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How to Get Exalted with The Argent Dawn - World of Warcraft Reputation Guide

I've been playing "World of Warcraft" since 2008 with the launch of "The Burning Crusade." I enjoy gold-making and achievement hunting.

The Argent Dawn was one of the main factions in Vanilla World of Warcraft and many things have changed since then. At the moment they are almost extinct in a sense, since they have been replaced by The Argent Crusade.

The road to Exalted with The Argent Dawn is not an easy one but it is not that hard either.

Let us begin.

Argent Dawn Tabard

Where to start

Since Vanilla, The Argent Dawn got reduced to merely a joke we could say but that is the way this game works.

At the moment the way to get your Exalted Reputation starts in the Eastern Plaguelands.

At the border with the Western Plaguelands, you will find Fiona with her caravan as well as Gidwin Goldbraids and Tarenar Sunstrike.

Fiona starts a quest chain involving her caravan and the two young paladins that are together with her. You will have to do the whole series of quests in order to get up to Revered with The Argent Dawn.


The Quest Line

Fiona's questline is one of the most fun and heartwarming quest lines in World of Warcraft.

I will let you discover it by yourself, I just wanted to give you a heads up that it won't be a boring grind fest like other reputation farms.

The quests will have you do various tasks, and follow them from tower to tower until you finally get to Light's Hope Chapel where you will do a couple more quests and finish the quest line.

When the Fiona quest line is over, you will be able to talk to Lord Raymond George.

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The Hard Part

You will find Lord Raymond George behind the Light's Hope Chapel. He is the one that will give you two repeatable quests that will get you from Revered to Exalted.

These two quests are as follows:

  • Aberrations of Bone - This quest requires you to kill Rattlegore in Scholomance.
  • Annals of the Silver Hand - This quest requires a book from Stratholme located near Instructor Galford.

With these two quests you will have to reach Exalted.

Each quest rewards 2000 reputation points which is a good amount but this means that you still need to do one of these quests 11 times.

The Silver Lining

I recommend doing the quest 'Annals of the Silver Hand' 11 times because there is a certain way in which you will be able to do this faster.

You need to go to Stratholme - Crusader's Square (this means the main entrance) and clear a direct path to Balnazzar. After you kill Balnazzar, a bunch of Argent Crusade NPC's will take hold of the dungeon, thus making it easier for you to come back and get your book easily without monsters interfering.

This works because every time you take the quest from Lord Raymond George, the book respawns inside of Stratholme even though you did not reset the instance.

This will allow you to move back and forth from Stratholme to Light's Hope Chapel without killing monsters every single time.

Below you can find the location of the book.


Small Help

As an additional help to this boring back and forth book delivery quest, you can set your Hearthstone in Light's Hope Chapel to get about 2-3 instant quest deliveries.

From what I saw, it took me about 8-9 minutes for each book delivery since you have to walk from the entrance of Stratholme to the end, and then back to the entrance, and then fly back to Light's Hope Chapel and do the same thing all over again.

I recommend you arm yourself with patience and good luck!

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