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How to beat Miragine War on Abyss

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How to beat Miragine War on Abyss mode

You have beaten Miragine War on all levels, except the Abyss level. The Abyss level seems extremely impossible to beat, and not many people can actually beat Miragine War on Abyss, but guess what? It is not impossible to beat the game on Abyss mode, but it is also not easy at all. Just follow the tips below, and sooner or later you will end up beating Miragine War on Abyss mode.

Send out all ninjas first. More than likely, the enemy will end up sending out newbies or veterans, and your ninjas will be able to defeat them.

After the timer reaches zero, send out heavy swordsmen next, as it is most likely that the enemy will end up sending out a Samurais or regular swordsman, which will overtake your ninjas, but your heavy swordsmen will overtaker whoever the enemy sends out, more or less.

After the clock reaches zero, you will send out all ninjas again, and then heavy swordsmen again. Keep this pattern going until you have around three thousand in money. Once you have this amount, start sending out all high lords, and maybe some horses every now and then.

Another helpful hint is this; If the enemy sends out a lot of high lords, then send out vampires, as the vampires can usually kill the high lords faster than any other units, besides your own high lords. If the vampires can't defeat the high lords, then when the clock reaches zero, send out more of your own high lords. 

So if you want to beat Miragine War on Abyss mode, then just keep using heavy swordsmen, ninjas, high lords, and even vampires. It really is that simple, and if you follow these tips, then you will end up getting closer to the enemy's crystal. 

Following these tips, or maybe even modifying it just a little bit can really increase your chances at beating Miragine War on Abyss mode. Good luck.


ITZ_Shizoria3254 on February 21, 2020:

this is really helpful and convenient. I really appreciate this note of advice.

P.S. if this does not work i take all of my appreciation back. b(0 v 0*)d

Yoyo on December 12, 2012:

I mean you are not ! Not heavy sword men, SWORD MEN ! We didn't even get to high lords, my ninjas and sword men surrounded the base and killed it hehe :)

Yoyo on December 12, 2012:

You are right ! :D

Singaporean on July 28, 2011:

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Hi, I just tested Pierre's method of vampires plus dread lords, it is really more efficient than the High Lords plus heavy swordmen method in the end game stage. Have Fun everyone :)

Singaporean on July 28, 2011:

Hi sorry, I stand corrected, I think the Heavy Swordman plus high lord is very useful in the endgame...during the stalemate 8000 income phase...I haven't tried Pierre's 50/50 Dread Lord plus Vampires method yet..

Singaporean on July 28, 2011:

Hi, sorry to disagree, but your Heavy Swordman rotated with Ninja din't work for me....

The plan which consistently worked for me is a little more complicated, involving the initial use of newbies(cheapest one) and samurai to pump income..and then in mid-game the girls(novice) plus silver troops(Heavy Swordman) and Horses for quick reinforcement of the frontline to overwhelm the luring the enemy in front of my crystal so that the crystal can do some of the fighting plus the monks to fight of his heavy swordmen...

I can't seem to win with this method though once the enemy hits the 8000 income ceiling...this method achieves a win around the 5000 income time..

I haven't tried Pierre's Novice mix with zombie and the 50/50 Dread Lord and Vampires method...

scoop (author) on May 21, 2011:

It's ok, I understand what you're saying. That is a very good method too and I actually just gave it a try and beat it :-)

pierre on May 21, 2011:

I beat abyss mode 9/10 time... since I send the good melting of troops.

Send some novice behind all your light troops, for the beging (zombies front and novices behind is very nice) and 50/50 dread lords/vampires is the best to explode high lords - vampires BEHIND dread lords, of course.

don't forget the help of horses, very nice to go forwad.

good luck, sorry for bad english, I'm french.

Jeon on April 22, 2011:

I just won the Abyss mode! I tried maybe 15 times until today. I thougt it ia better send out heavy swordsmen first and never use vampires. When you send high lords, you will get extra money and suppy. With that money and supply send heavy swordsmen with high lords. It will gradually take over enemy.

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