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How to Use the Teleporter in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Black Ops was the official return of the massively popular mini game zombies. Since World at War, there have been several changes, additions and removals to the game, which have certainly made zombies both more interesting, as well as more fun to play in general. One of the core additions that Black Ops has made to zombies is the teleporter device.

Whilst this did originally appear in "Der Rise", it was much more complicated to get the teleporter working on that map, than Black Ops map Kino Der Toten.

Especially, since you can easily do it with just one player!

Black Ops Starting Pistol.

Black Ops Starting Pistol.

Gather as Many Points As You Can.

In the beginning rounds of zombies, it is important to make the most of every zombie in terms of points, and gain the maximum amount that you can for each one. By doing this by around round 3-4, you should have enough points totalled for you to purchase enough rooms on the map, so that you can gain access to the main stage room.

To maximise the amount of points that you gain for each zombie, you should always ensure that you shoot one in the foot, and then knife just before they die. On the initial rounds, you should aim to shoot each zombie in the leg around 8 times, before then dealing the final blow with your knife. By doing this, you gain a total of 10 points per shot (20 with double points active), and 130 points for killing them with the melee attack. By shooting a zombie 8 times before knifing, you can gain up to 210 points per zombie, which is considerably more than a mere 100 points.

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Gain Access To the Stage Room.

Once you have enough point to get to the stage room, you should now be trying to find your way through the map to get there. You will need around 5,000 points to get from the starting room to the stage, but this can be usually gotten by around round 4-5 on solo and 6-7 with 2 or more players.

The route that the majority of players take on Kino Der Toten is as follows...

1. First go through the double doors at the top of the stairs. (750 points.)

2. Go through to the next room and purchase the next set of doors for 1,000 points.

3. Next, go down the first set of stairs to the landing, and then the route down the next set of stairs, and then purchase the next doors for around 1,250 points.

4. Finally, continue the route until you get to the final door, which costs 1,250 points. Once in the stage area, active the power switch and you now have complete access to the stage room!

However, as an alternative route, you can do the following...

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1. First gain around 5,000 points from killing zombies in the first room.

2. Go through the doors in the downstairs area.

3. Pick up the sub-machine gun on the wall if necessary, but if not simply continue through the next door on the other side of the room.

4. You are now in the outside area of the map. From here, go through the purchasable gates and if needed purchase the AK-47u from the wall. (1,200 points.)

5. Once through the gates, rack up enough points to get through the next two doors, but make sure to locate the mystery rock on one of the shelves near the window. By holding down Square next to this, you will have 1 of the pieces needed to activate the Easter egg song.

6. Once you have the first door opened, simply go down the set of stairs, and then purchase the final door into the stage.

As you can see, this method is considerably lengthier than the first, and certainly more expensive! However, for some players this route is a lot easier for them, as it allows access to two submachine guns quite early on, which can be hugely beneficial later on.

Dragunov sniper rifle on Kino Der Toten.

Dragunov sniper rifle on Kino Der Toten.

Get Some Guns that you Want To upgrade.

Now that you have access to the stage room, you should look to acquiring the guns that you wish to upgrade with the pack-a-punch machine. Try to only choose guns that you are genuinely comfortable with, and not just using for the sake of it. In addition, once you have ranked up to around level 30, you are going to want to be using the mystery box to try to get the ray gun, or the thunder gun. Especially, since around round 30 zombies become almost impossible to kill with normal bullets.

As a recommendation, I would either pick a submachine gun for the earlier rounds and maybe a shotgun as a secondary.

Black Ops Teleporter Device.

Black Ops Teleporter Device.

Active and Use the Teleporter Device.

When ready, rack up 5,000+ points and then go inside the teleporter itself and active it. Depending on whether you are, using an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC you will have to press a different button to activate the teleporter. Although, that is only half the deal! You then need to return to the starting room and then place yourself directly over the circular teleporter and once again press the active button. (This is usually the same button that you used to activate the power switch.)

You now have linked the teleporter device. Now return to the stage, and enter the teleporter device with 5,000 points per gun you wish to upgrade, and then press the same button on your keyboard/controller that you did to activate the teleporter. You are now teleporting.

Note: By teleporting, any zombies that happened to be behind you will be incinerated by the teleporter's rays. To some extent, you could use this as a trap for the zombies, but you should try to reserve the teleporter usage for when you really need it.

Finally, you have successfully used the teleporter device, and have enough points to upgrade your guns; it's time to use those points on the pack-a-punch machine. By equipping the specific gun that you wish to upgrade, you can go next to the pack-a-punch machine, and then press highlighted button to upgrade the weapon. Each gun that you upgrade costs you 5,000 points, and you must remember to then pick up your weapon once upgraded, or you will lose it when you teleport back to the stage.

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