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How to access the secret Islands in The Sims 3


The city overview of Isla Paradiso


The secret islands in Isla Paradiso

The “Island Paradise” expansion pack offers the possibility to find a total of 8 inhabited islands. To find and/or be able to access the different islands you need to obtain certain abilities/objects or skills. The city of Island Paradise is named "Isla Paradiso". The islands that you can unlock are:

  • Beryl Shoals
  • Divers Den
  • No Trouble Atoll
  • Cay to the City
  • Refuge Island
  • Mermaid’s Secret
  • Plunder Cove
  • Plumbob Island

In the city overview you will find parts of the city covered with clouds. They are surrounding the main land and these are the locations of the islands. Once you unlock an island it will automatically become yours and the cloud covering the island will then disappear so you can see it from the city overview.

Beryl Shoals

“Beryl Shoals” is a small island east of Isla Paradiso. The only thing you need to do to access and unlock this island is to find it. Get a boat (or taxi-boat) in the direction of the island (just go east
of the city) and once you get close enough and reach it you will receive a message that the island is yours. The island itself has little treasure on it, but you can build a nice little house in it.

Scuba diving


Divers Den

This island can be found south of Isla Paradiso and its size is reasonable (medium size). To discover and unlock this island you will have to reach skill level 10 in scuba diving. Once you have reached level 10 you can go scuba diving at the “Pearls Deep” dive spot and find the cave
there that leads you to the Divers Den island. On this island you will find a treasure chest with 12.000 Simoleons, gold and Iron in it.

No Trouble Atoll

The size of this island is big and very suitable to place a big house or even a resort on it. The island lies north-east of Isla Paradiso. In order to unlock this island you will need to improve one of the existing resorts to a 5-star resort. Once you have reached this level, travel to the island and it will be unlocked and yours for building.

Cay to the City

This island is also a big size island en lies north of Isla Paradiso. The island will be unlocked when you accept the profession of Lifeguard and rescue 35 Sims from the water during your shift. Of all the different assignments there are for unlocking an island, this one will take the longest as you will only be able to save up to a maximum of 3 Sims per shift and on some shifts there will be no Sims to save even.

Shark attack!


Refuge Island

You will find this island in the north-east of Isla Paradiso. In order to unlock this island you will have to fulfill a number of assignments.

  1. Check in with the “Sparkling Sands” resort
  2. Talk to the receptionist and ask them for adventure (click on the receptionist and this option will appear.
  3. Talk to an elderly Sim (as told to you by the receptionist)
  4. Go to the Science building and get an assignment to collect 3 Kelp
  5. Go scuba diving and collect 3 pieces of Kelp
  6. Go back to the resort and walk over the “fire path” located at the resort of Sparkling Sands.
  7. Now you will have to fight a shark! This means that you need to go scuba diving and have lots of fish in your inventory (this will increase the chances of being attacked by a shark). Keep in mind that you have 50% chance of surviving a shark attack, so be sure to save your game before attempting this.
  8. After fighting the shark, go back to the Science building and you will gain access to the Refuge Island.

Unfortunately this island has little place to build anything on it and you will not find any treasure chests on this island either, but for the sake of “completing all 8 islands” you might as well take this one on too.



Mermaids Secret

The island “Mermaids Secret” is in the south-east of Isla Paradiso and it is a medium sized island. The only way to unlock this island is to befriend a mermaid. Once the relationship is about 70% you could ask them to bring you to the secret island. If you do not succeed it means you
need to build up the relationship a bit more. The island contains some rare shells to be found and it is a nice size to build a medium-sized house or resort on it.

Plunder Cove

You can find this island to the west of Isla Paradiso. The size of the island is small but it contains a treasure chest with 1200 Simoleons and some gems once you have unlocked it. To unlock the island you will have to find 4 pieces of a map. These pieces can be found in treasure chests while scuba diving, or in glass bottles lying on the beach. Just scoop the beaches for the bottles and prepare to go scuba diving to open those treasure chests to unlock this island.

Plumbob Island

To find this island you will again have to scoop the beaches for those glass bottles. One of the bottles will contain a special message that gives you access to “Plumbob Island” rightaway. The treasure chest on this island will give you about 3000 Simoleons, a special “plumbob evolution” painting and a special gem. You could sell the painting for 1200 Simoleons, but if you like art, just hang it on your wall.

Cheating it

For those who want to unlock all islands without doing all the work, there is a cheat to unlock them all and making the clouds above the islands disappear. Type “Ctrl+Shift+c” simultaneously and there will be a screen above where you can type the following cheat “DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands” (case-sensitive), and the islands are yours!


Alecs on May 14, 2015:

I cannot understand why it always shown me no way to unlock refuge island. When I check in at sparkling sands resort, then I ask the desk clerk for adventure it shows me nothing. Why? Is that a game's bug?

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