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How to Dance with Just Dance for Free and Without Having a Game Console


Dance for Everyone

Just Dance is a popular game in which you are presented with a list of songs. When you choose a song, some virtual dancers will appear on your screen and you must dance by moving like them and trying to emulate all their gestures. This game is available for game consoles and, when you dance, you must keep a controller in your hand, which will track your movements: the best dancing movements you do, the best score you get: it is very funny because you can have parties at home and challenge your friends: who will get the highest score? However the fact is that if you have no game consoles it seems you cannot play with Just Dance, and in addition, even if you have a console, you have to buy the game: every year a new edition is released, with new songs, so that most people who love Just Dance have all the editions released in the past at home, and every year the buy the last edition with the new songs inside it! But is it really true you cannot dance without a game console and that you have to pay necessarily to enjoy Just Dance experience? No, that's not completely true!

Just Dance Free for Mobile Phones

There is a special edition of Just Dance which can be run on a smartphone (which can be used as a game console controller), and then you can use a PC in which load Just Dance game. Just go to your smartphone apps store and search for Just Dance Now, install the app and register a new profile. Then open the Just Dance Now website from PC. You will then be able to create a dance room: just connect your smartphone (and all smartphones of your friends, all of them with the app installed) to the same dance room number you will be shown on the screen, and then you will be able to dance with a Just Dance version made available for free. You will have a limited choice of songs: every day you can access up to 5 chosen songs (you cannot choose songs, they are automatically proposed). In addition every time you open a dancing session with a song you will be shown an advert... however there is the option to purchase premium pass or subscriptions in order to have access to all the songs (so not only the 5 songs of the day) and without advertisement. The best aspect of Just Dance Now is that you choose if you want to pay, or you can just enjoy dancing with the free edition. In addition new songs are constantly added, so that Just Dance Now is regularly updated. Here you can watch the official Just Dance Now launch trailer, realized by the Just Dance team!

Dancing with Just Dance Now without a PC

You can even play with Just Dance Now without having a PC, but in this case you will need to get a Google Chromecast Key (a device that will allow you stream content from your phone through supported apps to your TV). Just Dance Now is a supported app so, if you have Chromecast, just turn on your TV, open your Just Dance Now app, hit the Chromecast button and dance without even having to turn on a PC: your Chromecast automatically does what you would have to do by opening the website on a PC!

A Dancers' Community

As you play a game completely by using your Internet connection, you are not only dancing on songs, but you are being part of a community of players all around the world. You have your private dance room in which you can challenge your friends and even take videos of you while you dance and post them on Facebook... but you can also compare your scores to the ones of your Facebook friends... and by going through your app's stats you can even discover other things, like your best score and even how many calories have you burnt since your first use of the app! Because dancing is not only a very funny activity, but also a good way to burn some calories: going to gym, go running and dancing are three good activities you can practice in order to maintain a good body!

I hope you will enjoy this online Just Dance edition available for free (or with some more features with a VIP pass or subscription). Happy dancing to everyone!

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