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How to Maximize Your Experience Playing "Fate Grand Order"

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The official art of Fate/Grand Order.

The official art of Fate/Grand Order.

Fate Grand Order Looks Daunting, but It’s Not Nearly as Complicated as It Seems

Fate Grand Order looks like a daunting game with its combat system, leveling and how to use your Servants and what Servants you should pull for. This article is to help newcomers get a head start in the popular mobile game from the popular Fate franchise by Type-Moon.

In this article, I will explain how to secure your account when you should summon Servants and how to level up in the game.

A Guide to Maximize Your Experience in Fate Grand Order

If you enjoy the Type-Moon’s Fate franchise, you’ve probably heard of Fate Grand Order, the mobile game. So you want to get started in the game and you see different YouTube videos or you have started during an event and you want to level up your characters in order to participate in the event.

Here are some useful tips for newcomers that want to have a jump-start for your new account.

Reroll the Tutorial If You Don’t Like Your Summons

If you roll on the tutorial gacha and you don’t like your roll, then just restart the game, skip the text and do a reroll if you don’t like the Servant you rolled. Just don’t spend any money if you don’t like your roll, because paid Quartz does not guarantee a great 11 roll for a 5-star Servant unless you roll on the paid guaranteed 5-star pull, but you aren’t necessarily going to pull the Servant you wanted.

Rerolling on the tutorial means you might be able to pull a Servant you like. Just make sure to create a bind code to transfer your account in case something happens to your device.

You won’t be able to pull a 5* SSR (Super Super Rare) Servant on the tutorial roll but rolling Rider Martha, Heracles or EMIYA is a great tutorial pull.

FGO BEGINNER'S GUIDE 2020! Tips + Tricks for New Players!

Farming in Fate/Grand Order.

Farming in Fate/Grand Order.

Create a Transfer Number for Your Account

So you’ve done your tutorial pull and you’ve played the game for a while, and you want to make sure your account will be safe if something should happen to your tablet or Smartphone. Fate Grand Order does not have an account system, so how do you back up your account so you don’t lose it?

  • Tap the menu button
  • Tap the “My Room” button.
  • Tap the “Issue transfer number” button
  • Set your password
  • Copy and paste issue number in a text document and save it to your PC and cloud storage website.
  • You can encrypt your documents with a password if you want to protect your document
  • Make sure you copy your issue number correctly
  • Write down your friend ID Number in case your issue number doesn’t work
  • You can also email your transfer number and password to yourself if you want to make sure you have your issue number in case you lose your account because your device dies

Do Not Share Profile Information With Anyone

Do not share your information that is in your character profile like your birthday, how many Servants you have, the number of Saint Quartz you bought or have obtained through free quests.

This information can be used by other people to steal your account by contacting support and stealing your in-game identity.

Do not share your issued transfer number and password after you create it because it will move your game and information to another device.

Make sure to store your transfer number and password in a document and store it on an external hard drive or password protected in cloud storage just in case something happens to your device you will be able to transfer your account to a new device.

Lower Star Units Are Amazing in This Game!

Do not underestimate lower star units in this game, there are some amazing Servants that are not five-stars.

There's Arash, an Archer that has an area of effect attack that can single-handedly clear a node. There's also Spartacus who is a Berserker that is also an area of effect and can clear a single node with just his noble phantasm, or ultimate attack if you've played other games.

There are great Lancer servants like Cu Culahnn and Jaguar Warrior that are great against Archer class bosses

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There are a lot of great four-star Servants like Berserkers Lancelot and Heracles. Lancers Artoria Alter and Parvati. I love using my four-star single target Berserker Ibaraki to fight bosses.

Hans Christian Andersen is a 2-star bronze Caster that is a support who heals and buffs your party with his noble phantasm.

Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart is a support Caster that can give 50 crit stars to your party, enabling instant 100% crits for any DPS Servant in your party.

George and Leonidas are taunters that players can use to "solo" bosses with a support DPS Servant and George and Leonidas to taunt the boss. When you use the Battle of Camlann CE and Stuffed Lion on George and Leonidas the craft essences give Noble Phansm charge and healing with Battle of Camlann and Stuffed Lion.

There are so many amazing Servants that aren't the SSR five-stars and don't ignore them because a lot of them can pull you out of a jam during a boss fight if you have them in your party.

The Servant on rate up was Artoria Alter Rider, I got Rider Ozymandias instead, not exactly what I wanted but I'll take it.  This is a "spook" in this game.

The Servant on rate up was Artoria Alter Rider, I got Rider Ozymandias instead, not exactly what I wanted but I'll take it. This is a "spook" in this game.

