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How to Raise Elo League of Legends

Anyone who has experienced the elo phenomenon in League of Legends knows the thirst that drives players to obtain high ratings. Ranked games are a different environment and require skill as well as a level head to be successful. In this guide I will share some secrets that have aided me in my elo as well as a breakdown of various elo stages and basic fallacies that bring players down. Each elo; gold, bronze, and unranked have roadblocks that cause players to be unsuccessful.

Unranked - Below 1200

If you are in the unranked stages of the elo system their are many skills you can improve on that will drastically improve your elo. Unranked elo consists of players bellow the 1200 stage and players in this area struggle with mechanics and simply knowing the champions of the game. The game has over 100 champions you must know the game well and know how these champions operate. There are many leavers and unskilled players in this elo, but improve on your attitude and skills and you will add enough value to your team to bring your elo higher and higher. Improving you skills as a player should be the main focus in this stage, and always remember to work with your team and have a positive attitude. The Elo system is a numbers game. If you win 2 out of ever 3 games you will gain elo at a rather quick rate. Do not get discouraged if you lose games it is inevitable!


  • Learn as many champions as you can: Remember to try out new champions in normal games. There is nothing worse than losing a game because you were unskilled with your champion. Play your best champions and the champions you know.
  • Improve on last hitting and trading in lane: Last hitting is vital to the winning an performance in games. More gold equals more items and damage. Practice makes perfect.
  • Try to fill any role the team needs: No one likes to have to play support but it is an important role to the team. Support controls ward coverage and wards win games and winning games gets elo. Work with your team not against it.
  • Be polite toward you teammates: No one likes a troll. Trolls lose games and this guide isn't on losing elo. If you are a troll to your teammate your chances to lose go through the roof. Be a leader and communicate and cooperate with your team.
  • Never quit until the nexus is dead: Many people give up before the game is anywhere near over. This will result in a great deal of games that are lost that could have been won. You are a winner. Win games and never quit. Do everything in your power to win.

Be a Team Player


Bronze 1200 - 1400

Players in bronze elo are a little more skilled than those in unranked. Many players in bronze struggle with the same problems as unranked players. As you begin to raise your elo higher, the skills of counter picking become more and more important. Getting counter picked in lane gives you an extreme disadvantage, and it is important to know what counters what. Mechanics tend to be less of a problem at this stage but are still sub par.


  • Improve on mechanics: If your last hitting needs practice, practice it. It may be cliche but practice does make perfect and perfection gains elo. Try not to ever miss last hits.
  • Know the common played champions and what champion counters them: If champs are getting banned or played every game you should know what spells and abilities this champion has. Also, know what counters these champs and how to play them. Counters win games.
  • Focus on winning lane The pros always say "win lane win game". This is the truth. Find your niche and the lane you are best at and practice. Know champions that you can win lane with and spam them. Winning games starts in lane.
  • Fill roles If the team needs a jungle and you don't know how then you and your team are SOL. Be a team player. You need your team and they need you.
  • Use correct runes and masteries Look up guides and know what abilities to max first and what runes to use. Also focus on learning new and more effective builds and rune set ups. This is the ultimate form of mastery. Have multiple pages for the same role. If you need magic resistance have a page ready for magic resistance. Adjust your runes and masteries to aid you best in the current game.
  • Never rage Rage will make you go on 200 elo losing sprees. Any questions?

Silver 1400 - 1520

Silver players are generally average to above average players that have good mechanic skills. In this stage people tend to focus on two to three roles and perfect them. If you are at the top of the team during champ select then you should be picking jungler, support, or AD. Counter picking is essential to moving out of this stage. You should be familiar with generic picks and what counters they have. Positioning is key in team fights. If you are ad you should be in the back of the team focusing on the squishiest threat that is closest to you. If you are a bruiser you should be trying to disrupt the enemy team and assassinate the ad carry. Warding is key and doing it right will raise your elo greatly.


  • Know counters: At this stage in the game you should be very familiar with most of the champions and what counters what. Use a counter sheet and look up counters on
  • Know how to position in team fights: If you are a ranged carry it is down right stupid to be leading the charge into the enemy. This will make you lose every team fight. Know your role and what your job is in team fights. People in this elo know how to focus and will focus in the order of squishiest with the most damage. Be smart win games.
  • Always ward: Every person on the team should ward. Warding wins games and winners gain elo. Ward your flanks and avoid feeding. Winner winner chicken dinner.
  • Never rage at team: Don't do it!

Gold 1520 - 1900

The difference between gold players and silver players is their knowledge of the game and the ability to cooperate with their team. Players in this level generally focus on one role or two and perfect it. Perfect in knowing all counters, and what picks are best for team composition. Rage is key in this elo. Raging at ones team will lead elo to drop dramatically because not only are you disabling your play you are disabling the play of the player that you are raging at. Keep in mind that rage will lead you to be one bracket bellow where you should be. You could be a gold player in silver just because you rage to often.


