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How to Have a Fun Time with Your Pet Rock

No room for a full size rock? Try a tea-cup variety!

No room for a full size rock? Try a tea-cup variety!

Is A Pet Rock Right For You?

Many people overlook the benefits of owning a pet rock. Like any other pet, a pet rock can be therapeutic and relaxing for the owner. A pet rock:

  • Provides companionship
  • Instills a sense of responsibility
  • Is low maintenance (therefore, stress-free)

Unlike a dog, cat, bird or other animal, a pet rock is easy and cheap to care for. They don't require food, vaccinations, grooming, exercise or special equipment.

They can be kept in any dwelling. This makes a pet rock the ideal solution for the pet lover who lives in an apartment or who is on a tight budget.

Other people who may be perfect candidate's for rock adoption include:

  • The elderly--rocks cannot trip a senior citizen, nor do they need to be walked.
  • Children--pet rocks are practically indestructible.
  • Forgetful people--no more worrying about whether the cat has been fed.
  • People with allergies--no pet dander when you own a rock
  • Busy people--pet rocks will forgive you when you don't have time for a belly rub.
  • People with mean landlords--No pets allowed? A pet rock is easily disguised as a paperweight.
  • People with mean neighbors--pet rocks won't head next door to do their business. They won't dig up flower beds or make noise either.

So you see, almost everyone can and should be a pet rock owner. You may be interested, but you may have questions as well. Before committing to a pet rock, many people want to know if a pet rock is actually fun, and just what they can expect to do with this exotic companion.

Pet rocks get along well with all other pets.

Pet rocks get along well with all other pets.

Pet Clothing is Okay For A Pet Rock

A pet rock loves to be dressed up. You can knit, sew or crochet a variety of special outfits, such as sweaters and hats for your pet.

You can also re-purpose old socks to make tube sweaters for larger pet rocks. Always keep a rock's ego in mind, and stick with neutral colors if you don't whether your pet is a boy or a girl.

Are Pet Rocks Fun?

A pet rock is not very interactive. Some people may think this means that rocks are boring. This is simply not true. It is the owner's responsibility to initiate fun and engaging activities that you and your pet can enjoy together.

With all of the money you will save on not having to buy leashes, collars, carriers, etc., you can afford to have more fun with a pet rock than you could with a furry pet or reptilian companion.

In this age of customization, a pet rock can be much more trendy and fun than a poodle or a fish. If you don't like your pet rock's current look, it can be altered easily and painlessly with just a Sharpie pen or some stickers.

Boy or Girl Activities

Depending on the sex of your rock, he or she may like different activities.











Arts and Crafts






Swimming is fun. Use shallow water or tie a leash around your pet rock.

Swimming is fun. Use shallow water or tie a leash around your pet rock.

Choosing The Best Pet Rock

You can buy a pet rock, but remember, you may be supporting illegal "gravel mills" if you do. Instead, adopt a stray. Not all rocks make good pets:

  • Shale--very brittle and shortlived. Not a good choice if you want a lifelong companion.

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  • Sandstone--very crumbly and rough. Doesn't like to be petted.

  • Precious stones--too valuable. Your pet might be stolen.

Choose a nice, smooth, rock that has character. Smooth stones like to be decorated. Bigger stones are more visible and fun.

Pet rocks love going for rides.

Pet rocks love going for rides.

Outdoor Activities With Your Pet Rock

Take your pet rock outdoors frequently, where it will be, so to speak, in it's element. Pet rocks can be leashed trained easily, but it is better to carry them.

Small pets can of course fit in your pocket or a special carrier. Larger pet rocks may like to be pulled in a wagon. Feeling eccentric? Try a baby stroller.

Parks and Lakes

Take your rock to the park and coax it to try the swings or the slide. Let it enjoy the scenery, let it share a picnic with you.

This is good one-on-one bonding time. Be wary of swimming activities. Although your rock likes to get wet, it cannot swim, and will sink in deep water.


Like to dig in the dirt? Take your pet rock with you. Let it bask in the sun, or cool off in a patch of soft clover.

Spray it with the water hose occasionally to prevent heat stroke or dehydration. Be careful! A rock that has been in the sun too long can burn your hand when you pet it!

Photo Journal

Want to remember all the special moments you share with your pet rock? Take your rock to several landmarks and other places of interest.

Snap a photo and place it in a "pet album". Examples might include:

  • By the state line sign
  • By a local monument
  • In front of a historical building
  • In a state park
  • By a statue
  • At a tourist hot-spot

There are many other ways to enjoy your pet rock outdoors. If you are not a particularly active person, that is okay. Your rock will enjoy napping near you in the hammock too.

Most pets love to take a nature walk for fresh air and adventure.

Most pets love to take a nature walk for fresh air and adventure.

Your pet rock can function as a page holder while you read aloud.

Your pet rock can function as a page holder while you read aloud.

Pet Names For Your Rock.

