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How to Level Up Smithing Fast in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Smithing is one of the skills featured in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Smithing allows you to create armor, weapons, jewelry, and more. The major cities and towns in Skyrim will have forges where you can practice smithing. Riverwood, for example, has a place where you can practice black smithing.

In order to increase your smithing skill in Skyrim, you will need the right materials. The forge will tell you all the components needed to make specific items. You will not be able to create many items unless you unlock new perks in the smithing skill tree, however. Eventually, you can make dragon armor and daedric armor if your skill becomes high enough and you unlock the perks for them.

How to Level Up Smithing Fast in Elder Scrolls Skyrim

One of the best ways to level up smithing fast in Skyrim is by creating Iron Daggers and/or Leather Bracers. Not many components are needed to make these. An Iron Dagger requires one Iron Ingot and one leather strip. This is by far the easiest way to level up smithing because not many components are required.

To create a leather bracer, you need one piece of leather and two leather strips. No Iron Ingots are required for this! If you are in short supply of Iron Ingots, make leather braces at the blacksmith forge instead.

Need Iron Ingots to make Iron Daggers in Skyrim?

If you need Iron Ingots, you can either buy them from blacksmiths or buy them from other merchants throughout Skyrim. A better "financial way", however, is to mine for Iron Ore and turn it into Iron Ingots by using the smelter. You will need a pickaxe to mine for ore. You can find places to mine in caves throughout Skyrim.


Need Leather and Leather Strips to make Leather Bracers?

If you have no leather or leather strips, you can use the tanning rack to turn animal pelts into leather. Then you can turn the leather into leather strips! This, in my opinion, is easier than making Iron Daggers (if you can not get many iron ingots that is).

A cheap way to make leather is by finding animal pelts yourself. Save any animal hides you get from bears, deer, etc. You can also buy animal pelts from merchants (if you have the gold).

Smithing Skill Levels Up Fast (As long as you have materials)

You will find that your smithing skills goes up very fast when you make an item. It may not go up every time you create a new item, but the bar will fill up rather fast. The only problem is having the materials, but making Iron Daggers and Leather Bracers is relatively easy.

Keep in mind that Black Smiths will get new supplies every couple days in Skyrim. So you could technically wait 48 hours and they will receive more leather, leather strips, Iron Ingots etc..

How to Level Up Smithing in Elder Scrolls Skrim Fast (Summary)

  • Create Iron Ingots or Leather Bracers
  • Buy supplies needed for smithing from Black Smiths or other merchants
  • Save animals pelts to turn them into leather by using the Tanning Rack
  • Alternatively buy animal pelts from merchants
  • Mine for Iron Ore, then turn it into Iron Ingots by using the Smelter
  • Wait for Black Smiths to get more supplies so you can continue to make more items
  • If you need Leather Strips, convert Leather into Leather Strips by using Tanning Rack

Technically ALL YOU NEED IS ANIMAL PELTS to increase your smithing skill in Elder Scrolls Skyrim because you can use the tanning rack to make leather and leather strips to make leather bracers.


Wes on July 16, 2013:

I didn't read this fully, but being a nord gives you a boost for smithing

alldayagain on March 16, 2013:

Another fast way to level up is to make arrows, or for me it is. It's only 50 coins i think and ever 3rd or 4th I level up.

steve on February 24, 2013:

You can always go to the dewlmer museum and get dawrven metal that can lvl you pretty good

Ryan on February 10, 2013:

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One of the best ways at the higher levels of smithing is to go to a place called Gloombound Mine by the orc strong hold narzulbur i believe and you can get a bunch of ebony inside and making ebony armor and wepons will be pretty easy and fill up smithing exp really fast

Zisted on January 19, 2013:

I can't find any good supplies of gold for buying things... Anyone know a mission, or a good place to loot?

Isaiah on January 06, 2013:

idk if you know but if you want the merchants stuff to respawn quickly just safe the game hit the person you are buying from and load the game.

SKYDUDE on October 07, 2012:


anonymous on August 22, 2012:

Thanks guys this really helped.

