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Troubleshoot Netflix Problems on Xbox 360

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A number of problems can cause Netflix to perform poorly or not at all on your Xbox 360 console through the Xbox Live service. The Netflix service may be down, Xbox Live may be experiencing problems affecting the Netflix service, the quality of your wireless signal may be affecting Netflix, Netflix may have stopped responding and more. Use troubleshooting to drill down and find the source of your problem so you can figure out the best course of action to resolve it and return Netflix to working order on your Xbox 360 console.

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Title Temporarily Unavailable

This occurs because the codec required to play that title needs to be updated on your Xbox 360 console. You can update the codec by selecting the Back to Browsing option and then selecting that same video again to view it. This time, before loading the video the Xbox 360 will download an updated codec that allows the video file to be played.

Videos Pixelated or Constantly Buffering

If your Netflix videos are pixelated, choppy or constantly buffering, you're the victim of a slow or poor Xbox Live connection. The best way to resolve this if you're Xbox 360 console is connected to a wireless router, is to connect your Xbox 360 console directly to your Internet router using an Ethernet cable. This gives you the best Internet you can get without upgrading your Internet service. Microsoft recommends using at least a 6 megabit per second Internet connection when using Xbox Live to prevent performance issues with Xbox Live gaming and features, including Netflix. If connecting directly to an Internet router is too great of an inconvenience, try moving your Xbox 360 console closer to the router so it can pick up a stronger signal. Also, remove any devices that send and receive wireless signals, such as cordless phones, baby monitors, cell phones and radios, from near both the Xbox 360 console and the router, as these devices can lessen the strength of the signal being sent and received by the Xbox 360 console, resulting in poor Xbox Live performance. For more tips on how to improve your Xbox Live performance, check out the following articles: How to Make Xbox Live Faster and How to Improve Your Wireless Signal.

Netflix Not Responding on Xbox 360

If Netflix suddenly stops responding on your Xbox 360, the first place you need to check is the Xbox Live Service Status Web page that lists the status of all the apps available in the Xbox Live Marketplace. After navigating to the Web page, scroll down the Xbox Live Status section and check to make sure the Xbox Live Service says "Up and Running" to the right of it. Also, scroll down to the Apps Status section until you arrive at the Netflix listing, which should also read "Up and Running." If there is a change in either of the app is down for maintenance or experiencing other problems, it will be listed on this page almost instantly so you can easily tell if the app should be working or not. If the app should be working but isn't, the problems with the service may be caused by the Netflix files saved to your Xbox 360 console. Delete the Netflix app and any files associated with it from your system and then re-installing the app by doing the following:

  1. Press the "Xbox" button in the center of your remote control.
  2. Move the right analog stick to the right until the Settings menu appears.
  3. Highlight "System Settings" and then press "A."
  4. Highlight "Storage" and then press "A."
  5. Highlight your primary storage device from the list that appears and then press "A."
  6. Highlight "Games and Apps" and then press "A."
  7. Select any Netflix content and select the option to delete those files. Doing this removes the Netflix app and all Netflix-related content from your Xbox 360 console.
  8. Restart the Xbox 360 console.
  9. Scroll over to the App section at the Xbox 360 dashboard.
  10. Select "Marketplace" within the App section to open the Xbox Live Marketplace and then search for and download the Netflix app on your machine.
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