Don't be lame or obvious. There are probably millions of pet rocks named "Rocky". Give your pet a special name!

  • Herbert
  • Dicky
  • Zora
  • Mack
  • Jo-Jo
  • Lulu

Fun Indoor Activities

Not the outdoors type? That will be fine with your pet rock. In fact, he or she will prefer lazing about indoors.

It will keep you company while you pay your bills or wash the dishes. Afterwards, consider some of these activities:

  • Movies--pet rocks love any type of movie, and it will never want to go outside during the best part.

  • Tunes--Don't stereotype your pet. It likes more than just "rock" n roll. Play some music and relax together, or pump up the volume and dance together.

  • Arts and crafts--Here is where your rock can actually take part in an activity. He can hold down papers, press glued objects, prop things...the possibilities are endless. While you are crafting, make your pet his own house and pet bed.

  • Makeover day!--A fun one for the ladies. Take this time to doodle designs on your pet, add glitter, glue on rhinestones, or try out new make-up. Your pet rock can be blue, pink, orange...multi-colored. Just use paint, nail-polish, or permanent marker. Try google eyes if you want to add personality. It can be scrubbed off or painted over on the next make-over day.

  • Conversations--Looking to debate an issue with someone who won't argue back? Try your speech on your pet rock. Or if you just want to muse aloud, the pet rock is an excellent listener.

  • Games--Whereas "Rock, Paper, Scissors" probably won't amuse your pet rock, it might interested in a game of "Quiet Mouse" or even chess. You may have to move the tokens for him or her, but after you have gotten to know your pet, you will understand what move it wants to make next.

  • Parties--This is where your pet rock will really shine. Invite friends to any type of party and your rock will love listening to the conversation.
Everyone loves to jam to some good music.

Everyone loves to jam to some good music.

More About Pet Rocks

Practical Jokes and Other Hilarity

Are you more interested in keeping a pet rock for the sake of gag jokes? Don't worry, your pet rock won't be offended if you have a few laughs at his or her expense.

Here are some ways to use your rock to get the best of your friends and family:

  • Pretend It Is Real--Want to draw a few stares? Take your pet with you everywhere. Insist that he or she is real, and that your pet be included in all family functions. Sign your pet's name on all the Christmas cards. Let it ride in the shopping cart when you buy groceries.

  • Share The Fun--When your pet has babies (see photo), be sure to give them away to everyone you love.

  • Talk In Public--Chat with your rock in the beauty shop, on the bus, at the office, in a coffee shop. Bonus points if you order a coffee for your pet as well.

  • Creep People Out--Have a pet rock with really big google eyes? Make sure that it is always staring at people. Perch it near a snoozing relative. Have it appear in the shower. Hide it behind cabinet doors.
Don't let your rocks have too much fun. This lady had a litter of gravel last night.

Don't let your rocks have too much fun. This lady had a litter of gravel last night.

Who couldn't love this little face?

Who couldn't love this little face?

Relax and Enjoy Your Pet

No matter what you do or where you go, your pet rock can join you. There is no limit to the fun you can have with your pet rock.

You can simply keep her in your pocket, or you can go to the extreme and create a whole universe for your new best buddy.

How much or how little you enjoy being a pet owner is up to you. Your pet rock will have very little to say on the matter.

Paint Your Own Pet Rock


Samuel Franklin on September 13, 2014:

The best pet one could have! Love the idea of this page.

Brandon on June 09, 2014:

I have a new pet rock i made tonight his name is "Jack" XD

Rebecca Mealey from Northeastern Georgia, USA on December 19, 2013:

Cute! You really make me want a pet rock!

I love the photos. I'll bet you had fun doing this.

Kathryn from Windsor, Connecticut on September 23, 2013:

This is so funny! And I can't believe how far you went with it. Lots of information, for those who want a low-maintenance pet. I have a rock that was painted to look like a snoozing cat. I don't take her out for walks, but I have thought about it ;)

Thanks for sharing this funny piece with us, and have a great day.

~ Kathryn

Lori Colbo from United States on September 23, 2013:

Oh man, this was hilarious. I struggle with clinical depression. I think a pet rock will be good therapy. You rock Sharkey.

Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on June 01, 2013:

@Linda--Thanks! I've found pet rocks to be some of the best pets. NONE of those surprise messes one finds with traditional pets. And almost everyone will agree to pet sit for us on our night's out! :D

Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on May 07, 2013:

@Nell---The pub? I bet pet rocks could really get wild in a place like that. Better keep them leashed! Prehistoric rocks do make gentle pets. Because they are older they may tire faster than other rocks. Better by a little wagon or a stroller so you can give them a ride if needed. :) Thanks for reading and leaving such a fun comment!

CountryCityWoman from From New York City to North Carolina on May 03, 2013:

I just love this!

Do you remember way back when that guy made pet rocks, boxed them and sold them for about $5.00 as a Christmas idea - and he became a millionaire? So clever!