  • Master counters: Know counters like the back of your hand and always be ready to go into lane with a huge advantage.
  • Communicate with team: Talk with your team to know what picks are best for your team composition. Communicate ganks and coordinate with your team to take control of dragon and baron. Global gold wins games.
  • Learn specific roles: Master a role and know it perfectly. Know what your role is. Breath your role. Get familiar with every champion in your category and their counters.
  • Never rage: Rager trolls have no friends.


A great deal of this game is knowing the game and what champions do what. Knowing how and when to fight. It is also about knowing champions and what they are capable of. Here are some tips on when you should engage on the enemy

Tips on Engaging:

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  • Any situation where you outnumber the enemy
  • When the enemy has no ultimates or their moves are on cooldown
  • When you have baron(Never engage on the enemy when they have baron)
  • In lane:
  • When the enemy does not have summoners and you do
  • When the enemy's ult is down and yours is up
  • When the river is warded and you know no one is missing
  • When you are ahead of the enemy in items

Be prepared and don't go commando



Whenever you return to base you should always buy wards. If you are saving up for a specific item always be sure you have around 100 gold extra to buy wards and potions. Wards win games. They stop enemy ganks and allow your team to know where the enemy is. Warding, if you do not already, will greatly improve you elo.

Warding Buffs: Warding buffs is crucial to making plays and controlling the game. As the game progresses carries rely more and more on buffs, and warding them can lead to you killing them when they attempt to get their buffs as well as securing the buffs for your team.

Make sure baron and dragon are warded: You always want to know if the enemy is moving towards these objectives so you can stop them and start team fights. Pink wards are good because they can take down the enemy's vision on these monsters. Control baron and dragon and you increase your chances to win.

Always ward when:

  • You go home and have extra gold: If you are laning try and go back when you are going to have the extra 75 gold to buy a ward. Try and get a few last hits if you are short on cash.
  • You are playing support: It is the supports job to do a majority of the warding as well as buying an oracles. You should be buying wards every time you go home and trying to kill enemy wards as well.
  • You are jungle and have a wriggles lantern: Use your wriggles lantern to ward baron if you are the jungler. In the early stages of the game your support may not be in the area so it is your job to maintain vision on dragon.
  • Your team is going after a warded objective: If no one on your team has a pink ward try and help your team out and get one. Pink wards allow you to take objectives without being contested
  • Your lane is extended and you have no vision: There is nothing worse than getting ganked and feeding kills. Not only does it make it harder for you to win lane, but it also feeds your opponent. Make sure you are warded up when you are pushed. If you don't have a ward don't be afraid to push the lane and go back and get one.

Counter Picking

Counter picking is one of the things that separates low elo players from high elo players. Learn how to counter pick and use this spreadsheet as a guide to help you counter pick.

LoL counter pick sheet

Water counters fire, and you counter bad players.



Watching streams is a great way to improve your skills. Streamers are the best players in the world and watching what they do can be extremely helpful in gaining elo.

Recommended Streamers

  • Dyrus - Top Lane
  • Chaox - Ranged Carry
  • Saint Vicious - Jungler
  • Xspecial - Support
  • Aphromoo - AD carry
  • Wings of Death - Top

Watch streams



Raging will never lead to an advancement of elo. You are making yourself less effective and giving the enemy team a great advantage. Always work with your team and ignore people who blame others. Blaming is a mechanism people use to deny responsibly on themselves and on the others. Be a bigger person and your elo will rise.

Guide to Mid lane

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E Rage is bad

  • How to Control E Rage
    E rage can be harmful in the excelling of well being of gamers every where. Tips on controlling E rage and better the gaming experience.

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Sarah Forester from Australia on February 04, 2014:

Hugely in depth article, amazing work! Time for me to get back into League of Legends after a few weeks off I think.

wince on November 28, 2013:

I can tell you how i went from gold 4 that i had been in for a few months , to platinum in 2 weeks. I wanted to get plat for s3.

I started playing only karma. This worked for a few reasons.

#1. Karma is viable in many roles, Top, mid and support. At the time she was also a very viable jungle. This meant that i could play 4 roles with the same champion and since there is always someone who wants to adc, I played karma almost every single game.

#2.Karma has no hard counters . She has high sustain and strong burst. At worst case scenario, you can just focus on farm and use your heal and speed boost+shield to escape ganks and stop you from dying. Also by playing the same champion over and over, even when against something that would be you counter, you learn to deal with it and work around it.

#3 Karma is very rarely picked, this means she is never usualy picked or banned so I always got to play her.

#4 I had the added bonus that since she was never picked, especially when i started playing her. That no one really knew how strong she was or how to play against her.

