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How to Play the Song in Alcatraz: MOTD - Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombies

In previous maps you had to find three teddy bears in order to turn on a song. But once again, Alcatraz is not like other maps. In Mob of the Dead you must find 3 bottles to turn on the song. The song is a perfect fit for the map, Rusty Cage by Johnny Cash. I like to play the song as I am feeding the wolves in the Infirmary. I like to be pumped up when I am about to get Hell's Retriever.

You activate the bottles in the same way that you activated the teddy bears on previous maps. Press and hold the action button until you hear the sound. The bottles can be found in three locations:


The Library

The first bottle can be picked up without buying a single door. It is in The Library, which is connected to the room that you start in. Look in the far corner between two windows on a book shelf. The picture to the right shows a green arrow pointing towards the bottle.


The Docks

The second bottle is on the Docks. It is hidden well between a crate and a fence. If you stand at the gate that requires the Wardens Key and look towards the Tower Trap, the bottle will be behind the crate on your right.

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The Infirmary

The last bottle can be found sitting on a table in the Infirmary. It is in the room that has two bath tubs. Look for the table that is against the wall opposite to the bath tubs. This is right next to the room that has the single bathtub that you use to get the Golden Spork.


Flowers on September 13, 2013:

theres more than just 1 song...

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