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How to WIN races on Howrse: What skill determines competitions

Here is a secret that will make winning competitions so much easier for you... There IS a method to winning, and you can do it too! Follow these tips, and see my other great Howrse articles.

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Win on Howrse

When most players start, the first thought is "how do I get as many skills as possible?". They go off and start training and entering competitions. Then realization begins to dawn.... my horse isn't winning anything!! Help!

When you train up your horse without forward planning you put him at a disadvantage. His high overall skill level will mean that he qualifies for high level comps alongside horses who have MUCH higher skills, black market items, and probably already have their wins. The new Howrser doesn't stand a chance against these beasties, and believe me, they don't care about squashing you underfoot.


When trying to get your 20 competition wins, it is better to have a horse that has lower points in his best skill area, but higher overall skills than the other horses he will be competing against. This ensures that he will qualify for lower level competitions with other blupping horses, but should hopefully have far higher overall skills, enabling him to easily place first.

Let's start with a little skill area honing:

Do the following until 100% finished, entering competitions as you go along.

1. Start working on the short trot rides until your horse no longer gains anything from them. Short rides increase the speed skill, and make your horse faster in competitions. You can tell when these are finished as It will say 0% skill gain, ___ energy used, when you click on short ride and select a time.

2. Complete Dressage training to 100% - Dressage is a requirement in all competition disciplines, but apart from the dressage competition itself, is not the main skill focus. This is a great area in which to build skills that won't disadvantage your horse while trying to BLUP.

3. Complete Speed training to 100%


You should aim to break up your initial preparation training, with competition entries. That way you can collect your wins as you go along, using the most advantageous opportunities. Here are some ways to maximise your winning potential:

  • Tub of Grease (ToG) - These are found in the horse's box. During speed training you will need to take breaks regularly to recoup energy. Put the horse in his box for a few hours daily until you find a ToG.
  • Every time you find a ToG stop training and rides, and purely enter competitions - Focus on those in your horse's worst skill area at first, then his best.
  • Only enter competitions you know you have a chance of winning (check the other entrants out, and if they are higher skilled than you, avoid them).
  • Enter the lowest level competitions you can find.
  • Put another one of your own horses in the competition that has lower skills or low health, or both, to help 'fill' out the comp and prevent other, better, entrants from getting in.
  • Once the ToG runs out go back to training, or working on short rides.
  • Every time you find a ToG enter more comps.
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How the comps are judged


o 5 % : age
o 45 % : stamina (skills + bonuses)
o 30 % : dressage (skills + bonuses)
o 20 % : jumping (skills + bonuses)


o 5 % : age
o 45 % : jumping (skills + bonuses)
o 25 % : speed (skills + bonuses)
o 25 % : dressage (skills + bonuses)

Galloping race:

o 5 % : age
o 45 % : galloping (skills + bonuses)
o 30 % : speed (skills + bonuses)
o 20 % : dressage (skills + bonuses)

Trotting race:

o 5 % : age
o 45 % : trotting (skills + bonuses)
o 30 % : speed (skills + bonuses)
o 20 % : dressage (skills + bonuses)

Barrels race:

o 5 % : age
o 45 % : speed (skills + bonuses)
o 30 % : gallop (skills + bonuses)
o 20 % : dressage (skills + bonuses)

Fully trained?

If you have already trained quite a bit and are finding it hard to win competitions on Howrse, here are some tips to help you:

  • Only enter competitions when you have a tub of grease
  • Use fillers to help you along - these are horses with slightly lower skill than your main horse, and those with higher skill but low health
  • Don't enter races with higher skilled horses than your own (unless their health is low)
  • Enter the lowest level comps available
  • Enter comps he is not so good at
  • Try entering at different times of day when the same players are not around

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your horse has low health, he will be severely disadvantaged in any competition, no matter how skilled he is!

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