky. Hit the POW block up here to reveal the coin.
  • The third Star Coin is atop a platform patrolled by a Boomerang Bro. Wait for its boomerangs to swing back towards it, then spring up on a cloud, grab the coin, and jump back down.

A Quick Dip in the Sky

  • The first Star Coin is floating around a pair of giant Piranha Plants. Take out the plants before you go for the coin, or be prepared to get chomped once for the privilege.
  • The second Star Coin is found behind a hidden wall slightly past the halfway point. Swim up through the water bubbles until you're forced to the left side of the screen by a clump of land. Jump through the small divot in the cliffside to find a hidden inner area that leads to the coin.
  • The third Star Coin is in a bubble near the exit, watched over by two Fuzzies. Wait until they move out of the way to jump in or take them out at a distance with fireballs.

Snaking Above Mist Valley

  • The first Star Coin is behind a small cliff. Activate the P-Switch hanging underneath a platform as you're on the snake platform, then rush through the coins blocking the way under the cliff. Once there's enough snake under you, wall jump off the cliff to get the coin.
  • The second Star Coin is hanging in plain view partway through the course. Get on top of the snake as soon as it pokes out from beneath the platform you're on and it will carry you to the coin.
  • The third Star Coin is partway through the second area. As soon as you see Flying Koopas, stomp one and grab its shell. Hold on to it until after the platform you're on has snaked up and over the coin. Once the coin is exposed, lob the shell at it to collect it.

Ludwig's Clockwork Castle

  • The first Star Coin is hidden in a small chamber. As soon as you pass the first Fire Bro., hop onto one of the moving platforms to your right and jump up towards the coins in a niche along the ceiling. Wall jump off the side and you'll find the coin.
  • The second Star Coin is hidden above a POW block. Freeze the big Hammer Bro. beneath it, hop on his head for more height, then hit the POW block. The coin will fall from the ceiling. Grab it quick, as the moving platform will sweep it off to the side if you linger.
  • The third Star Coin is under a three-part platform watched over by a big Hammer Bro. Wait for the Hammer Bro. to stomp once, jump to avoid the attack, and run down to the bottom to get the coin before the moving platform covers it up.

Boarding the Airship

  • The first Star Coin is located in plain sight. It's not hard to get - so long as you move faster than the giant mechanical hand that crushes the place the coin was sitting if you wait too long.
  • The second Star Coin is found just after you start moving along on the tilting platforms. It's sitting over three flamethrowers.
  • The third Star Coin is located near the end of the tilting course. You'll have to boost jump up to the platform where it's located using the Flying Squirrel Suit.

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