Sinker on August 21, 2012:

To level up fast in smithing once your at lvl 70-80 or above, all you need to do is go to either the malachite mine by kynesgrove or the ebony mine outside wind helm. These both have tons of ores and depending whether you go light or heave armor these get you the materials for free to make tons of stuff easily. Another place is klosergreg mine outside markarth by a ways to the east and get gold to make tons of jewelry. Experience: 7 guys with lvl 100 smithing

the legendary moo on July 14, 2012:

i got it I got daedric armorial

Wyatt on July 12, 2012:

The fastest way to lv up is keep making orcish chest armor the skill goes up by the value of what u make so whejn you only need 4 oricalcum, 1 iron and 3 leather strips for something worht 1000 septims it goes fast

the legendary MOO on July 09, 2012:

Also in the mine by the orchid fort largashbur or something like that is gloombound mine. It has 16 ebony ore veins. Ive gone there twice and got 50 ebony ingots by now. And gotn2 daedra hearts. I just need smithing Lvl 90. I am at 45

David 470 (author) from Pennsylvania, United States on July 09, 2012:

You need daedric armor? You can buy Ebony Ignots from the blacksmith in Windhelm. Other stores may have ebony, but not as much. And you can buy daedric hearts from enthir. Enthir is in the college of winterhold but you must talk to him when he is in his room so he can show you his "special items."

Also you can mine for Ebony Ore at the very top of the mountain where you meet parthuanx dragon. You have to climb up a lot of rocks. It's a secret area above the Parthanax.

The legendary MOO on July 08, 2012:

3days playing. Level 15 already. 10 dead dragons. But me needs help to make daedric armor. By the way make like 5-6 iron helmets and level smithing by one already. Anyone who gives me knowlage to level smithing quicker TELL ME. And you will be rewarded by the irkan empire. :P

Alduin on July 05, 2012:

Was there a patch on xbox? Im lvl 64 in smithing and it takes around 30-40 iron daggers to go up 1 level :(

Bob on June 25, 2012:

after the update smithing jewelry still works. The only problem is getting the gems for the jewelry like flawless diamonds, flawless rubys and emeralds.

Im at level 54 smithing and making 2 diamond necklaces levels me up 1 . 5 times.

Making elven bows and battleaxes also works well, but you lose A lot of money unless you enchant them before you sell them back

Does anyone know a good place to find/loot/steal either:

Flawless diamonds


Flawless amethysts


Flawless rubys



Because I cant find any good sources of any of those things, and making just gold rings/necklaces without gems is nearly as bad as iron daggers

Wolf Tacticz on June 21, 2012:

They patched this on version 1.5. But does anyone know some way that is just as fast or close at leveling up smithing(I have 100,000 thousand gold so spending money is an option). Thanks.

The Melon Man on June 21, 2012:

If you are reading this article, don't update Skyrim because they have patched the iron dagger glitch so you have to make bigger things to level up your smithing!

K-C on June 16, 2012:

I found a couple more methods which turned out to be easy, and quite profitable to boot.

From Markarth, head directly east until you each Karthspire/Sky Haven Temple. From there, head northwest until you reach the Kolskeggr Mine. Inside you will find approximately 50 gold ore, along with a gold bar or two sitting on a table. Crafting jewelry gives a considerable amount of XP, the better the gems you set into the metal the better the reward. These items also sell for a good chunk.

In the various Dwemer ruins you'll find what initially appear to be miscellaneos items of little value. Large and Bent Dwemer metal plates weigh only 2 units, but when smelted yield 3 Dwarven Metal Ingots. The Solid Dwemer Metal weighs 25 units, and yields 5 ingots.

I found this to be a good use of time while waiting for the stores to restock.

me on June 15, 2012:

Thanks for the braces tip off coz i woz told just iron daggers by other sources

cozmen on June 10, 2012:

Just go to whiterun you have the women outside and the shop

So every 48 hours this replenishes and they sell about 25-50+ each time so here is worth it

Invisible Person sitting behind you on June 09, 2012:

Just go to windhelm and find the cheat underneath the skyforge.