I'm thinking if I get such a pet...of course I would become competitive and would want my pet to be the prettiest and the best and I'd buy it diamonds and have to take out loans to support it - and that would just be the beginning. But if I travel with my pet rock and someone bothers me I could always use my pet rock to defend me...a real advantage to this kind of pet.

Great hub - and thanks a million!

Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on April 21, 2013:

@Jaye--I agree, the comments have been the best part! Seems like everyone has been a pet rock fan! You should really consider getting a new one, they are very relaxing! thanks for commenting!

Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on April 20, 2013:

@Daisy--Thanks so much for reading. Great idea to make custom rocks1 Do you have any pics? Would be fun to read a hub showing all of your different pet rocks!

Linda Bilyeu from Orlando, FL on April 19, 2013:

What a clever mind you have. Your pet rock sure has a rockin' owner. I bet you have a blast together! :)

Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on April 19, 2013:

@kj force--So sorry to hear about the tragic demise of your rock n' roll friends. But at the same time, I am laughing out loud at your fabulous comment! I wish their was a "best comment' feature. :) Thanks for making me smile!

Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on April 18, 2013:

@weekedn reader--how delightful that you adopted the abandoned pet! And it sounds like you already know how to have fun with it as well. Love the Where's Waldo album idea! Thanks for reading and commenting!

Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on April 18, 2013:

@aviannovice--Thanks! And too true. Unlike a cat, if you get tired of a pet rock you just stick it in the garden as a decoration! :)

Nell Rose from England on April 17, 2013:

I take mine out to the pub, you should see my rock well rocking! seriously, I do have rocks, not so much pet ones but a collection of prehistoric ones in my bedroom, maybe I should paint the face on and take them for a walk! lol! fun hub and voted up!

Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on April 17, 2013:

Delightful article! I had a pet rock when they were the craze "way back when"--was it the '60s? Your suggestions for having fun with one's pet rock made me smile. (The comments are great, too!)


Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on April 17, 2013:

Thanks DeanSexton! Glad you enjoyed it!

Daisy Mariposa from Orange County (Southern California) on April 17, 2013:


What a fun article! Your Hub brought back so many memories for me! I used to sell hand-painted and decorated pet rocks at swap meets, even taking custom orders for them.

kjforce from Florida on April 17, 2013:

Sharkye11.....OMG...How informative and yet how sad...if only you had written this last week, I would still have my " friends" and business partners...alas ! I buried them yesterday...I had a group of pet rocks that were very talented and we formed a " rock band " we were celebrating the intro of our new album " My parents were stoned" at a pool party, I was busy "smoozing" and didn't notice the " rock band " cannonballed into the water, and were pulled into the filter... none could swim and they drowned...there goes my $ future ( down the drain ). They will be missed and no longer will they " gather moss"...LOVED THE HUB...

My kind of " rock on "....seize the day....

Cindy D Whipany on April 16, 2013:

When I moved into my house, I found that the previous owner had left her pet rock behind. I adopted this forlorn pet, and have enjoyed many a happy hour with it. My pet photo album resembles a "Where's Waldo?" game, with my albino pet (loosely related to coral) often hiding in plain sight.

Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on April 16, 2013:

@amberld--Great idea! Maybe painted rocks with eyes would sell better. Congrats to your kids for being such little entrepreneurs! thanks for reading and commenting!

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on April 16, 2013:

That was pretty cute. They can be pretty darn decorative in the home or garden.

Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on April 16, 2013:

@Jeannieinabottle--That is why this article needed to be written. the better part of the world is still unaware of just how special pet rocks can be. I hope you find the perfect pet and enjoy a lifelong relationship with him or her. Thanks for reading! :)

Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on April 16, 2013:

@shiningirisheyes--Oh dear. It sounds as though your rock is one of those difficult breeds. I've heard that river rocks and lava rocks can be almost impossible to housetrain.

Good luck encouraging it to exercise. A sedentary pet rock can become quite heavy. Thanks for reading, and I am glad you had a laugh!

Geofferson Dean Sexton from Nowhere Land, Ontario, Canada. on April 16, 2013:

1+ to funny, awesome and interesting!!!

Great Hub voted up!!!!

Amber White from New Glarus, WI on April 16, 2013:

Hilarious! Thank you for the chuckles this morning. My kids have sold pet rocks at their lemonade stand before, but we have never dressed them up or given them faces! We now have many more exciting activities to plan for our new pet rocks this year.

Jeannie Marie from Baltimore, MD on April 16, 2013:

Well, you have sold me on a pet rock. I am going to look for one as soon as possible. I had no idea pet rocks could have so many adventures. I can't wait for the fun to begin!

Shining Irish Eyes from Upstate, New York on April 16, 2013:

Although I admire and love my wonderful rock companion, we have had some learning curves along the way. I struggled through the potty training stage but managed to come through it OK. Now, my main objective is to make sure "Rocky" gets plenty of exercise.

Very imaginative subject for the funny article! Voting up and sharing!

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