Roll for Fun and Not Just Gameplay

There are a lot of Servants you can summon in this game so roll for what you think you will like and not just because a YouTuber, who is usually a whale tells you what you should roll for. The point of the game is rolling for characters you like and not for “gameplay”.

Many of those YouTube videos that show off crazy stunts you can pull off in this game are people who “whale” or pay a ton of money to roll on the “rate up” Servant.

The chance of rolling a 5* Servant is 1% every time you roll, and that’s when they are on rate up, which means you are more likely to pull a certain character, but the rate is still 1%, which is why it is better to save Saint Quartz for a character you like rather than just throwing Saint Quartz at the story gacha or whenever a character is on rate up.

Many member of the Fate Grand Order community like to make tier lists of what the “best” Servants are. Those lists are always subjective and based on the author’s personal opinion about the Servants.

Roll for what makes you happy but remember the success rate isn’t the best but it’s worth it if you pull what you want.

Plan Ahead if You Want to Roll for a Servant

If you’re on the North American server the game is two years behind the Japanese server. Thankfully, the Fate/Grand Order wiki has the information on upcoming banners and you can see when they were released. The North American server dates haven’t been exactly the same every time but they’re relatively close to the Japanese release dates.

Looking at these dates gives you a good idea of how long you’ll need to save up, whether you buy Quartz or just get them from interludes, logins, weekly missions, free quests, or bond points.

If you’re going to spend money at least set a budget for yourself. I’ve seen people spend hundreds and up to thousands of dollars at one time and not get the rate up Servants.

Do Not Use Quartz to Refill Your Action Point Bar

You have a meter at the bottom of your screen that has AP or action points that you use to go on quests and do actions in the game. This AP bar has a set limit depending on your level. The more you progress the story to level up, the higher your AP bar gets, but once you run out you have to wait for it to refill.

You can use either gold, silver or bronze fruit to refill your AP bar, but you can also use Saint Quartz to refill your AP bar, unless you are going to become a whale for this game and pay a lot of money to buy the expensive Saint Quartz packs and don’t mind using them for farming, don’t use Saint Quartz to refill the AP bar for farming because they are a limited currency and you can only get them through Master Missions, free quests, interludes, and rank up quests so if you’re not paying for the game save your fruit for events unless you feel you have to grind materials or level up a Servant immediately.

Use Your Free Ascension on an SSR Servant

Since Fate/Grand Order's fourth anniversary there is a feature that lets you fully ascend any Servant you have. You will have 90 days from the start of your account to use the free ascension for any Servant you have rolled.

Make sure that if you're going to use it you should use it on an SSR Servant, especially if they have materials that are hard to find. Some materials come from Lostbelts, which is the second arc of the game.

You can see where to find materials on the Fate Grand Order wiki to see which Servant you should use the free ascension for. If the Servant is from a brand new banner it is worth using the free ascension especially if they have arc two materials that aren't easy to access at the beginning of the game.

So use it on an SSR Servant if you can get lucky and pull one.

Use the Pure Prism Shop Wisely!

The Pure Prism shop is a shop where you use white prisms to buy materials you want. The prisms are limited because they are tied to story completion. You can use them to buy 100 of the material available in the store. bronze, silver, and gold materials are available but the cost varies when it comes to the material rarity.

Since you are limited with how many prisms you have and how many you can buy, only purchase what you need and don't try to empty the entire shop because pure prisms are a limited resource.

For newer players, you will be able to get characters ascended, even if you haven't hit the story section where those mats are available. for older players, you can grab mats for characters in the future if you're planning to roll for them.

Level Up Mash Kyrielight!

Mash Kyrielight is a great Servant because she is a free Servant and she has a great skill kit as a tank in the game with excellent defense and invincibility and a taunt. Her skills and ascension are leveled with the story so don't forget about her.

She's also handy in parties because she's free and doesn't cost anything to add to your party. Leveling Mash to full ascension and full skills at level 10/10/10 was the best advice I ever got from whales in this game, she'll carry you through the story and she's worth the experience and skill materials!

Mash also has 0 party cost and she gives bonuses during events and you can use her to carry a CE during an event if you need to use a lot of event craft essences in your party.

Use the Chaldea Gate Missions to Gather Experience Cards for Your Servants

The Chaldea Gate missions are where you can farm for bronze, silver or gold experience cards. Each node has a recommended Servant level, but if you just started, you can learn how to solo the experience nodes with high level Servant to farm the gold nodes for the best experience cards to level up quickly.

Each day rotates a different class between Saber, Archer, Caster, Lancer and Rider, with Berserker experience cards in the same nodes.