Loads of supplies and it respawns

Dragon Born on June 03, 2012:

I did this for about 4 or 5 hours and only got to about 83. And then stopped because it was so boring. I'll probably finish up though. Since the last time I did finish the "Riften Fishery" quests though. And haven't tried it after. And to whoever said it. Getting to 100 Smithing will not make enemies harder. (well technically it will) but think about it. You'll face harder enemies, but you'll have daedric weapons and dragon armor. They won't seem to tough then...

Jushak on May 17, 2012:

Most likely Bethesda realized how ridiculous it was to skill up to 100 so easily just by making item you can make without putting single point smithing, thus the change.

Corny on May 01, 2012:

I don't use the iorn dagger thing. I need to make like 20 iorn daggers to lvl up. Instead I go to gold and silver mines, get all the ore, smelt it into ingots, and make necklaces. For some reason I only need 2 make 3 or 4 necklaces to lvl up.

David 470 (author) from Pennsylvania, United States on May 01, 2012:

They had an update. However, you can still level up this way, but it;s not as good.

Logan on April 30, 2012:

It takes me about 20 iron daggers to just get one level in smithing. Same thing with leather bracers. I smith jewelry, but it's really hard to get silver and Gold ingots. Anyone have a good way to level up smithing, other than smithing iron daggers and hide bracers?

anonymous on April 16, 2012:

How do u get a black smith to follow u

Owen on April 12, 2012:

guys a small tip. you could sell all the daggers straight back and make some money but what i do is save them to help get my enchanting up without using valuble materials

Cowboy on April 10, 2012:

I've found that I can level 2-5 levels in one go by creating jewelry or iron banded armor. This is useful if you have a bit of dough to spend though.

chris gow on April 10, 2012:

dragon armor is bad because you don't get a lot of armor rating but deradric armor is way better and looks better and better rating

LoLman on April 09, 2012:

@dovahkiin WAIT!!! NOT DRAGON SCALES!!! THEY ARE NEEDED TO MAKE ARMOR!!! WHY SELL THEM WHEN YOU NEED THEM LATER ON!!! Only sell dragon bones, you get 50 more... worth it.... I bought the house in Solitude, full upgrade, by selling bones. -Fus Ro Dah!

dovahkiin on March 25, 2012:

i make my money off of dragon bones and dragon scales

skyrim king on March 07, 2012:

i hope some of these gliches work

Ewokz on February 22, 2012:

@Skyrim Dude

B'ahm spelled* "saying" that way as in Super "Saiyan" from DBZ. Lolz.

Linkgold7 on February 15, 2012:

I already discovered that method but unfurtunatly I already paid to be taugh to gain 2 or 3 levels and lost a lot of money but now I have it at level 91 and have all the materials needed to make some dragon bone armor I am almost sure I have enough to make a full set of dragon bone armor.

Zen Flame on February 08, 2012:

I followed this (because everyone on youtube & forums say itz fastest way), and i got to lvl 48 smithing within 3 hours, b4 i ran out of gold to buy materials... so i go to that giant camp across from valtheim(?) towers and spam arrows at them and fus ro dah the last one when he tried to rush me at my sniping spot. Watching a giant backflip and break his neck on his own camp is hilarious! But i still have no cash.... and the gold farming guide on here kinda sux 4 me...

Carr on February 08, 2012:

If you go to wind helm you can just keep making iron daggers enchanting them and selling them and repeat

Skyrim Dude on February 07, 2012:

Actually depends some times its iron sometimes its steel or if your lucky it can be both. Also sometimes theres steel ingots next to the forge. also @B'ahm you say kids have bad language look how you spelt *saying and you only had a sentence fragment, so i could pick at your punctuation also.

Michael on January 28, 2012:

Honestly, I leveled up to 100, got my enchanting to 100 with all perks, made glass items, enchanted them with a common soul gem and sold for 8,000 coins, while the raw materials only cost 1000 gold... Try that

Serrats on January 22, 2012:

If you go to Riften and enter the blacksmith's shop, in his basement are plenty of blacksmithing supplies. I'm not sure if they respawn or not.

betterthanu123 on January 18, 2012:

where is the riften fishrhy located at

ZS on January 17, 2012:

there is a mission in riften that will make your smithing skill inc. faster. go to the fishery & find the aggonian that asks for a health potion, give it to her then do the skooma mission. a second argonian should appear @ the fishery later & give a quest to return a dwarmer aretfact, once you do that you gain "Ancent Dwarmer Knowledge"

B'ahm on January 16, 2012:

Parents really shouldn't let their kids on the web if they can't use punctuation right. Just Saiyan.

riotskate on January 15, 2012:

I have armor that does 20% better creating in materials(daggers, helms ext.) and it helps a lot! ._.

