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How to Teleport in Buried - Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombies


Like many zombie maps, you are able to teleport in Buried, Resolution 1295. After the players leave the room they spawn in to they will need to teleport in order to get back into that room. Teleporting is also easier than going back through the Haunted Mansion and risking losing your points.

What You Will Need:

  • An Explosive Weapon
  • Booze

The Steps:

  1. Have the Giant Smash the Fountain outside of the Church.
  2. Blow up the fountain in the Maze
  3. Jump into the fountain

Have The Giant Smash The Fountain

The first step in activating the teleporter is to have the Giant smash the first fountain. This fountain can be located in front of the Church and Haunted Mansion.

The Fountain will still be there, but it will be visible broken and the barrel will no longer be sitting on top of it.

Fountain Smashing Steps:

  1. Find and Equip Booze.
  2. Position the Giant so that his back is to the fountain.
  3. Feed him Booze. He will turn around and run into the Fountain.
Properly Activated

Properly Activated

Redo the first step.

Redo the first step.

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Blow Up The Second Fountain

The second fountain can be found in the center of the Maze, behind the Haunted Mansion. It can be difficult to locate since the steel doors change positions, which will alter the route from one trip to the other.

In order to complete this step you will need one of the following weapons.

  • Ray Gun
  • Ray Gun Mark II
  • Grenades
  • Monkey Bombs
  • Mustang and Sally
  • War Machine
  • RPG

Use the explosive weapon on the fountain. This is quickest with the Ray Gun or Ray Gun Mark II, but can also be done with any explosive weapon.

Warning: If you look into the well and just see a hole then you did the first part incorrectly. Jumping in this hole will result in instant death.

Fountain Explosion Steps:

  1. Locate the second fountain.
  2. Shoot it with an explosive weapon

Enter The Portal

You will enter the portal by jumping into the well. Once this is completed you will appear at the room in which you started the game.

Once activated the portal remains active for the rest of the game. You can jump into it as many times as you want without any additional actions needed.

What You Need To Know

  • You will need to teleport in order to build the NavCard Table.
  • You can access the LSAT by teleporting back to this room.


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