This is not the only way to farm experience points, Event shops have them and event lotteries have boxes that you can roll that have experience cards too. Lotteries are the best way to farm experience cards because they come in boxes that contain 25-30 experience cards in each box.

Skill Up Materials and Class Monuments

During the week there are separate class training grounds where you can farm skill up materials to increase your Servant’s skills, leveling up a Servant’s skills makes it so you can use that skill sooner in battle the higher the level is, with the max level being level 10.

Lores are also needed to max the Servant’s skills to 10 but you will need to obtain lores from events or buying them with rare prisms which can only be obtained by selling a 4 or 5-star Servant and it’s not recommended to burn a Servant until you have leveled their noble phantasm to level 5.

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Leveling Your Servant’s Noble Phantasm

A Servant’s Noble Phantasm is their signature attack that is a demonstration of who they were in life. It is a flashy and powerful attack that can deal a large amount of damage to the enemy they are fighting.

A noble phantasm can be leveled like skill levels. Tap the “enhance” button and choose “noble phantasm”. Feed extra copies of your Servant into the locked Servant and you will increase the power of the attack. The levels are capped at level 5 and you can burn extra copies of Servants after you have reached Noble Phantasm level 5.

Some people burn their extra gold Servants before they reach level 5 because they are angry that they summoned a Servant they didn’t want. Do not burn the Servant that shows up unless they are over Noble Phantasm level 5 because gold Servants are very rare and are harder to get to Noble Phantasm level 5.

Don’t Forget About Class Advantage

The classes in Fate Grand Order have advantages and disadvantages when they fight each other. It is very important to use class advantage against enemies because of the damage bonus your Servants gain when using class advantage.

There is no “one size fits all” team for this game. Instead, you make teams around fighting the enemies in the node you’re going to fight on, whether it’s a story, event or Chaldea Gate mission node.

Have a Single Target and an Area of Effect Servants Fully Ascended Before Camelot

Fate Grand Order has unique gameplay because of class advantage but the game does have a difficulty spike in the sixth Singularity Camelot that will show you why class advantage is important in the game so make sure to level up a single target Servant and an area of effect Servant from every class and fully ascend them before you arrive at Camelot.

You can be carried by friend supports but you should focus on leveling your own roster when there is not an event to participate in.

You Will Need a Fully Leveled Roster for Shimosa

You will need to have enough Servants to get through the Epic of Remnant Shimosa because you cannot use a support Servant on every boss fight because sometimes you will be forced to use a story support Musashi.

If you don't have a fully leveled roster you won't be able to beat the bosses during the Epic of Remnant when you're forced to use Musashi.

Be Careful When You Spend Your Servant Coins

Servant coins are a new addition to Fate/Grand Order and you can use them to level your Servant to level 120 and give the Servant additional bonuses with "append skills". While some of the append skills are unique, they usually come with extra damage bonus attack or an attack bonus to a certain class.

Higher rarity Servants have high append skill point costs and it requires you to have six copies to fully level them to 120 and fully level their append skills. It's a very big material sink and mainly for whales but you can do it for a Servant if you have enough Servant coins.

Make sure you are 100% sure that you pick the skill or the grail levels that you want to spend your Servant coins on, because it's very hard to get multiple copies of SSR Servants if you're not a whale.

You'll need a fully leveled team to take on later bosses like this.

You'll need a fully leveled team to take on later bosses like this.

Read About Craft Essences and Use Them

Craft Essences give the Servant using it a boost depending on the status of the Craft Essence, you can level it up and limit break it like you level up and ascend characters.

Quickly Level Your Craft Essences

You can quickly level your craft essences by leveling up 1 and 2-star craft essences to max level and then using the fully leveled craft essences to level 4 and 5-star craft essences.

You tap the enhance button and then feed low-level craft essences into your other craft essences.

Roll the Gacha for "The Imaginary Element" Craft Essence!

It was revealed with the release of Lostbelt 6 in Japan that DelightWorks removed "The Imaginary Element" craft essence from the general gacha pool. The craft essence has a start NP charge of 60% for one copy, 75% for a max limit broken craft essence. If you're free-to-play or cheap-to-play you will want this craft essence since it makes farming easier for you.

This is one of the best craft essences you can pull and it will be gone from the main gacha in two years. It leaves the gacha for North America in June 2024. You will no longer be able to pull any more copies of Imaginary Element on the Japanese server and the global server in North America in two years.

You will have to roll the story gacha and hope you pull the craft essence so make sure you roll gacha for it.

The event "Imaginary Scramble" has a pre-release campaign that has the craft essence on rate up so if you want a chance to roll it, you'll have to roll the banner.