RiderOfShadowmere on January 14, 2012:

Shut up and listen dude who wrote this article. I'm level 100 Smithing in 30 mins from what this guy said.

Eragon on January 13, 2012:

Dude why u so stupid u find it at the beginning of the game

devilshand on January 09, 2012:

where is the warriors stone located at?

. on January 07, 2012:

Idk bout the lovers stone, but wouldn't you rather have the warriors stone one of the traits levels your smithing 20% faster?

Peter on January 06, 2012:

Gosh you guys are stupid noobz. ^_^ Lolz you need to to hack. Everyones knows how lolz.

that guy on January 05, 2012:

bob bob bob bob?

question on January 03, 2012:

how do u earn the money to get the leather and the iron ignots?

no name on January 03, 2012:

to get a better hore u get 1 from the dark brptherhood

grim on January 01, 2012:

We can i find a bette faster horse at also how do i get married?

PC_FTW on December 31, 2011:

player.setav smithing 100

Jack on December 30, 2011:

Did u no in dawnstar there is an invisible treasure near the mine. There 3 little rock and if u crouch Down and look it and u will find it. Tip once u got all the stuff out off the go to the tent in Dawnstar were cat are then wait 48 hour then ask him/her what have u got for sale then back out and don't buy anything then go back to the chest and it reset it

Señor beenks on December 30, 2011:

If you buy all your mats and are tired of waiting 48 hours for shops to restock then do this. Buy all the persons ingots/leather/whatever and save your game, then hit the person and load to your last save. Tada restocked store

Awsome dude on December 30, 2011:

the lovers stone is out near markardok (uhh did i spell that right).

grim on December 28, 2011:

Were can i find that lover's stone?

Skyrim Player on December 27, 2011:

You only get to take the iron igonots (Sorry about my spelling) If you sided with that havard guy..

Anonymous on December 20, 2011:

Then after you've made loads of daggers, enchant them (levelling up your enchanting) and sell then back for over 5x raw material price.

Medicanic on December 20, 2011:

I just used the oghma infinium book glitch to get my skill up. it was way cheaper, and you can pretty much level yourself to 100 in everything (as long as you don't mess up :)

Belkram on December 12, 2011:


I can make 50 iron daggers and level up my smithing 15-20 times by the time you level it 2 times using your technique... this is a smithing leveling guide, i think you missed the point.

burningeko on December 11, 2011:

I got the transmute spell early in the game. iron daggers. pfft, buy and mine ore, transmute, smelt and make gold necklaces. go to the enchanters table and enchant them. way more profitable in enchantment leveling and money.

Um on December 07, 2011:

If you need gold fast than you can mine iron ore and inside Halted Stream Camp is a spell tome for Transmute and you can turn iron into gold.

urmom on December 04, 2011:

Do what I do get someone who can train smithing get em to follow u train say u need to train and u can git ur money back

Master Nexco on December 04, 2011:

Hey, thanks bro this helped me a lot, and does anyone know where to get blacksmith potions?

Nomad on December 04, 2011:

Another glitch...go to whiterun to the lady all iron ignots and iron ores from her and the the game...exit completely...start the game again..and voila!! she has a fresh stock of these items and also the shop has refreshed these items.....

Worked for me in PC...can't guarantee about console....

Rawr. on December 03, 2011:

I wish there were console commands for ps3

nemacite on December 02, 2011:

and the best part is all the daggers and bracers that you make you can sell then to shops, merchants etc to increase your speech skill 2 for 1 i say

tony on December 01, 2011:

the blacksmith in windhelm replenishes his stock every 48 hours, and he usually has between 10-25 ingots and leather straps in stock, just go there and wait 48 hours

dickfaceasshole on November 30, 2011:


player.advskill smithing 999999.

if you're gunna use bullshit, have the balls to use a console command and skip the cheap shortcuts.

ty on November 30, 2011:

Awesome tips dude, thanks leveled up a lot

Dman on November 29, 2011:

Enchant boots, gloves, armour, ring and amulet to have increased enchanting and take an smithing philter and you will be able to smith and upgrade things to the best, if you have a high enchanting skill.