By picked only 1 or at least a very small champion base, you start making very few mistakes, and you will play them at a much higher level then you have before.

passthejelly (author) from Lakewood Colorado on October 11, 2013:

You know nothing about me and yet you claim that I'm "not good." If you have a problem with something I wrote in the guide feel free to point it out specifically and make a valid point or gtfo. Thank you.

yeaitsjohnny on October 10, 2013:

I hope you know you're not good right lol but go for it keep "helping out" the "noobs"

passthejelly (author) from Lakewood Colorado on July 21, 2013:

Basically. I got to Diamond on my first series Luckily. It seems like it is much easier to play at a higher level because players are a lot more cooperative. Just keep playing your BEST CHAMPS. I cannot stress that enough. You have to play your best if you want to win games and advance at the high level. Luck does play a part but you will get there soon. I believe in you :)

Bo on July 20, 2013:

Any special tips for Platinum 1 - Diamond level? Just lost promo series for Diamond :(. I just wanna hit diamond so I can retire.. lol. Everyone knows what to do and everything so my win rate is constantly at 50% ish. Let me guess what the solution is... play more? -.-

passthejelly (author) from Lakewood Colorado on July 07, 2013:

I guess it's all a matter of tastes :)

Aka_Napper on July 06, 2013:

This game suck's in a bad way. Battlefield 3 has more skill player then this crappie game. My reason's why.

1. Just 2 map's.

2.playing with random character's. Suck's in a bad way.

3.they start with O level.

4. Skill what skill. If you say there is skill, where is it. Or is it the waiting for your minion's to help you. When they are dead, you run like a coward, back to safety.

5.It's slow. I die of boredom.

passthejelly (author) from Lakewood Colorado on March 04, 2013:

Hi Jon, Yeah the basic idea is to know all the roles so you can play them, but specialize in a few that you are extremely good at. You want to make sure that can play a role if you have to but not main it.

Jon Vetle on March 04, 2013:

Hi, you stated that it is good to learn all roles, but isn't it better to learn 1-2 primary roles? Just wondering because as you get better at a role it will be easier to carry your troll and race teams

iBluePrint on January 08, 2013:

DON'T add theoddone as jungler streamers as you wont get really better watching him. You should also remove Reginald. All the others are fine to me.

fuckpassthejelly on December 22, 2012:

add theoddone to streams for jungle

passthejelly (author) from Lakewood Colorado on December 02, 2012:

Thank you moomoo :D

moomoo on October 30, 2012:

nice article

passthejelly (author) from Lakewood Colorado on October 05, 2012:

Yeah the elo system is a harsh mystery. I don't think we'll ever fully understand the secrets in its arsenal.

PlaYL0L on October 05, 2012:

HOWEVER I played a game right after that and I only got like 12 elo really makes me curious how things like elo points work :p

PlaYL0L on October 05, 2012:

You might be right :p cause I've had no losses in either normal or ranked for the past 25 or so games

passthejelly (author) from Lakewood Colorado on October 04, 2012:

I think that if you go on a long winning streak your elo goes up a lot faster. I could be wrong but I think this is why. XD

IPlaYL0L on October 04, 2012:

Funny thing, ive gone past 10 games and I was at my like 19th game I went from 1090 something to 1110. When I looked I was like wttff and it was also my 1st win of the day so that is why I was wondering. Reason im sure of this is cause i remember being stuck in the 1000 - 1090 elo, didn't quite get to 1100 so when I did i was like :O omg.

passthejelly (author) from Lakewood Colorado on October 04, 2012:

The elo you get larger during your first 10 ranked games. After this, the elo you get varies game by game from anywhere from 6-14

IPlaYL0L on October 04, 2012:

Question. Is the amount of elo earned random or can you like IP, earn extra Elo if its 1st win of the day or something like that?

DMVmimay on September 05, 2012:

i don't play online games but it looks very interesting. let me try HAHA

reinbert on August 21, 2012:

I'm missing something there:

Join the que with a partner

Play unusual heroes (especially in lower ratings people can't handle nunu top or caitlyn mid, pantheon jungle ect)

and last but not least... report your entire team after losing

just kidding

robes on July 29, 2012:

Ragers do make the game pretty annyoing at times, I have to agree.

marketingbloke on July 04, 2012:

"Ragers" this is what spoils the games the most for me.

passthejelly (author) from Lakewood Colorado on June 22, 2012:

Yeah np it's a fun game!

Djaak from Johannesburg, South Africa on June 22, 2012:

I play dota and have not tried LOL yet. But it sounds interesting and is based on dota so I like it already :D Thanks for the awesome article.

SlashedNBurned from Boulder, Colorado on April 21, 2012:

Oh yeah watch everyone on TSM except oddone lol

passthejelly (author) from Lakewood Colorado on April 07, 2012:

Hi Vette,

There is actually a hub on here already of that nature. Its is by drywater and it is called League of Legends terms, phrases, and acronyms.

Vette91 from Colorado on April 07, 2012:

Just a suggestion, I have been reading many of your hubs on LOL but I do not know all the lingo. Maybe consider making of hub about different words and common terms that are thrown around. Thanks for the posts!

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