Level up Your Servants’ Skills

Also make sure to level the skills of your Servants, because each skill has a certain amount of turns to cool down and higher levels mean fewer turns between cooling down and using the Servant’s skill again.

You don’t have to fully level each Servant’s skills, but having level 6 for each Servant’s skill helps both you and the people on your friends’ support list.

You can check the Japanese events in the FGO wiki to plan what items you’ll need from the shop if you’re not going to clear the entire shop during the event so you can grab the ascension or skill up items you need for your Servants.

You can also check the drop rate document to see what nodes have the best places to farm materials you need, but the nodes aren’t always reliable but shops are always reliable because there’s a set amount of items you can buy from the shop.

An example of leveling skills for Servants.

An example of leveling skills for Servants.

Friends’ Support Can Help You if You’re Stuck Progressing the Story

You can borrow other users’ Servants and use them as a support party member when you play through a quest or story node in the game. If your support party member is fully leveled and skilled up you can use them to power through the story if you’re not fully leveled and skilled up yourself.

However, there are some story missions that do not allow you to use a friends’ support so level up your own Servants too.

However, you cannot always rely on friends’ supports because some story segments do not allow you to use friends’ support so you need to fully level your Servants.

Participate in the Events, You Can Get a Lot of Free Stuff

If you want to participate in events you should focus on completing the story. While many events require only the completion of the tutorial level of Fuyuuki, many of the later events require the completion of part 1 and Singularities in Part 2. Since this guide is primarily for the North American Fate Grand Order community, we are two years behind Japan, other countries are ahead of us or behind us, depending on what country you play in.

You can look at the Fate Grand Order wiki to see events that have already been completed in Japan and you will see the story completion requirement for participating in the event.

If you prepare ahead of time you won’t have to be concerned about meeting story requirements to participate in events. New players will have a harder time participating in events as the game continues because Japan has been gearing them towards longtime players rather than newcomers.

Make sure to prioritize the event craft essences because they increase the drop rate of event store currency that you have to farm during the event. If you’re rolling the gacha during the event you have the chance to obtain craft essences that boost the drop rate of event currency as well.

Go Crazy During Lottery Events

The reason diehard fans of Fate Grand Order go crazy during event lotteries is because you can farm items that are usually very hard to farm in a specific quest node because of inconsistent drop rates of certain items.

Lottery events are the easiest way to get materials and get a lot of them at once. You can burn out on grinding and people usually wait until the best lottery node is out before grinding but the sooner you get started the better.

If you are a free-to-play player make sure to open the first 10 boxes unless you’re out of storage space because the first 10 lottery boxes have gold, silver, and bronze “fruit” that are used to refill your action point meter.

A funny event in Fate Grand Order.

A funny event in Fate Grand Order.

Use Your Free Rare Prisms To Help Your Account

Even free-to-play and cheap-to-play players of Fate/Grand Order can obtain rare prisms without burning gold Servants. I get mine by completing event reruns because if you get the free welfare Servant once to Noble Phantsam 5 and get five copies from the rerun, the game will send you free rare prisms in your gift box.

You can use these rare prims for whatever you want in the rare prism shop but go for the 5* CEs that will either help your account, buy lores or lanterns of Chaldea for more bond.

For my own account I'm buying the Lantern of Chaldea because I want the free 30 quarts from each lantern for rolling on banners so that's something that is very helpful to me. Also in the future on the global servers append skills require character coins that are acquired through bond levels and Servant copies.

For other players, they'll want lores or CEs and upcoming costumes that end up in the rare prism shop. Just be careful when making a purchase in the rare prism shop because rare prisms are harder to get when you're not burning gold Servants because you whaled on Fate/Grand Order.

The Most Important Thing: Have Fun!

The most important aspect of this game is not the meta or having all the 5* Servants or trying to show off your account for other people on YouTube. Having 5* Servants is fun but they do take a lot of investment and work to get them fully leveled and skilled up.

If you don’t enjoy farming or grinding experience cards you won’t enjoy this game as much, but you can play this game any way you want. As long as you participate in events and level up your Servants and increase their skills, you will eventually be able to use the Servant to their full potential.

The story is a lot of fun and you don’t need 5* Servants to beat the game, every Servant is viable and there are many ways to win every battle.

The story is fun and the characters are entertaining. The gameplay can be repetitive but if you know what you’re doing when you start it makes playing the game much easier.

You do not have to know anything about Type-Moon properties to play the game but it is more fun if you do.

I hope this guide will help beginners or fans of Fate/Stay Night looking to get into Fate Grand Order. Welcome to Chaldea and be prepared to go on an adventure saving humanity with your favorite Servants from the Fate franchise.

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