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How to Get More Devilmons in "Summoners War"


The Devilmon Guide

I'm going to show you all the places to find Devilmons in "Summoners War". Some are obvious, some require some work from the player and some are so rare most players don't even know about them. By the time you reach the bottom of the page I'm sure you will have found at least 1 Devilmon you are missing out on.

What Are Devilmons For?

Before I get deep into where you can find all the Devilmons, I wanted to take a second to explain the importance of them. This is for newer and older players who under prioritize them.

In "Summoners War" the most valuable commodity isn't Crystals or Mana stones or even Scrolls. It's the Devilmon. A Devilmon can be fed to any other monster and it will be treated as a duplicate of that monster. This mean it will "Skill Up" the monster it is fed to. A skill up will increase the strength of a monsters abilities. It may increase damage, effective rates or even reduce cool down times.

This means you want to use Devilmons on monsters you don't think you are likely to get another of any time soon. Think Natural 5 stars, although there is a few 4 star monsters people like to Devilmon as well.

In "Summoners War" a lot of the end game like RTA and Raids are decided by monsters being at their absolute peak performance. Have a monster with maxed out skills can be the difference between winning and losing.


One a Week From Arena

If you read nothing else from Devilmon guide, read this section. Every week every player has the opportunity to buy 1 Devilmon from the Glory Shop. It will cost you 180 Glory points. The shop resets every week on Sunday at (12:00 am) Server time. Even for brand new players this should be your first purchase from the glory shop every single week. This will get you 52 Devilmons a year and put you ahead of every player who is not getting them. Start with getting this easy Devilmon and you will see the quality of your account steadily improve.


A Devilmon a Month From Events

In "Summoners War" there is always anywhere from 1-4 events going on in game. As a player trying to get ahead I'm sure you are already completing each and every one. This is probably the most obvious place to get Devilmons but I'm still going to include it. Through rotating events you can roughly a Devilmon every month. It's a little unpredictable because Com2Us changes up the rewards for every event but most of the large events will include a Devilmon.

Another Devilmon a Month From TOA/TOAH

The Trial of Ascension is a real struggle and right of passage for most players in "Summoners War". Completing it is a sign that you are no longer a beginner player. More importantly though is that beating TOA floors 1-100 will give you a lot of resources. To many players put this off but I would suggest as soon as you are able to farm Giants you should be working your way up through TOA.

Every month you will have the opportunity to climb up the floors of TOA. If you can beat the boss at Floor 70 the reward is a Devilmon. So TOA will give you 1 Devilmon a month. As a bonus if you can do the Trials of Ascension on Hard difficulty you can actually get a second Devilmon when you reach Floor 70 for the second time.


A Devilmon From World Boss

Most players don't know this but you can get a Devilmon as a rare drop from the World Boss. It is insanely rare but it does happen. Obviously the higher you score in World Boss the better chances you have to get a Devilmon. I first started seeing them pop up after I was hitting the 1,000,000 and above mark.

Ironically Devilmons are also key to getting good scores in World Boss. We know that the calculations to determine score take the amount of skill ups a monster has into account. This is why a 3 star monster like Bernard or Talc can do well in world boss but that's for another guide.


A Devilmon When Your Guild Works for It

Here's another Devilmon source a lot of players miss. When you finish a Guild battle siege the players who participated will be offered a Trophy Box. These are graded from F-SSS and the grade generally reflects the quality of the loot. Higher quality means higher chances of getting Devilmons. This one can be frustrating for some players. You have to rely on the competence of your guild allies which can be infuriating. More so though you can get into this trap mindset of wanting to do well in siege but not being strong enough and because you aren't strong enough you cant get the loot to make you stronger.

My advice here is participate often. If your guild doesn't do siege get a new guild.

A Devilmon From Tartarus

This Devilmon might be the most frustrating one to get in "Summoners War". If you are lucky enough to be in a guild that clears Tartarus every time it's up then you can get a chance to get one. The Exploration award for Tartarus is similar to the box you get from guild siege but I find this is much harder to do. In siege a few good players can carry the whole thing. Three players could win a guild siege but it takes at least twice that to clear Tartarus unless you clearing it all on higher difficulties. Anyway, there's a small chance here to get a Devilmon from Tartarus.

A Devilmon Whenever Com2Us Feels Like It

Sometimes Com2Us will add in these nifty little Devilmon, Angelmon and Rainbowmon events. When you see one announced do whatever it take to make sure you don't miss it. I like to set alarms on my phone as a practical solution. These events can't really be relied on but they are nice when they happen.

Who is Your Favorite Monster in "Summoners War"?

I think my favorite has got to be Camilla the Water Valkyrie. She was my first Natural 5 star monster and I maxed out her skills right away. I don't regret a single Devilmon I put into her. Camilla carried me through a lot of the early and mid game. I couldn't have asked for a better start. Did you know with enough Health and Speed she can solo Giants?

In the comments below let me know your favorite monster.