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How to Win at Wordle (Almost) Every Single Time - Strategies and Tricks for the Puzzle Challenged

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All your friends have been playing Wordle online and they've been bugging you to play too. "It's fun!" they say. "Oh, we just share how we do each day and have a good time. No pressure at all!"

Yeah, sure. Except there's one problem: you're no good at word games! You don't know how to win at the Wordle or the Crossword or the Jumble or anything else. That's okay, though. With a couple of simple tips and strategies, you won't just be consistently solving the daily Wordle Puzzle, but outscoring your smug friends in the process.

How? Read on.

Step One: Trust the Science

There are few things that science can't solve and Wordle isn't one of them. Via mathematical analysis, the best starting words have been found for Worlde. These words contain the most commonly used letters and are chosen to make sure that you're starting word has the absolute best chance of finding letter matches on your very first try.

The mathematically proven best starting words are

  1. CRANE
  2. SLICE
  3. TRIED

As you can see, there are a lot of "E" and "C" choices here. Any of the three are likely to give you a good starting position. Even if you fail to hit a letter using of these words, it's still a win. Eliminating extremely common letters just makes it easier for you to make a winning choice on your next guess.

While not mathematically the best, many players do prefer to eliminate as many vowels as possible. There are only six possible vowels, so narrowing them down in one shot will help guarantee early game matches.

The best starting word in Wordle for eliminating vowels is ADIEU which covers every single vowel except for O and the sometimes vowel Y.

Step Two: Eliminate The Possibilities

Once you've made your first guess, your next Wordle task will be to eliminate as many of the remaining letters as possible. If your first guess provided a large number of correct letters (three or more), skip to Step Three.

If you're still struggling after your first guess though, here's a strategy to maximize your chances of winning today's Wordle.

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Simply put: try to eliminate as many letters as possible. Enter in a word that uses none of the letters you used last time, including correct ones. You're unlikely to get the word on your second try and eliminating as many possible letters will help set you up for success.

For example, if we started with the word CRANE, why not try a word with some more vowels and a potentially annoying letter like W?


Step Three: Using The Letters We Have

By now you should hopefully have three letters to play with, either green meaning they're in the correct spot or yellow meaning they're placed elsewhere in the word. In the off chance you're still struggling, I recommend repeating Step Two one more time.

Now, we sit and think about what the correct answer could be. In the example here, we have locked down that today's wordle has an E, an O, and a D.

We have one consonant and two vowels. Statistically, it's more likely that the consonant is the first letter in a word, so we'll place the D in position one. It's unlikely the word has three vowels, so let's put either the E or O in the second position.

Now let's make a guess and see what we have.


Step Four: Putting It All Together

Hopefully, by this point you've locked in at least a few letters and you can start making more educated guesses. If you still don't have any green letters at all, repeat Step Three and see if you can clear it up a little.

You're going to need to start thinking about what letters you HAVE and HAVEN'T used at this point. Take a look at your keyboard and see which ones are available to you.


What letter's can fit in the blank spaces? We have a DE in position one and two and an O in position four. What letter can fit in there to create a word that hasn't been used yet?

T is a popular letter that hasn't been used yet, but there aren't many common five letter words that with DETO. Go through the letters one by one, sound them out, and find one that works

HURRAY! We solved the Wordle!

HURRAY! We solved the Wordle!

And that's it! It's just that easy. If you follow this strategy every time, you're sure to improve your Wordle game significantly.

Additional Wordle Tips

  • Watch out for double letters! It's uncommon, but a word with two of the same letters can trick even a wordle master! Common double letters to look out for include E, O, and S.
  • Sometimes a word you don't know might come up. Wordle is designed to be accessible to everyone with relatively common words, but what's common for you might not be common for everyone and vice-versa. A helpful hint to help get into the mindset of what the creator might consider an "acceptable" word is that the creator was from the UK and their culture might find certain words more familiar to them than the country you are from.
  • It's easy to stress yourself out. You have all day to finish it. If you're having a hard time with a word, step away and come back in an hour or two and you might find you have a new perspective on the Wordle puzzle.

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