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How to Play "Doom" on Your Android Phone in 2019 (and What WADs to Play.)

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"Doom" is a game that requires no introduction; an ultra-violent shooter where a lone space marine kills a bestiary of demons with different weapons. The game that catapulted id Software to superstardom. It's legendary creators certainly don't need me to promote it as it is firmly cemented into our culture ever since its shareware days in 1993. This position was fortified further with the excellent 2016 reboot (while Doom 3 was somewhat polarizing in 2004) and the mindblowing "Doom Eternal" coming in 2020. However, we are here to talk about Android phones — a free-for-all of budding developers releasing interesting apps wielding mixed results; full of ads and lots of crashing like a drunk test pilot.

As an Android user since 2012, I was on a quest to play "Doom" (alongside its multitude of WADS/modifications and addons) on-the-go forever; getting burned in the process and thus, learning to steer clear of ad-filled garbage pseudo source ports that either don't exist anymore (for good reason) or those in a permanent pre-alpha state. (Code word for "abandoned.") "Doom" was also (over-pricedly) ported to both the mobile OS by Bethesda where the "Skyrim" devs managed to ruin the unruinable with every decision involved being the wrong one. (DRM in "Doom;" really Bethesda?!)


However, this app is the ultimate (and at time of writing; the only real) way to play "Doom" on your Android handset; introducing "Delta Touch" from Open Touch Gaming. Essentially, a collection of 6 source ports; "GZDoom", "LZDoom", "Zandronum", "Chocolate Doom", "PrBoom+" and "RetroDoom." The app also comes with "FreeDoom" for immediate play, a game based on the "Doom" engine. Obviously, the user needs to supply his own "Doom" and "Doom 2" WADs respectively. The source ports are fully-featured with customizable controls, built-in keyboard, mouse and keyboard support (if you really need it) alongside software and OpenGL modes.

It is worth mentioning that a few people have issues with installing and running mods especially on a phone due to a new interface and little to no explanation, therefore, below is a mini-guide to run mods on "Delta Touch." Firstly, you need an SD card since most WADS really add up and after a while, weigh 1GB+. Within the app, you need to create the "mods" file and be sure it's moved to the coordinates below:

Where to Put WADs and pk3s

External Storage -> Android -> com.opentouchgaming.deltatouch -> files -> mods (your file with WADs) -> mods

Afterward, the WADs and pk3 files will be visible for selection within the app when you select which "Doom" you want to run. Working similarly to the PC where addons are combined with the game file. Alternatively, if you prefer vanilla "Doom," just tap on the one you want and while you're at it, give "Freedoom" a try; a well-made and unique-looking derivation of the iconic shooter.

Finally, "Delta Touch" is not a free app but, it costs only a symbolic 1.92$ (at the time of writing) which is more than worth it because it offers an ever-expanding world of gameplay in your pocket. Naturally, "Brutal Doom" is the first WAD I loaded and it works wonderfully on my mid-range phone. Not an ad, DRM-related errors or a microtransaction in sight. (My WADs were taken from the "Steam" versions of "Doom," "Doom 2" and "Final Doom")

As a P.S, I want to include the best addons to use with the world's best shooter; here are the top 3 sans the obvious must-gets. ("Brutal DooM," "Project Brutality," and "Sigil" should already be in your library)

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What many fully-staffed and well-funded studios failed to provide for years, this free, independent WAD delivers. Shoot many criminals as the world's favorite cybernetic police officer does in the films complete with weapons, gore and even sounds true to the movies.

Zio McCall's Brutal Wolfenstein

A full remaster of the "Wolfenstein" games with more gore, more historically-accurate guns (than the original game) remade levels and modified enemy behavior. The definitive way to play the classic "Wolfenstein 3D".

Winter's Fury

A grimly beautiful campaign set on a cold mountain with new guns and a winter makeover for demons. Boss fights too. Gamers who are looking for atmosphere will definitely love this.

Buy Delta Touch here

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