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How to Get the Mechanical Falcon on Sims Medieval (PC)

Yes, I waited a full year to play the Pirates and Nobles expansion...

Yes, I waited a full year to play the Pirates and Nobles expansion...

You will need

  • Crafting Table (1)
  • Forge (1)
  • Raptonium (6)
  • Dead Falcon (3)
  • Mana Stone (3)
  • Nightshade (3)


The "ingredients" listed above will be used to make several components:

1. The Lifeless Mechanical Falcon requires 5 Raptonium and can be made in the Forge by a sufficiently advanced Blacksmith or Wizard.

2. The Mechanical Bird Brain requires 3 Crystalized Falcon Soul + 1 Raptonium and can also be made in the Forge.

3. The Crystalized Falcon Souls are crafted using the Crafting Table with 1 Dead Falcon + 1 Mana Stone + 1 Nightshade, each.

Once you have both the Lifeless Mechanical Falcon and the Mechanical Bird Brain in your inventory, simply click on one of the two items' icons and the option to "Assemble Mechanical Falcon" should appear.

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Best falcon ever.

The Mechanical Falcon is one of two "assembly required" birds available in the Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles expansion. It is quite difficult to assemble and takes a lot of time, but the rewards are spectacular if you succeed. When Mechanical Falcons go hunting they bring back big game in large quantities, including Bear Meat, Small Wales, and Unicorn Meat. Not to mention looking awesome!


Raptionium is one of the many items brought back by parrots going treasure hunting.

Dead Falcon is one of the many "dead things" that your other raptors will bring back as "gifts" for you.

If you plan on finishing your assembly of the Mechanical Falcon before your Kingdom runs out of QP, I suggest that each Hero Sim have a bird to send hunting/treasure hunting. If your bird returns with an item you need for the Mechanical Falcon it can always be clicked and dragged onto another Sim (and into their inventory).

Good Luck!

If you think there's anything I missed or if you're encountering any difficulties, please contact me or leave a comment below.

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