THEMuffinMan7 on November 28, 2011:

Ill keep this in mind, but for me farming in a game kind of ruins it. I perfer to play naturaly. Also, if you level smithing wont you be over leveled? And it will be harder to kill stuff.

Messiah on November 26, 2011:

What I do is I go from town to town buying ingots and strips and once I do that, create the Iron Daggers, sell them, and start over. 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours and you have level 90+ smithing.

cheese cake43 on November 25, 2011:

im going gold farming.just chop wood then turn into hod.u get 5coins every wood u turn in.then it cost almost nothing to buy the matz but im farming for getting 40kcoins then im buying all the matz.gonna get deadric fast and i know where to get all the deadra hearts and ebony ingots

David 470 (author) from Pennsylvania, United States on November 25, 2011:

Yes I have that lover's stone, but did not realize what it was called when this was written.

That lover's stone can make a big difference.

Anon on November 25, 2011:

Just a note, this is an excellent article but for leveling all categories, including smithing, have the Lover's Stone power. All skills improve 15% faster.

hte1 on November 24, 2011:

in riverwood thers 5 steel bars on the left of the left bench leg and 5 iron on the right hand side of the left bench leg .. unless you brought them off him

Coolerz on November 24, 2011:

They are not iron ingots! In riverwood. It is steel.

Stavion on November 23, 2011:

Im not seeing the iron ignots from the blacksmith crafting table...waited 6 days nothing respawned for me. I went with legion so they are friendly to me wonder if that messes it up

David 470 (author) from Pennsylvania, United States on November 23, 2011:


The 40 iron ignots is how many you have. I also got confused about this.

The number after the item is how many you have in Inventory. The one BEFORE the item, is how many you "need" to make the item.

jace on November 22, 2011:

the reason why martin has to use 40 ignots is if he connected to the internet cause it might of down londed a patch atuomaticly or it's a bad glitch

Doug on November 22, 2011:

I think you are reading how many ignots you have for when it says required: Iron Ingots (40), that's just saying how many you have.

cameron on November 21, 2011:

martin idk what happened buti play ps3 and its still 1 for me

Jake on November 21, 2011:

Really helped thnx!!

corey on November 21, 2011:

lol 40 ingots to make daggers? i play console and still only need 1

Feffe on November 21, 2011:

Martin i suppose u play console? Im glad i got it for pc

Martin on November 21, 2011:

aw im too late just a few hours.. i got patched and now iron dagger cost 40 iron ingot to craft -_-'

Haha on November 21, 2011:

No, that's not a glitch. For me, it says that I have to steal them. And logically, it's at a blacksmith's cabin, so that's why they respawn.

But yeah! It's great to know that!

Gabe on November 20, 2011:

Good News!! There's a bug in the system for both Xbox and Ps3(not sure about PC)! You can go to Riverwood and go to Alvor's porch(where he's always working) and underneath his workbench there are some Iron Ingots that you can take for free! The best part is that they respawn!! Although I'm not positive on how long you have to wait for them to respawn for I've never actually physically waited for them to comeback but the good news is that they do! So enjoy and if

You have a PC try it out and tell me if it works for you! - gabe

Sotho Hebit on November 20, 2011:

That helps a lot now

alec on November 20, 2011:

what i did was go to whiterun and keep buying iron ignots because she get them back in 1 or 2 days and outside are some kageats(sorry about the spelling)and thay sell pelts for a good price(if u have a speech of 50)and made a lot of iron daggers and in 2 to 3 hours i had a 93 smithing lvl ' _ '!

Jack on November 19, 2011:

Thanks for the write up. I want to get some Dragonbone armour now i've killed a few dragons :)

Maestro on November 18, 2011:

thx man helped a lot

CallSwing on November 18, 2011:


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