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How to Make Gold in World of Warcraft: WoW Auction House Reselling

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Requirements for making gold from the auction house

  • Some gold to start with. You can go as low as you want or as high as you want, of course investing more allows you to resell much bigger batches bringing you better and faster profits. If you are just starting out to play the auction house, I recommend starting with a smaller budget and then scaling it up once you get the hang of it.
  • Bank character to make tracking of profits easier and to have empty bank and bags to store items for later listing.
  • Auctioneer addon
  • Postal addon (optional). Addon that allows you to collect all the mail from the mailbox with a single click. Saves plenty of time.
  • Good auctioneer database. To build a solid database you have to scan the auction house at least once a day for one to two weeks using the slow scan before jumping into reselling.

Familiarize yourself with auctioneer layout

Wow auction house layout with auctioneer addon

Wow auction house layout with auctioneer addon

Pct. Color coding

ColorStatusPct. / %


Very overpriced






Slightly underpriced






Very underpriced


How to find auctions to resell in wow

After building a solid database for auctioneer addon you are ready to dive into the addicting world of the auction house game.

To find items to resell the auctioneer addon will use the data you've
gathered over time by scanning the auction house regularly, so the
longer you've been scanning it the more reliable results you will get
when searching for reselling deals.

When we are looking for items to resell, auctioneer will look for items
that are listed for lower price than usual and show "Pct." or
percentage of the normal price with color coding. An example shown in the "wow auction house layout with auctioneer addon image" above.

Auctioneer resale search criterias

Most of the resale search criteria's are pretty self-explanatory but
lets brake it down a bit.

  • Minimum profit is basically how much you want to make profit after reselling an item. So an item that auctioneer thinks would not bring you at least the minimum profit wont show in the search results.
  • Min Discount is advised to be set quite high when just starting out as it is less risky.
  • Check seen count. Ensures that auctioneer has valid data about that particular item. If it doesn't, it wont show in the search results if this is checked.
  • Allow bids. List items in search results that profit if won by bidding.
  • Allow buyout. List items in search results that profits after buyout.
  • Maximum price for resale. List items in search results only below the price set here.

Auctioneer resell tab

Here you can set the search criterias for resale search.

Here you can set the search criterias for resale search.

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Buying for Resale

After setting the resale search criteria accordingly you can go ahead and click "search" and now all the items that could bring you the minimum profit set as a criteria or more will be listed. Now is the time you realize that auctioneer is just a tool that relies on hard data and you will have to start using your head and experience. You have to go through the list of items and look for items that you know wont sell and are listed just because of the numbers. For example very old and useless materials and junk that some people list to trick auctioneer etc.

What I like to do is go through the whole list of items and when I see an item that i don't want to buy, I ignore it by selecting it from the list and hitting "ignore" button below the search results. Once you've handpicked all the garbage out you can go and purchase all the items from the list if your budget allows. If it doesn't, simply handpick items with low Pct. you know will sell. Soon enough you will have enough gold to buy the entire list!

To purchase all the items at once hold down CTRL, ALT, SHIFT and the "purchase" button should turn into "Purchase All" then just click it and start approving the buyouts.

Auctioneer appraiser

Auctioneer's appraiser tab explained

Auctioneer's appraiser tab explained


Now all that is left is listing the items you just bought back into the auction house for profit. For this we use the appraiser which is very easy to use, simply add an item you wish to list for sale, hit refresh to get up to date price for it, tweak it if you want, set stack size and stack amount how you wish if the item is stackable and hit "Post items". Repeat for all the bought items.

3 Things to Keep in Mind

  • Try to scan the auction house twice a day.
  • Watch out for people trying to trick auctioneer and make you buy junk for ridiculous amounts of gold. For example some people bring price of junk items up to 1000 gold for a couple of weeks to make auctioneer set the normal price for this particular junk to 1000 gold and then drop it to 100 gold making it ridiculously underpriced from auctioneer's perspective. Just keep an eye out for these traps when going through the search results before purchasing all.
  • Use your common sense as auctioneer is a tool that relies on numbers and data. Some items just don't sell and you have to learn to recognize these items.

World of Warcraft How to make gold from auction house video


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